Let’s Go, Go Fest!

Go Fest 2020 is coming up!! What are you all hyped about? Personally, it’s probably the Go Fest debuts and the last timed research line becuz I want togetic, litwick, and dratini. So, what are you hyped about?

Victini - I’ve always wanted to run an all pixies team in UL and I’m hoping they’ll do Victini justice and make it the steel threat it deserves to be. Sure, Obstagoon is a massive problem but I’ll be having fun so screw 'em! :joy:

Wonder if we even achieve those challenges as a collective. Don’t know how many people are playing right now, since there’s not really some cool event… there’s just a dumb duck and shiny pidove right now

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Yeah true.

They would probably clear the quests first. I’ve cleared them in a single day BTW.

Also yes this raid boss roster is like the worst I’ve saw in a long time. I have Onix and Aerodactyl shinies, and 80-90% of raid bosses are Zekrom. Also no Timburr or any new or entertaining Raid Bosses.

If people play even casually over the next few days, they’ll do the challenge. If the next two are similar itll be no problem. Plus, I imagine even if we don’t I bet we “will”. Niantic won’t risk any missed sales by not having a big name just because 50k of one team or another didn’t do a task.

I actually like balloon pikachu. Sort of reminds me of that old guy in Pixar’s Up movie.

Too bad that Niantic is not letting pikachu evolve.

Not to excited about Ho-Oh though. I lucked out on a great IV Zekarom on my first Zekarom raid but now I am trying to get more candy so I don’t have to use RC.

BTW the poke rewards during the weekly challenges, everyone will have access to dratini, litwick, etc. or are they team specific?

Actually, they won’t let flower crown and hat Pokemon evolve since Wurmple.

I hate this, at least make Togekiss and Cd starters with hats or flower crowns evolvable.

As for Flying Pikachu and Pikachu Libre, I wanted them to have at least 170 HP, 235 ATK and 197 DEF, because they do have great moves.

Not being able to evolve flower crown Togepi ticked off quite a few players in my local Discord; particularly those who don’t have a Togekiss for PvP. It certainly doesn’t help that Togepi hasn’t been available in eggs outside of that event for some time now (and still isn’t). :pensive:

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I really don’t mind if some of the pikachu’s don’t evolve. For some reason I just want to see Pichu and Raichu floating around with a bunch of balloons.

Are players in your Discord group able to do a Togetic raid? I know it is not out in rotation but it will come back around…I suppose it won’t be fast enough though…

Edit - Oops. I saw a Togetic raid today. So maybe that will players in your Discord group?

My perfect lucky Flower Togepi cry…

Getting decent IV Togepi is what i’ll be hunting for, hope they’re not weather boosted during their spawns.

I was disappointed as well but I made the most of it by catching as many as I could and stocking up on those candies for when it did come around :smiley: