Latios Duo Raid!

Here’s your monthly duo raid!

There’s no much information about how hard the Latios Duo Raid was, cause the guide focuses on the trio, which need less resources. Although, I saw a video where they said Latios could be Duo’ed only with SolarBeam at any weather, but we did it in Windy and we barely beat it. I’m a little confused.

As for Latias, it’s only possible in Windy, but I’m pretty sure you need two full teams of Rayquaza…tons of uncertainty.


Great job rewarded with shiny in the end :rofl:

However blue account havent maxed all mons, maybe it costed you some time. And i dont see this duo in neutral weather after watching this.


Excellent work, and a well-earned shiny!

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Congrats on that sweet shiny!

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Thank you! It was totally unexpected. When Niantic threw Latios with it’s shiny form I got sick and I couldn’t play any raid :( I’ve got extremely lucky getting shiny Latios at my first try :D

The duo is possible in neutral weather, but I think only Rayquaza and Salamance can be used. One also needs to be lucky that the game doesn’t lag/glitch. It’s still very hard though.
KaitoNolan just uploaded her duo in neutral weather with her son

Understandable. They put the best case scenario to make the duo on neutral weather.

I used to watch Kaito Nolan’s videos for a while, but I started to get tired of her because the teams she, her fiancee and his son uses goes far behind the ridiculousness. As for me, the challenge of short-manning raids is by using our resources but using not so many of them. As far as I know, they spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars (Not there’s anything wrong by doing so, cause everyone has it’s way to play the game) on their accounts, it’s a little too much for my taste. Also, this is just my way to see things, but I feel she forces his own son to do raids and make teams as quick as possible, it looks unconfortable in the videos. Makes me real sad. I feel so sorry for the little guy.

Well 2 teams of Rayquazas- even hardcores in my area havent that much. Salamence probably wouldnt beat this. So “technically” its possible but only for those 0.1% who play like crazy and spending tons cash.

I’ll say this based on my own experiences so far.
If one just invested in rayquaza and only lucky traded ray rays, then it wouldn’t be that hard to make several of them for such challanges. I myself do mostly the daily raid and here and there a few extra ones, since I am not planning on spending money on the game outside of sometimes buying a box with a good offer. I in general don’t really struggle with rare candy or stardust that much, but it’s hard to get mons which I consider IV wise good enough to max. In raids escpeically I have really bad RNG regarding good IVs, considering I’m slowly approaching 1000 raids and from all of those I only got one mon with perfect IVs. Compared to eggs, research tasks, rocket battles, etc I’m really having bad luck here. While I haven’t gotten a perfect IV mon yet with a luck friend, I already got several 98% that way and that would be my. With said feature one was way more chances to snach something good compared to raids and honestly if only traded rayquaza so far and only put rare candy into this species, then I would likely have 2 teams so far as well. I do have however my reasons why I didn’t do this.

The problem is that one would really need to aim just for these specific challanges and find someone else who is willing to do the same thing. The latter part is probably the hardest. If that doesn’t happen, then there really is no point in just focusing on the very best species and not giving the cheaper and nearly just as good alternatives a try. I myself like to have varied teams, so despite giving the advantage to the top performer of a certain type, I do still power up the alternative picks.

With Rayquaza the problem is also that it kind of lacks flexibility. It’s currently DPS wise the best dragon in raids, but elsewhere other dragons beat it. In rocket battles and pvp it fails to impress compared to the other dragons, since Dialga, Dragonite and Latios are way better there, due to having a better fast move, acess to better charge moves and also have more bulk. Despite all the dragons that we have I would still say that Dragonite is overall the best pick for new players that lack the other dragons, since it’s always avaliable, it’s best moves aren’t exclusive and while not being the top pick, it’s still overall the best when it comes to raids, pvp and rocket battles, due to being very good in all of them.
Rayquaza does however have the advantage of being quite future proof. It already has the best moveset in game and its singature move is of the flying type, which even if it gets implemented and is very powerful won’t be that important, due to being rarely needed. Although bonus points on being useful from it’s secondary typing, which one can’t say of dragonite, salamance, palkia…

This being said, black Kyurem is coming sooner or later in PoGO and it will be noticably better than the other dragons DPS wise, unless Niantic decides to make its movepool worse before release. When that day will come it should end up being one of the top picks for rare candy investments and for trades with lucky friends. Poor ray.

Yeah, they do play the game on a whole other level and constantly try to outdo themselves with challenges that require next to resources also plenty of luck.
Most people can’t afford this, be it regarding money or time, myself included. I myself do try my best regarding solo raids, but with duos there is the problem that a lot of people aren’t into it where I live.

Also, this is just my way to see things, but I feel she forces his own son to do raids and make teams as quick as possible, it looks unconfortable in the videos. Makes me real sad. I feel so sorry for the little guy.

I got a completely different impression. Not so much on her videos, but on twitter. Her son seems to be really into this game. Obviously in regards of team building his parents help, but the little guy really wants to snag every shiny and hundo there is from raids and most of the time he seems to have more luck regarding this than Kaito and her fiancee.

Well i maxed 3 Rays, have always reserve 600 RC and parked 250 candy . I still wouldnt make 2 teams of them. And dust is another story. You limit yourself too much with this IV. but ypu play like you want, like all we do. I personally will power any 93 IV spread if lucky,any 96 regular and any 91 shiny if i need or want( sadly, my strongest shiny is Regice 14/15/14.) I am also free player, i spent maybe like 20 euro( started august 2016) and most of my passes are from gym earned coins.

And having second person with same teams is indeed, the hardest part.