Legion Build Ideas!

I like making Legion Builds based off what skills he has. Here’s some I came up with:

I like Brashperation

Sheena Called: She wants her Build Back

Legion Using His Base Axe

Salt’s Favorite: Triple Bonds

Before Triple Bonds

I may have more, I’m just working with what i have.

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Have you ever tried a pseudo-support build with Ardent Service?

Ooooh, I’ll see if I have the Ardent Service for it. What would you recommend for skills otherwise?

I’m not entirely sure, since I haven’t checked his statline, but maybe something with Joint Hone Spd so he could buff both Atk and Spd. Maybe even Def/Res Link in B?

While I have Ardent Service, Joint Hone Spd and Link skills are still evading me… but we’ll see.

Hopefully you manage to get those sometime in the future. Good luck.

Thank you! I may not have the strongest Legion (yet), but I will have the most expensive one!

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Have you tried a Full debuff legion for GC/RD? I have one and It’s really super strong

Edit :

He is like that

The fact his axe who panic the ennemys and smokes can stack is really insane, -13atk/spd make them easy target for the rest of your crew

Except Sheena doesn’t use Vantage because her attack is garbage.

I think Legion’s Axe is my favorite. I love Mass Panic.

IF ONLY I HAD SPEED SMOKE! But I’m def gonna put that in too

F!Takumi have it if you want to

It’s not like Legion can use the rest of her build but I always see them running hack/DC so i think I’m funny,

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I was playing around with it…

I also had the idea of Legion as a support over a death bringer

I didn’t have enough stones to refine Ardent Service but it’s gonna be +spd

I’m loving your builds. I hope IS gives us new inheritable axes in the 4* pool so I can see more of your Legion, to be honest <3

Also, Im a bit sad that you murdered g!marth. But its okay, I’m not crying at all.

Legion having DC is an oof.

Fury 4 + carrot axe is interesting. I wonder what it’s like with mystic boost.

I’m planning on doing something similar with Carrot Lance+. Just haven’t decided if I wanna do it on Thea or Finn!

Aw! Thank you! Legion’s my all time favorite fe character (until they finally give me Kellam anyway) so I will have plenty more builds for him too. I have the giant spoon on him as well, i just hate how it looks.

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If I get a spare Mystic boost, I will let you know.

omg! Same tbh. Its a weird weapon. I wish it hadnt the egg :<

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