Latest CN characters poll

Latest CN characters poll for AK
Someone on reddit compiled a lowest-highest list sorted by rarity:

Lowest 1*: Castle-3 No.131

Highest 1*:Thermal-EX NO.119

Lowest 2*: Yato NO.168

Highest 2*: 12F NO.121

Lowest 3*: Catapult NO.174

Highest 3*: Melantha NO.87

Lowest 4*: Jackie NO.176 (Fun fact: Out of 20000+ people that voted, 0 voted for her.)

Highest 4*: Jaye NO.30

Lowest 5*: Tsukinogi NO.163

Highest 5*: Lappland NO.4

Lowest 6*: Eunectes NO.53

Highest 6*: Exusiai NO.1

Full ranking from 176th to 41th
176-170: Jackie, Bubble, Catapult, Vanilla, Dur-nar, Beehunter, Lava.

169-160: Beagle, Yato, Haze, Conviction, Noir Corne, Popukar, Tsukinogi, Hibiscus, Click, Dobermann.

159-150: Aciddrop, Cardigan, Savage, May, Durin, Sideroca, Earthspirit, Fang, Myrrh, Folinic.

149-140: Rope, Greyy, Rangers, Indra, Plume, Breeze, Scavenger, Orchid, Estelle, Deepcolor.

139-130: Vulcan, Mousse, Matoimaru, Steward, Cutter, Midnight, Feater, Flint, Castle-3, April.

129-120: Franka, Bison, Robin, Purestream, Lancet-2, Bibeak, Snowsant, Jessica, 12-F, Meteorite.

119-110: THRM-EX, Perfumer, Shaw, Utage, Whislash, Mayer, Vermeil, Shirayuki, Nightmare, Gitano.

109-100: Gummy, Ceylon, Liskarm, Meteor, Croissant, Ambriel, Spot, Skyfire, Glaucus, Sussurro.

99-90: Matterhorn, Ansel, Podenco, Adnachiel, Asbestos, Frostleaf, Kroos, Mint, Beanstalk, Waai-Fu.

89-80: Provence, Reed, Melantha, Gravel, Cuora, Sesa, Tomimi, Manticore, Gavial, Aosta.

79-70: Leizi, Pinecone, Asbestos, Nearl, Vigna, Andreana, Firewatch, Cliffheart, Myrtle, Kafka.

69-60: Grani, Courier, Chiave, Arene, Swire, Sora, Shamare, Greythroat, Ethan, Broca.

59-50: Scene, Whisperain, Iris, Hung, Leonhardt, Warfarin, Eunectes, Astesia, Beeswax, Istina.

49-41: Silence, Nightingale, Blemishine, Suzuran, Magallan, Zima, Ayerscarpe, Shining, Nian

Top 40
40th - Weedy
39th - Red
38th - Siege
37th - Pramanix
36th - Specter
35th - Aak ( big surprise)
34th - Bagpipe
33rd - Archetto
32nd - Hellagur
31st - Blue Poison
30th - Jaye
29th - Mudrock
28th - Rosa
27th - Ptilopsis
26th - Schwarz
25th - Rosmontis
24th - Flamebringer
23rd - Ifrit
22nd - Platinum
21st - Hoshiguma
20th - Ceobe
19th - Angelina
18th - Saria
17th - Elysium
16th - Ch’en
15th - Blaze
14th - Skadi
13th - Mountain
12th - Executor
11th - Eyjafjalla
10th - Mosty (this is rigged :fgo_badciv:)
9th - Donkey
8th - Surtr
7th - Texas
6th - Phantom
5th - W
4th - Lappland
3rd - SilverAsh
2nd - Thorns
1st - Exia
The poll is run by the three big websites Bilibili, NGA, Lofter, so this is basically all CN community, and why is Mosty just 10th :fgo_badciv:
Special mention for Maestro, Suzuran is 46th :rofl:


Mosty higher than Eyja, you’re right it must be rigged :feh_altinawink:

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What the shit is this?


I must be playing a different game…


Don’t worry. I’m on your side. That poll is embarrassing to say the least :ak_nianunimpressed:


What is the subject of the poll, i can’t understand Chinese or Japanese.
Popularity, promoted to E2, max level, most used, favorite operator, cuteness?

It’s Popularity, about 20000+ voted on 3 big CN websites :catroll:


Ok, but do you know how they did it?
Only 1 operator or 3 among all the available operators or 1 per rarity for example?

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One can vote for 3 op at most, doesn’t matter its rarity :fgo_gudako: