LB6 New Class (Spoiler Warning !)

Warning ! This video solo purpose is for your saint quarts management. aka skill clairvoyance ex for JP masters.
It contains new class and true identity of one character. NOT INDICATATIVE OF FINAL PRODUCT ! Watch it at your own risk !
I got hyped when I saw this on FB and want to share with you guys !


LB6 New Class (Spoiler Warning !!!) - YouTube


If this is not real, then real is not cool.


whattt (。・∀・)ノ゙

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So a 1 size fits all DPS.

yeah Its helping, almost dumb all my SQ for Koyanskaya

Even if this is not real whoever designed that class card did a very good job

Ahhhh sooo cool. I hope there’s more to his S3, but still very cool. I love him already.

So there’s only one size that fits all, that’s it ?

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This either like BB situation (only 1 servant that class until long time) or an amongus joke.

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