Legendary Alm Builds please

So I got a L!Alm in the new banner. Any ideas about what can I do with a -Ata. one?

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-Atk hurts his damage output, but he still wants his standard builds. :thinking:
If you plan to invest in him a lot more later on, something like Sturdy Impact or Swift Sparrow 3 would be a good A slot. Null Follow Up can stay as his B, and his C can be whatever depending on the team you put him in. Seal can be Swift Sparrow 2 to add more damage.
On a budget, his base kit can do fine, but Darting Blow 4 should be replaced if you don’t need the extra speed and want more damage. :feh_birbpeek:


Luna arc
Lunar flash
Swift Sparrow 3 or Death Blow 4 or Sturdy Impact
NFU or SpeSpi
Odd Atk wave
Death Blow or Swift Sparrow or Darting blow


Honestly he still shreds everything to pieces even with an Attack bane. Luna Arc and Lunar Flash are stupid broken. I wouldn’t build him any differently to account for this bane, except maybe prioritize Attack a bit more in the seal you give him. He’ll really appreciate SS3 instead of DB4 in this case.


Those were the same IVs of my first Alm
Life and Death, or any initiate combat skills (swift sparrow, death blow) is pretty good too
NFU Desperation or SS
Seal can anything boosting his stats, but if you choose desperation as the b slot instead of NFU then go with brazen atk/spd

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I have think about brazen Ata/Spd 4 and Brazen Ata/Spd 3 as seal with desperation or vantage. But NFU is really good so I don’t now. I may go for brazen

Thanks for everyone answering

Vantage does not activate the Luna Arc, so vantage is a bad alm skill.

This is what I use for him.

Mine may not be -ATK, but this would certainly help patch the damage output of yours by adding the FB4 damage.

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