Once again in case somebody missed it in the title, SPOILER ALERT.

You didn’t want it, you didn’t ask for it, but you’re getting it anyways.

Here’s a thread for you to discuss the new Lost Belt that was just released for the JP Server.

So why is goetia-romani so doubtful of Sherlock. Goetia helped us and says to keep that a secret since there is someone not trustworthy in Chaldea. Even crypters in LB 1 doubted Sherlock, what the hell are you planning Nasu?

Probably 6 more months for LB5 part 2 lol. Hopefully not the case.
DW is trying to drag out Arc 2.

I guess part 2 of LB 5 will be released within 1-2 weeks since the story is on cliffhanger, Europa didn’t even appear in Atlantis but still summonable in gacha so I don’t think they will drag LB second part.

Considering that this thread is for discussing the LB, I don’t think you need to hide Spoilers. That’s why I included the double Spoiler warning.

Edit: Now it’s got a Triple Spoiler Warning. If someone walks in here and spoils everything for themselves, it’s their own damn fault.

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I created this meme for the original Infinity Wars movie but it seems pertinent here:


My bet. Galahad has switched sides and is using his connection to mash to pass info. He’s been overdue an ass kicking for too long.

Also been reading up on LB4, hope mash is going to be ok long term, heard she had a complete breakdown during the end of that :frowning:. Can’t really see them getting rid of mash but still. Sadface. :cry: