Legendary/Mythic Battle

Oh my heavens Altina’s Abyssal battle was one of the most annoying maps to try to take on. Just the combination of not a lot of room to work with with ground units, the enemies showing up in annoying places, and that annoying Vantage that Altina has on her. I was running a Lillina special spiral Nuke team most of the time, and I needed heavy blade on her, so I couldn’t but Hardy Bearing on her. But after several attempts, I finally beat that stinken death trap.


Good job. :clap:

I’ve already beaten all but Bramimond’s, but it’s a feisty one. Just beat Infernal now. Infinite Miracle Lon’qu is :ok_hand: (SF! Nino also helped to handle Firesweep and Wary units)


Beating those Abyssals is quite the achievement. :feh_birbpeek:
Congrats :feh_hridexcited:
It took me an hour, but I was eventually able to work through Bramimonds Abyssal with the power of 3 flying movement :feh_legion:


Congrats :feh_legion: