Learning to use the assassin class

I really don’t like the assassin class overall and the only servant I love in this class ignored me once again during the GSSR banner (yes Gramps I’m looking at you). And so Semiramis came to me instead.
After a few minutes of disappointment I realized that I was actually kind of glad for a few reasons :

  • Semi is a tier 1 waifu and probably one of my favorite assassins.
  • I actually needed an AOE assassin.
  • One step closer to getting the whole Apocrypha gang.

I finally finished leveling her up today and it got me thinking : I avoid so much using assassins that I never thought of a way to use them efficiently. So because now I want to refrain myself from always relying on berserkers and Mk.II whenever I’m up against riders, I’m looking for some help.

I know that Shiki is considered to be the best 4* assassin but I barely used her (just never really thought of it). I don’t like using Emiya and Carmilla has been my main assassin for a while.
I got Stheno NP2 but never brought myself to finish her yet, and I got Katou on the GSSR banner too but I don’t know if she is worth raising for now.

So I would like to know my best options and the teams/CEs that would be best with those options.

PS : I’m mostly asking for boss fights and annoying mobs fights in story mode and other situations but I’m curious about Semi’s farming potential.


A.) I’m no expert, so grain of salt with everything I say
B.) I don’t have/know Semi all that much

Alright. Soo… assassin servants are in weird places. There’s not a lot of them that are great enough boss killers to truly stand out against, say, a decent zerker option. Exceptions, not the rule, would include King Hassan and Jack most notably.

However. There are a GREAT many assassins at ALL RARITIES who specialize in everything else. There’s great support and pseudo-support options, like Loli of the Nightless, all the lower star hassans, etc. You’ve got off-supports like Semi, Shuten, etc. who can do pretty good damage, but truly excel in how they make other servants so much stronger. Shiki falls into this category, she’s a pretty decent damage dealer, but her ability to generate stars and staying power make her a great off-support to a more primary dps who can stay on the field.

“But why use an off-support over, say, a merlin or waver, etc.?”

All personal preference to be honest. I don’t like using double pure supports with my jalter as an example. It’s not my thing. Assassins fill that weird niche though where you can find servants like Bryn or Eresh, essentially just servants that just feel good to use that aren’t those casters.

As for good CEs to use, all up to you on what you want the assassins to do. Direct, expensive support options (like 2030) exist, but if you want to like spam shuten NPs or generate lots of stars, you can just build accordingly.


I don’t really have an origin bullet for your questionthreadthing, but the most accurate summary i could give would be to consider a lot of assassins as off-supports, or off-dps servants, who accomplish greatness because of who you use them with. Jack and KHassan are outliers due to their dps potential, but still. Even jack can be used for all content as a pure star-generating machine. Many assassin servants make your favorite servants better. That’s how i view assassins.


I have mine maxed in every way and she slaps, I bring her to every map even though she’s bond 10 but I know @The_Wyandotte has her not grailed or max foued and I don’t think he’s had the same experience with higher HP bosses

But she still gets the job done and is worth using since she has a charge and can boost her damage with her debuff buster resist skill


Semiramis’ place on the tier list is greatly mistaken. She’s probably the best farming Assassin in the game due to her np charge and 3 arts cards.


Yeah, I know she’s not the best servant out there but after using her nonstop for months with ease, I feel like her placement is a little harsh.


I use semi as a buster support in cq’s, so 3rd skill level 10 is a Must. 50% buster resist down is pretty much a 50% mana burst for 3 turns. Due to her 2nd skill she’s not a liability vs caster nodes

So basically my lineup in some cq’s is Buster crit servant ie Jalter/bryn/Rama etc, semiramis+merlin. What I give to her is 2030 to make sure whenever her 3rd skill is available it can be used. In addition to suplementing passive stargen from Merlins np


Well thank you for your explaination, I guess trying to use them as main DPS is what put me off so much (unless I used a support Jack or Gramps).
I guess I’ll try to experience a bit.

That seems nice, I’ll try it out even though I don’t really have the best buster crit servants options.

Yeah, I felt the need to call this out as well.

Semiramis’ direct SSR competition is Cleopatra, who brings waaay more tools for sustain and utility while also being a top-tier active generator for both NP and stars.

That being said, Cleo is outright worse in terms of farming, especially where Semi is an unusually flexible farmer/all-around AoE attacker who benefits from an instant 30% charge, can clear a wave, and has the option to bank that massive team Buster damage increase for the following turn. Helpfully, her base star gen and multi-hit Buster NP feed her a handful of stars automatically, mitigating the need for specific cards or passive star gen in order to use her 3 for the next wave if desired.

I love Cleo and find her extremely powerful and versatile, but Semiramis beats her in this niche and sure as hell beats Shuten-Douji.


This isn’t in question. It is a fact.

Carmilla is in a good place (would be better if her S1 was 30%, but yeah) - especially against Female bosses, she’ll do great. NP gain and star gen is fine, and her skills all make sense - charge, def down, and passive star gen. They’re good. Shiki is “better” bc she does have that 30% batter, is probably NP5 so in general hits harder, and doesn’t need to be against Females. Also has good star gen.

For annoying mob fights, pair Semi with any charge CE you have and Waver/Merlin - her 1st and 2nd skills and her 3 Arts cards means she can NP fairly regularly. Kscope, Imaginary Element, Aerial Drive (this is a great one for her). As @Souljia_Bitch says, at max she does great, but I can say that at NP1 she does…less great. She’s fine up to about 40k, maybe 50k on Riders (more if she gets other attack or card buffs). So easily clears a 1st wave, usually clears a 2nd. At NP1, non-grailed, without going over +1k/+1k Fous, her neutral farming potential isn’t that great, sadly.

Fuuma, if you level him, does ~~~ the same damage but won’t have a charge, so there is that.

For boss fights if you’re using Carmilla, also Aerial Drive (it’s almost universally a Buster servant’s best friend), and if Shiki any random 50% charge CE from events like HNS or Sumo (or just straight Arts buffs if you have them, like Projection or Formalcraft).

Honey, your Semiramis is perfection incarnate.

Yeah, they all have their uses where they excel. (And this is kinda off topic, since OP doesn’t seem to have 2 out of these 3, but details)

Semiramis: Good burst damage - use her NP to clear a wave, user her 3rd skill to let your other point servant clear the boss wave.

Cleo: Has a lot of staying power - I wouldn’t say she’s a last stand solo servant, but she’s going to be somewhat hard to take down and she’s meant for longer battles.

Shuten: debuffing enemies; supporting allies. Her NP technically is the most damaging of the 3 anyway, but really it’s the utility it packs in the form of so, so many debuffs. Use her as a Support Assassin to generate stars/for Arts chains for someone like Shiki


Thank you for covering pretty much everything I needed.
That’s too bad for Semi since I probably won’t grail her but I might try to pull for NP2 (or more) when her rates up comes back since I really want to enjoy farming with her.

I will definitely use Shiki more for boss fights~ I also got everything I need CE-wise for the three of them so I guess I’m good, I just need to lvl those skills but thinking about it might make me cry. So I’ll take care of Semi once I’m done with Skadi.

Thank you to all the people who replied too !


The plans to use Assassins are usually:
A) star generator: they have high star gen

B) crit servant: as they gen a lot of stars they can crit a lot if the team don’t have servants with higher star gather like Riders or Archers.

A good plan to use Assassins is generate stars to crit the next turn, usually a good option is a Buster crit(because deal a lot of damage) or a Art crit (because the NP is usually their main source of damage)

Some good star generator: Jack, Hassan of the Cursed Arm, Fuuma

Some good crit Assassins: Shiki, Kojirou, Jing key

Some weard Assassins: well in the Assassin class we have some Assassins that are harder to understand how to use like King Hassan and Semiramis, they by their decks are a little special.

Graps have a gorilla deck so he depend of his only quick card to gen stars (best Chain for that: BBQ) and for his NP he depend of his only Art card(best Chain for that: ABQ), he is better as a solo servant then a team player.

I don’t know how to use correctly Semiramis because i haven’t use her a lot, she have a Caster deck


Alternatively you can use her 3rd skill to boost her own Buster NP if you so choose, she can do some quality damage. Though mine is NP2, so I’m not too sure how NP1 damage is.

The others have pointed out most things, I’ll just add to it by saying she can charge NP really easily between her NP charge and her NP gain buff skill and her Arts cards. If I hold off on using NPs until the third wave she usually ends up with 200% charge, so she’s really good at NP charging partially due to easy crits from my experience.

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Right, lets get the personal bias out of the way first: Cleopatra is best girl. Semi is a direct competitor to Cleo, and that makes me personally dislike her.

