Let me know what you think about this build

Let me know what ya’ll think! Any ideas, changes, and advice is appreciated.

Started to work on these guys a few days ago. Ive never built either one. Im going to make Chrom +Spd and I want unity blooms for Erk so im holding out for it. I also have moonbow for Erk and noontime


They’re a little too…mixed. Speed Chrom is pointless without max investment. Erk is okay, though you probably want a spd boon. Close Foil might also be a better option.


I like mixed builds but as @_Help_Me said, they don’t work without max investment because they don’t have the raw stats to do it otherwise


Like others said, Spd Chrom doesn’t work without high investment and skills to help Spd.

With Erk swap Fort for Mystic Boost or the soon Def/Res Solo, and definitely change the weapon as it does nothing on EP
Unity Blooms like you said will work, but that bulk’s still kind of shaky given 75+ Atk is the norm now.

I’ll assume both of these will be getting some kind of external support?


Here is one option that I would do. Tried and tested clasic builds:


For Chrom you can do something like this:

Works well with someone like BLucina/NYVelouria/SHilda to act as a sustain tank.

As for Erk, I know you gave him two premium skills so here’s something that makes use of them:

The C is Def/Res Menace, builder doesn’t have it yet.

CC Vantage really is a golden oldie, only place it really struggles is AR.
The thing that makes Erk nice for this is while his Def/Res aren’t great, you’ve got your Menace to help that on top of the thick 50 HP to easily take a hit.
Have someone throw an Atk/Spd buff on him for some real fun.


Well the whole idea for Chrom is a mixed build. I like it. The spd for Chrom is just to be able to double some units on pp. I dont like the distant counter set because tons of other reds use it much better than him with higher spd totals so i dont want to waste it on him. With max investment all your adding is a spd lull if not using spurn and joint spd for a total of 61 spd. Thats still isnt enough for high tier arena and AR so i use a mixed bag since he can take banes in every other category well and still function. Id rather stick him in a team that offer spd support since he only needs a few points of spd to be maxed with this set.

The only thing i dont have is Times pulse. Thats a nice build. I know these are tried and true methods. Just trying something out of the norm.

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My suggestion for builds is not to build for the sake of building, but rather have a target mode that you want to do well in.

Chrom with Sealed Falchion is likely to gravitate towards EP (block follow up is good for that), and unfortunately there is little to no merits to only counter melee units. Enemy phase playstyle is mainly used in Aether Raids Offense, so you should probably look at preparing him specifically for that mode. Good skills to consider includes Spurn, Null Follow Up, and most definitely Distant Counter. Arena isn’t probably the best of idea due to his subpar scoring potential.

Erk is a little more flexible. Be it in PvE or Aether Raids Offense. In PvE, you can do no wrong with the typical AoE Spiral build. (Life and Death, Special Spiral with Heavy Blade). For Aether Raids, everything looks about all right except the weapon, in which you should look at predominantly enemy phase options. Red tome in this respect had it rough, as your only competitive option is Unity Blooms from a 5 star Henriette. Otherwise stick to Serpent or… Conch I guess. :pensive:


Yeah i mean external support for sure.


I like your take on this. It makes sense to build for the mode. Honestly though i did build Chrom for the sake of building him. I dont really want to use him outside of chain challenges and the like. There are much much better swords than him. Erk is different. Im going to use him quite a bit since i dont have great red tomes and Erks the standard in spd for them right now. I feel like the older, unspecialized units cant always compete with the likes of beastdegard and others of her ilk. I had a bunch of bad *5 with great skills that i wanted to play around with.

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