Legendary Azura



When will she be rerun?


This month I think?


I posted a topic on this awhile ago and somebody sent this photo(if you’re reading this now thank you, again!):


Oh nice, Ryoma is returning & I was pulling for Reds anyways for Brave Celica, so I guess I can get a non -Atk Legendary Ryoma.


Could always get a -Spd Ryoma. :slight_smile:


@TheKongaBeat if you’re waiting for Brave Celica you should save your orbs for when the cycle 2 winners get another banner. I remember the cycle one winners had a second re-run banner so I’m pretty sure the cycle two winners will get one as well.


@Krazytre I’ll just merge them & everything’s good.

@Leorio I’m not pulling for Brave Celica because I want her as a Unit, I just want her as Death Blow 4 Fodder.