Leavvanny needs to have higher base chance of Swag bag and On a Roll

The differences between Swag Bag / On a Roll with Aggravation is that, for Aggravation, you only need to trigger status condition ONCE, to have a permanent effect on the enemy.

However, The effect of Swag Bag and On a Roll is Cumulative. They need to accumulate to a certain level to have a meaningful difference, especially for On a Roll, because most opponents have reduction resistense.

That means, Swag Bag and On a Roll needs to trigger much more often to be useful in an actual battle. But currently, Even with Sync Grid, the trigger rate is still very insufficient for it to be useful. Usually, the opponent / Leavanny dies before they can trigger more than once. These effects are virtually non-existent. And to think that Half of Leavanny’s Sync Grid is based on them, it just heavily limits the potential that Leavanny should have had.

Hence I think Leavanny should have at least Swag Bag 2 and On a Roll 3 as its base passive.

I would also like to point out that Fortutious 1 is ridiculously unnecessary, unuseful and expensive, since Leavanny already has Swag Bag, Fortuitious 1 seems to be overlapping what it needs. Besides, it is only at level 1, making it even less useful than it is. And this effect requiring a whooping 120 sync orbs and 10 energy is just not worthi it.

It either needs to have a much higher level, say 5, or just completely change it into something else since it just overlaps a lot with Swag Bag. For exemple, “the more the stats of this pokemon have been raised, the more it powers up moves” to synigize with Swag Bag.
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That’s kinda why Leavanny is so garbage. No access to any sort of critical buff doesn’t help out either.