LB servant

So I was wondering, do we get servants at the end of the LB chapters like the singularitys?

No. You get one copy of a CE that also gets added to the story summon.

Plus, completion of LB4 gives you a costume dress for Karna.
But yeah, no more freebie 3* servant copies.


Just like in EoR we get 0 servants,but now we get story lock ce :fgo_astolfo:

Sadly no… we just get 1 copy LB CE and a depression

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The second one is the best price of the two :fgo_astolfo:


MLB Depression is free with gacha.


Hey this is a little off topic, but how do you get the Regular title and other titles like it? So far all I have is the elf one and the reader and poster tiers :confused:

I can’t remember what the criteria were, sorry :frowning: It might show you on your profile if you haven’t gotten it yet. Probably something to do with number of days of activity and posting.

I don’t know how i get mine :fgo_jeannu:

Maybe this could answer you curiosity …