Legendary/Mythic Calendar (re:Mila)

So we have a list to look at for the unit returns

Reddit - L/M Calender


Well next month’s red lol


I think im gonna save orbs for brami and mila unless a wild leila appears :thinking:

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Blessed :ferdysmile:

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Mila sharing with Bram in August is perfect. I might stop pulling on the current one now that I already got Larcei.


Absolutely agree! All my contemplating to pull for Mila in this banner is now gone since August will be way better! Thank you calendar-sama!


Well, that’s a relief. Thank goodness they didn’t change the blue lineup, no chance of L!Dimitri spooking me next month. And if he does show up in August, I’ll wait for him to share with better units (Julia is cool, but I wouldn’t want to accidentally +10 her, and Naga is just ew), so there will be time for me to recover after CYL. :feh_legion: Things are looking up so far.

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Let’s go ppl, say it with me!

Please let it be L!Seliph!

Well done, everybody!


L!Claude as red bow flier


June: Red has the potential to be very promising, but otherwise it’s the hardest of hard passes

July: ■■■■, Tiki again. Can you change her schedule and move her, game? We know how much you love inconsistency. Other than that, Green looks great

August: Now that I have Leif, this lineup looks much better for getting Mila

I’m wholly uninterested in the other months until more info is added

If they make Claude a red (or any color bow tbh) bow I will die.

Not that colored bows are awful but… ech.

We really don’t have many bow fliers already.


Probably skipping June. July and August I’m not sure about.

For me, they’re all currently passes except possibly June red and August colorless. June red has potential, it will likely host the Legendary and I’d like Sothis merges, but Sothis tends to be rerun alongside at least 1 meh red. August colorless depends on Bram’s and Mila’s sharing partner.

July green is looking spicy overall but I have plenty of Thrasir and L!Edelgard so far. July blue could be good too but idk about Fjorm’s overall potential vs other blues like L!Julia and L!Chrom.

The June blue pool is glorious for me—I want merges for all three units, which is pretty rare. I was scared they might rearrange it, but they didn’t! :) My secondary color will depend a lot on the new Legendary. And Mila’s next banner looks like it might be good if you already have L!Alm and L!Leif.

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No but oddly enough we don’t actually have any red archers in the legendary pool. Red is the ONLY color archer we don’t have in the legendary pool. Claude will 100% be colorless in his legendary alt but I wouldn’t be shocked to see a red archer of some sort show up; it’s actually overdue
I was just poking fun at how long people have begged for l!seliph


She’s a permanently rotating bonus unit. Granted she can’t be blessed, but she’s the only mergeable permanent bonus unit. She is DEFINITELY worth merging on that alone


my hope is - Sothis shares with Eliwood (or Lif).I want the first, and the second will be murdered to everyone who needs DC/Time Pulse, winning for me.

again - it’s just my gut feeling. We’re not getting Dimitri and Claude so soon after Edelgard and I don’t think Naga and Julia would be his Co-Blue anchors if it was. (Julia is great, but Naga is… well Naga). to me. esp. when it comes to introducing a new unit, we have to look at whom they are sharing with.

Edelgard comes in with
Celica - amazing fodder, one of the top tier nukes in the game now.
Thrasir - amazing fodder and one of the best mixed bulk mages in the game and the best Anima mythic.

Naga - meh fodder and
Julia - great dragon killer, but ehh fodder (unless you NEED mirror impact)

scream “Please summon Dimitri day one?” from IS?

(same with Claude - if he’s colourless - he’s not gonna share with Grima. though Claude being with Brammy and Mila looks REALLY nice because that colourless is stacked - and if not, and if IS doesn’t pull any funny business BERNIE will be with them and that makes it equally as sexy haha).

i just… I don’t see it. and if i am wrong, I will fully admit, and then i will wait for Dimitri to share with Peony and Chrom.

this is true. and now with Mirror Stance/Bracing Stance 3 being a thing - if stars align and she’s a bonus during water week. just enjoy those beautiful “ting tings” (if it’s light season anyway).


Also Also.
if August would be kind to give me a nice bank of orbs to work with - September is looking at the first chance i will have to get a Legendary Leif, and Eliwood (and maybe Lif) - unless i free pull a good iv Leif when i free summon later.

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I was referring to arena but yeah she’s decent in AR as well

hehe yeah. Arena too.

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