Latest android/pogo upgrade

Just ready for the lockdown there has been two bad things happening

  1. The latest android upgrade does not let me put the screen on for more than 10 minutes without typing. This is ok now as I can’t use the gotcha for walks but will kill me later. I tried an app called wakey but I’m not sure it works.

  2. I cannot copy and paste anymore into the names of the pokemons so my Calcy utilitarian naming system is not easy to use anymore. This makes more difficult to decide if I should transfer, trade or keep a pokemon.

  3. The app is taking ages to find a match for PVP, not sure if it is because my rating is too low now (1450) and there are few people there or because the system is just slow.

  4. I have so much lag that when I tried to abandon a battle my opponent always gets there first and it is difficult to lose these days.

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Umm. Not an android user so I am not sure how to help you with the auto lock situation but I am going to make an assumption about android…isn’t there something in the settings menu that will allow you to control the auto sleep function…Also I am not sure about android but if I leave the Pokémon Go app open, my iPhone doesn’t go to sleep.

I am not sure how your coding or naming your Pokémon in pogo but I put notes on pogo on the pokies name line. Usually I leave the pokies name overall iv score and movesets if I have multiple of same pokies at level 40. Maybe u can use that to help you decide keep, transfer, and trade??? maybe…

In terms of lag I think everyone is having that problem…I know I am because I have been timed out a couple of times because app can’t match me with another trainer in GBL.

U are having a hard time losing in GBL? or are u losing too much?..huh? If you are winning in GBL with all the lagging then I can I be in your place? :grin:

Everything is down to Niantic, and they’ll push an update when they have something else they want to break. Give it time, some of those issues will resolve on their on. The lag will be sticking around in perpetuity, but that’s a possibility in any system so dependent on server activity PLUS cellular/wi-fi connections. Try tapping for your charged moves with crossed fingers, s’all I got for your lag problems.

  1. I also got the most recent Android upgrade, and I’m still able to keep the screen on for up to 30mins of inactivity (settings->display->advanced->sleep). Depending on what phone model you have, I suppose it could be different for you?

  2. I haven’t tried this myself, but I’m told Gboard is a functional workaround for not being able to paste currently. There’s an explanation about it on Silph Road here:

  3. My guess is this is just the servers being slow. I’ve been hearing a lot of people bringing up this issue at various different ranks/ratings.

  4. The lag really is the worst. :cry:

The biggest bug from recent updates is that quick catching doesn’t seem to work anymore. You have to wait for the success message before exiting the screen, or it’s impossible to catch anything.

The matchmaking is absolutely a lag issue. I hover my rating at about 1k and I still find opponents consistently, though it can sometimes take a second.
As for finding it hard to lose, isn’t that at least somewhat helpful now the “battle until you win” thing has come into play? I get that you wanna throw matches, but you still need at least one win per set now

The win one match does not make much of a difference, it makes it somewhat harder to drop your rating once you are up from 2000 because few people forfeit so you have to play at least one match