Leaf and Eevee pulls

Since the day this game was announced I knew who was the Trainer I wanted the most, regardless of the Pokémon she would get. Due to my experience from other gachas, mostly Fate Grand Order, I knew I needed to save as many gems as I could to get a chance of pulling at least one copy. I ended up spending a few gems on the road for my 2nd and 3rd priorities, Cynthia and Hilda, but always with a limit, since I wanted to try to get Leaf asap. Besides, this game’s method of exchanging a certain amount of stuff, name it Scout Points, was far more easier to achieve than other gacha’s, even if it might take some time.

In the end, I reached this day with over 75.3K gems, and this is the result to my main wish.

Now I’m sitting at 8,619 gems, but that’s because I also went to spend a few gems for Ethan and Cyndaquil once I was done with the main pool… and after 9K gems on him, I was lucky enough. :grin:

Now I’ve got every single Sync Pair that has been released so far but Caitlin and Lance, the latter whom I even thought of spending a few gems, but since Leaf took me 60K to make her Sync Move 5/5, I don’t regret it. Besides, I know he will be back and maybe I could give a try, though my next priorities would be Serena, a strong Fairy-type (Diantha?) and alternate Pokémon/suits for my favorites.

The fact that I decided to go 5/5 on Leaf is due to take full advantage of her Sync Move’s effect to increase up to five move gauges, which I found more worthy than, say, like getting 5/5 Cynthia who would mostly get a power boost, but I think it already hits strong and having no secondary effect doesn’t gave me much reason to go at it.

I’m very happy with what I have accomplished so far in this game that is making some kind of dreams of mine come true by watching my favorite trainers interact or at least teaming-up. It may have its technical and gameplay issues, but I think the developers are listening to the players and doing their best to make the experience even better, so I’ve got hopes on a bright future and I will keep supporting and enjoying the game until then. :blush:


I’ll let this pass :fgo_rinlaugh:

:eyes: Waow

Exactly. Very nice. This duo really gets more valuable the more it’s Sync move levels up.

But yeah. Congratulations on the max pulls! For sure you’d be so happy rn. Poggers :tada:
You know what? I also enjoy the game for a little more now that I think about it. I’ll stick around until I had saved that many gems as you, and dump it all on a busted Sync Pair in the future. :v:


Great for you. I sincerely hope I can save enough gems for later pulls because I have exhausted my gem pile to try (and fail) to pull Cynthia.


Ey, good on ya! Glad you could max her out, and that your saving didn’t go to waste. :partying_face:

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Looks like we’ve got some news as devs noticed there was a mistake on the Sync Move’s English text at least, and they are working now for it to actually raise Accuracy stat as well!

This will be amazing when Baton Passing +6 in Atk plus +2 in all the others, the more now that opponent’s Sync Moves won’t make you lose your boosts. Imagine having all of that, then switching into the likes of Feraligatr and Lycanroc. They will now have guaranteed hits with their main power moves, and they can still aim for crits with their own fourth moves’ effects. It may almost seem like hitting offensive Sync Moves one after another! And on some circumstances, it will help Leaf & Eevee themselves when it comes to Iron Tail, haha.

I think they are even more worth the pull now even if it’s just one copy. We don’t currently have any Sync Pair with X Accuracy All, even though a few ones like Olivia or Hapu can raise their own Accuracy, so this Sync Pair will be the most alike thing to it so far.

I thought they would only correct the text eventually, as the way it is is actually how the original move actually works, but since we are in Masters, I think it’s good for the Sync Pair theme to have some unique features. It also gives the characters quite a “mystic” that mainline players will never have in a way. Hope that didn’t sound bad or too sad, haha. :joy:

By the way, @Libra_Elementia, now I’m curious on what you meant on your first line. :rofl: