Latias/Latios Signature Moves Done Dirty

The Pokeminers have found the stats of the Eon Duo signature moves, Mist Ball and Luster Purge, as in the figure.

These are very disappointing moves, both in PvE and PvP. PvE wise, being single bar and not as strong as Brave Bird makes them totally unusable, and strictly inferior to their old Psychic. This is just pointless. They don’t need to be better than Mewtwo, but it’s reasonable for Latios to take the 2nd slot as a Psychic attacker with Luster Purge.
Regarding PvP, Latias has been desperately asking for a cheap charge move (50 energy or less) for baiting. With the current stats, neither Latias nor Latios has notable improvement compared to Psychic moveset in any league.
In the MSG, both moves have relatively low base power (70), compared to Psystrike/Aeroblast/Sacred Fire’s 100. I think there is no excuse for Niantic to translate them into high energy nukes. A clone of Sacred Sword or similar should be the way to do.

For Latios PvP that’s actually huge, since its bait move is dragon claw and psychic was its semi-nuke. Now it got a real nuke with a debuff chance. Unfortunately, for ML the typing is not THAT useful, but I can see the potential. Main battlefield will be open I guess.

Latias was never going to matter in PvE but, if I’m right, LP Latios is absolutely shocking in PvE. My numbers actually look slightly better than some others I’ve seen from initial calculations and it’s significantly worse than Psychic. This is vs neutral opponent, I’m rushing this in my lunch so if it’s not perfect, apologies.

Still, here’s looking forward to paying £12 for Apex Latios with LP+.

Good grief! I check and you’re right, that is bad! Luster Purge is about 94% as good as Psychic. Makes me wonder if this is just a place-holder and they’re going to make it a 2-bar move or bump the damage. Given that its a 120dmg move in PvP, I could see that as a ‘typo’ and its actually a 120dmg move in PvE (which makes it slightly better than Psychic):

Wow. Those moves are Arceus awful. I‘m shella disappointed. I like the Eon duo, so I really hoped Latios could get a nice boost with its signature move, but if this becomes another Sacred Fire, this is gonna suck big time.

When comparing the performance of different movesets, I usually apply a 4-5% discount to those with single-bar charge moves to account for their risky factor. If a single-bar moveset doesn’t surpass another multi-bar moveset by more than 5%, the tiny advantage in DPS isn’t worth the risk of wasting energy. For your case the two movesets just equal, so the 1-bar Luster Purge is still unfavoured.
I really hope their stats at the moment are placeholders and will be changed to 2-bar before release. Blast Burn and Rock Wrecker have 110 base power and are still 2-bar. No reason to make a 100-105 base power move 1-bar.

If they (hopefully) get changed to 2-bar moves, they‘ll surely be a bit nerfed though. Keeping Luster Purge with those stats as 2-bar move would make Latios go through the roof, letting Latios reach more DPS than Psystrike Mewtwo, and letting Mega Latios sit comfortably right between Psystrike Mewtwo X and Psystrike Mewtwo Y.

Right, 1.5s cooldown for a 100 damage 2-bar move is too fast. Either changing to 2.5s cooldown or 80 damage is perfectly fine.

Can’t see it changing seeing as it’s out on the official site. Once again Niantic very clearly tell PvE to go away and fornicate with itself.

Very well, I’m ready to see Origin Pulse and Precipice Blades being worse than Surf and Earthquake.

I’m genuinely expecting that to happen. Cue the Primal forms being the Apex-equivalents with OP+ and PB+.

It would appear these signature moves are removes sunglasses lackLuster


Gil Grissom (or Sam Axe) would be proud.

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…and then Pvp they become significantly better. Like Frenzy Plant or Hydro Cannon types.

NOW this is bad.

That would break the meta, impossible on such bulky legendary mon.

I meant 45 energy 90 power on Origin Pulse and 60 Energy 130 power Precipice Blades.

And then in PvE they become something among the lines of being inferior to EQ or surf. Say, Precipice Blades becoming 100 instead of 130 and Origin Pulse a 2 bar 70 like Water Pulse.

OK I get it, in that case OP is a Psystrike clone, still unlikely, 80 power for 45 energy (Fly clone) is more reasonable. Kyogre still struggles hard against dragon types and even gives up a little efficiency. PB with 130 power is a bit too much, 120 power for 60 energy is better, just a cheaper Earthquake.

Damn I haven’t seen someone mention Burn Notice in a while, used to love that show

Always worth another watch, it’s one of those shows that should, by all rights, have failed miserably but it somehow works.

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Yeah, the signature moves are terrible. I’d personally like to see the Latis become better Pokémon.

Optimal changes:

  • Mist Ball and Luster Purge should be superior compared to Psychic. Both Latis suck as Psychic-Type Pokémon. The Mega versions of them are even inferior compared to Mega Alakazam. Personally, I’d like both of the moves to become somewhere close to 120 damage/1.3s. I’d like them to be really fast moves, unlike Psychic.

  • The Eon Duo is a disaster in the Master League. They have six weaknesses: Dragon, Bug, Dark, Ghost, Fairy, and Ice. Psychic and Dragon don’t complement each other well. Personally I’d like to see Dragon Claw buffed from 50 damage to 55 damage to support some Master League Pokémon including Latios. Both Mist Ball and Luster Purge should be somewhere close to 110 damage/50 energy for them to see some play in the ML.