Legendary Robin (F) - Best builds discussion

Hi everyone.

With the last mythic banner, i spent some orbs, grab 3 L-Robin (F), and now, it’s my very first exclusive +10 5 stars unit !

I’m still pretty sad, 'cause a lot of people don’t like this unit anymore (powercrept, old unit…)

SO… She needs to restore her status of legendary unit, and i was looking to the best builds for her. Any ideas ?
My ideas right here :

First one is a sustainable build with 3 sources of healing, and some good debuffs.
Second one is a true mobile unit using the blue flame at his best
Third one is a classic brazen vantage build.

PS : My last copy isn’t merge, so what’s her best boon ? +atk / +spd / +res ???


Legendary Robin is typically used as a tanky flier because of her colorless typing and defensive statline. She doesn’t really have the best Atk though, so Brazen Vantage might not be the best build. :feh_arthurthink:
I would go with +Spd for a boon, since her base Spd isn’t as high compared to other units now, over a year after her release. :thinking:
Congrats on the +10 though :feh_hridexcited:

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She’s mostly hated because she has no fodder to offer and she usually sits on the banner next to two much more desirable units (like Bramimond and Brave Camilla in this banner)…

She’s still quite strong tho and in terms of building her (mine is only +6), I think that she’s not fit to be a player phase unit, so going with an enemy phase or bond-based build is probably for the best. As a tanky unit, I’d go for the res superboon.


I use L-Robin on the team that earns me about 90% of my Abyssal clears. Usually her job is to support my Summer Takumi through Goads and Repositions, but there have been many instances where I’ve had to use her to tank crucial hits (such as in L-Chrom’s Abyssal) or take down enemies that Takumi can’t (which happened in Bramimond’s Abyssal).

Personally I think she works best on flier comps because her stats haven’t held up too well and the extra boosts from Goads and Wards help her a lot. I also think +Spd is her ideal asset due to speed creep.

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Thanks, and done !
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Thanks :feh_birbpeek:
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Double brazen looks good, but while it does pigeonhole her, I wouldn’t lose her dragonskin. Acting like waterbreath and iotes shield is great, and is why she’s still effective as a flier.

I use her with Draconic Aura, vantage, and brazen Atk/def seal. Mine has an Atk boon, after DF getting 55atk. I’m still not sure if that’s the best iv for her, but seeing a stat spread as nice as 45/56/40/35/30 is so soothing sometimes. And seeing as how many times she’s been a bonus unit on AR, she’s still a staple for me on defense.

Don’t underestimate that vantage, it highly discourages enemy offense from attacking the next round and considering she hits the lower of def/res, often she can do much more sage than you’d expect.

And ground orders is an excellent choice. Turns the entire game around and is extremely hard to predict while attacking. That and it grants some of your huge def/res armors up to 3 spaces of movement.

I sort of happened into having a +6 +Spd F!Grima by accident—she was never my target on any banner. I run her with Dragonskin, Guard, whatever C depending on team (Orders skills are particularly good), and Quick Riposte seal. It’s pretty basic but it works. I think QR is necessary, either in B or S depending on whether someone is using the seal. When I first got her, I used her for her main niche as a flier reposition tank. Now I use her mainly as a bonus unit in Arena and to score better in Arena Assault when she’s in season, so she is primarily a bait tank.