So then, assassins in general seem to be the weakest class in my opinion. They have a low attack modifier, tend to be quick orientated (which is obviously a lot better now), and whilst a lot of them are good at making stars, they only have average star weights. Furthermore, for some reason about 70% of assassins just get completely shafted in the skills department and I don’t understand why. There are obviously outliers, Shiki and Jack have huge ST damage where applicable, and Gramps is just generally solid if you like buster playstyles.

As for Semiramis specifically, her damage isn’t all that great. She’s a little bit weaker than classic Altria (averaging slightly under 38k with steroids and class advantage), but her buster skill drains stars and is a debuff so can be resisted. If you don’t have those 8 stars (which isn’t hard to forget about when you’re just mindlessly farming) then her damage just tanks lower than many 4*s.

In my opinion, Semi isn’t suited for much more than waver 1/2 clearing, and then providing that 50% buster buff on wave 3 for another servant to use. She should just barely be able to make 8 stars for you with her NP if it’s used against a wave of 3 riders, but otherwise you may have to add in some facecards.

You take that back right now, Cleo is great at soloing. Seriously, I’ve taken on Heaven’s Hole, Nerofest Medb, the Saber Wars rerun CQ, the Christmas 2 Rerun CQ, Ivan, and a bunch more that I’ve forgotten about with solo Cleo.


don’t have Lu Bu levelled? He’s actually really good in this setup. his crit gather skill has a 20% party def down demerit but this is offset by Semi’s 20% party def up on np. The fact his np bypasses defensive buffs which a lot of cq bosses like to stack makes him a good low star buster crit option.

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I agree; Cleo’s bulk and self-sufficiency are incredible.

While not a solo setup, she was my go-to for the original boss fight with Raikou and Shuten and made it effortless. Did the same with this Memorial Quest (also did it just as quickly with my Semiramis, but Cleo is less dependent on RNG for generating subsequent NPs since even a single well-placed Quick crit will blow up her gauge with an Arts first card bonus; her internals are nearly Jack-level stupid).

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Well OP, we have almost the same experience. Semiramis graced me on GSSR (was aiming for Jack or Gramps too)

Carmilla is my ST assassin and Scathath is my AoE.

So far I found Semiramis go well with Drake
Their 3rd skill match well together

As Semiramis is not your traditional Assassin, she is quite special in that I think she can be used in stall team.

Her NP gives def buffs for 3 turns, with arts deck and 1st skill charge, she may be able to stack them for further survival.
I am thinking Tamamo, Merlin and Semiramis for the stall team but havent got a chance to try it out just yet.

But i feel this turns into learning to use semiramis than assassin in general…

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I found this really interesting spreadsheet a while ago which does some really complicated maths to work out how much NP and how many stars each servant in the game can generate, accounting for skills and crits, averaged over a many turn battle. Apparently Jack can do about 56% NP per turn, and Cleo can do 48%.

It’s a bit outdated now (it doesn’t even have Semiramis on it), but you might be interested.


Think I’ve seen this one, thanks :smiley: Still a good resource.

personally i think theres 2 reasons to use assassin:
1-team needs stars
2- enemy is a high hp rider.

2030 halves their usefulness so unless you have a specific assassin you wanna use you can substitue berserker instead of them.
My favorite assassin to use is jekyll and hyde since he can clear 2 waves then swap himself for a new servant(really great when 2 waves is rider and final wave has another class).

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Interesting topic. I should probably mention some things about MHX here. I’m planning to release a more comprehensive report, but things to note about her:

  • Great internals + Passives (Riding EX and Star gen)
  • 12 hit NP (very nice for Skadi Shenanigans)
  • short 5-turn cooldown invincibility +20 star bomb on demand
  • Anti-Saber DPS or Support Flexibility (high star gem from her S3)
  • High raw* NP damage due to interlude
  • SSR Archer level NP damage if the enemy is a saber Altria-face.

Point is, she’s notably better than what most believe given her past reputation. I’ll let this be here for now. I will post the Seiba’s report where I see it as most appropriate. (:fgo_mhx:)


Had to be said again, but could we remove the Assassin and Casters modifiers already? The knight class receives an unfair distribution as things are. 1.0/1.05/0.95 vs 1.0/0.9/0.9. (Maybe I’m really just hoping for too much? ):fgo_circereally: