Let’s talk quick teams



I just rolled Okita and…she’s fun to play with.

I haven’t given Quick much thought because I rolled Tamamo about 2 weeks into the game and I’ve basically Mash/Tamamo/Robin’d every quest so far.

But basically…I don’t know how to play quick other than “make stars and then crit.”


Same here eheh got Okita yesterday, let’s find the answer here :slight_smile:


I don’t have a Crit team but for Okita the goal is to get stars then have her Crit (preferably with her quick card) so her NP charged really fast and np spam and repeat.


I gues in this pre-Skadi erai, the best supports for her are Alexander, CasGil and Atalanta, but frankly your better off pairing her with someone like Jack and Waver. Okita is obviously good at generating stars and gaining NP, so CEs that boost crit and NP strength such as Holy Night Supper come to mind


Alexander, Atalanta, Scathach Lancer all have quick buffs. Alexander also possess Charisma (teamwide atk up).

Jack or Fuuma as secondary Star gens are also pretty nice, though Okita do can make lot of stars too (not on the level Jack does)

Merlin like buster support but for crit comes in the Form of Scathach=Skadi. Before her there is Osakabahime but she isn’t really that reliable.


There’s also Helena with a 20% (L10 max) “rainbow” 3-turn card buff, but on a terrible CD (7-9 turns).


Okay, I am kinda in a similar boat in that I am looking to build a quick team because I have MHXA and Enkidu, and that I intend to whale if I have to in order to get Jack in November.

From what I have researched a quick team usually has 3 roles: star generator, support, and crit damage dealer. The star generator (Jack/Okita) focuses on generating as many stars as they can while the support (MHXA/Skadi/Atlanta/Waver/etc) use their NP/skills to help enhance the damage or keep the group alive. Finally the crit damage dealer (usually a rider/archer) uses the stars for crit damage.

Further, from what I have read, because crits increase your damage, NP generation, and star generation itself the goal is to have as many quick chains as possible. You want to keep the stars flowing. However, quick teams are very flexible and can throw in an arts card at the start for more NP generation or burster card for more damage.

I believe that is the basics. Of course, right now in NA, the primary quick supports are missing. MHXA hasn’t had her buff yet and the Premiere support (Skadi) isn’t out yet. This mainly leaves Atalante, Alexander, Waver, and Hans. The former two being a 4* and a 3* and the latter being arts servants (but so is Skadi…)

Another issue is that the premiere 5* crit damage riders (Quetz/drake/Dio/Ikandar/Mebd) are burster servants. Similarly the premiere 5* archers are arts or burster. That said, there are lower rarity quick riders like Ushiwakimaru, and servants like Istar and maid Altria Rider are both coming out this year, and 4*s archers like Atalante and Tristan are available. You can also use a lancer like scathach or give a servant a star absorbs CE.

If not careful, One could end up with a quick team with only one quick servant. Imagine a Jack/Waver/Quetz team for example. Maybe that would better be called a crit team.

From my experiments with jack/MHXA/Enkidu I also noticed that they can be a bit squishy which forces jack to use her main steroid defensely instead, or to change to different Mystic codes (like the default one to use the heal or evasion.) Using Tristan for his group evasion or Achilles (when he is released) as a tank could be other solutions.

This is my understanding of how quick teams work and the basic issues with them.



Make stars, crit, and use the crits not just to kill, but also fill your NP gauge way faster =D

You know, Caesar is a good Okita sidekick, same class and deck, ST, has 2 steroids who stack multiplicatively with hers quick mana bust, can give even more crit up (who also increase her absurd stargen by a lot more).

Few quick card support, Alexander would steal her stars, try Helena or rolling for the upcoming Wu Zetian Assassin (July). Also, “Quick Merlin” Skadi makes her broken as f.

Mash can protect her, while giving more arts cards.

Liz can boost her attack by a lot, by the different classes can be a problem…

just don’t star chain with the quick card. Also, Pure quick teams are not that good (until Skadi), mix a little.


There is no quick team before come of Skadi. The most straightforward way is just to pair Okita with 4060 Merlin/Waver, is boring but effective. However, compared with Musahshi, Okita has less synergistic effect with Merlin. The reason I already emphasized: no Skadi. If you put a team of 3 Quick servants like Okita+ Alexandar, Atlante, Shishou, MHX etc and try to get Quick chain, then you will find it will evtually fail since everyone want to grab the star. It is a civil war. Quick team thus far only exist for Jack’s leading Assassin team. But only Jack could be good for that case.
You may say that using Shishou, Atalante etc as support could be Quick buff to Okita but still wont work for a consistent way. Quick card already has poor performance and sadly these “supportive” servants wont generate good amount stars (even with 2030) in a consistent way. Jack and other Assassins could be ideal to constantly generate star for Okita but they dont have supportive buff. Indeed Okita has great ability for star generation (as well as np gain) but sadly her 2nd skill isnt that lasting, and Saber’s 100 star weight is awkward (that is why Kintoki is great due to rider class’ natural high star weight). So still, pair her with Casters or even 2030 Nightingale are more feasible than any other team combos. Okita as 2 Buster card and dont miss that.
Another thought is put her as 2nd DPS due to her great ability for star generation and NP gain, and her short-lasting skills are in fact better for a 2nd DPS role. In any cases you will face multi-class enemy so Okita is the right answer to slash the lancer mini boss and high hp mobs (especially if you dont have Jack ). Normally the team is 1st DPS + 2030 Okita + 2030 Caster Support. Except Merlin and Waver, Hans could also be that caster support. If you dont have 2030, then put some +4 or +3 star CE on your 1st DPS and Okita (yeah some +4+3 star CEs also have good buffs, such as glory is with me, hot spring, etc).


This might be work. It’s not good as buster meta but still fun to use

You can use Alex buff then burst with his np to get alot of stars with quick chain. After that you can switch MhxA to Waver or Alex position then you can manipulate stars for Okita 2-3 turns with MhxA and okita’s skill.


I complitly aggre with you.
i got okita to, but before her i did not have any true quick servant (well, ushiwakamaru,but i alweys use a " super stack buff oneshot with her" so), and i have found out thet is exactly as you have explained.
No caster speclialized on quick, and using rider or archer will steal star for your main dps.

So i am trying this, and it kind of work for now (well it would work better if i had 1 2030…)

Dantes , Okita, Support Caster (merlin for heal, extra star and crit up, or waver for def or longer lasting crit up, or even my own Hans, becouse hans)

Dantes have the same deck of okita, and he can produce a good amount of star to. But his star weight is only 30, so most of the star will go to okita anyway…
i use the summer Mystic code for quick buff.

It kind of work, but i was unable to test it on something really “worth” for now.


Introducing Scathach, our favorite Shishou!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Even though her star generation isn’t a good as Jack or other Servants, with two 6 hit Buster cards and a 7 hit Extra attack, her Star and NP generation can also be surprisingly good. In addition, her second skill is a targeted buff that increases an ally’s Quick Performance for 1 turn, and her first is an evade, but also has 2 additional effects:
80% Chance to increase own critical damage for 3 turns.
80% Chance to increase own critical star absorption for 3 turns.
Her NP is also a Quick, and includes a guaranteed stun.
She is also one of the best boss killers in the game, with her third skill increasing her own attack against Undead and Divine enemies for one turn. This encompasses an incredibly large amount of enemies mobs and Servants.


I don’t want to end up writing an essay about all the possible Servants you ought to consider, nor the benefits of which is better in what role or why, or what CEs, cuz it’s dinner time and I’m hungry.
I only ranted on Scathach because she deserves it.
I will say this though, and keep it short.

Crit teams is all about consistency in star generation, and there are other Servants that people ought to consider.

When it comes to Crit building, it’s good to try to include as many quick NPs as possible, but it is also a common constraint that you guys are limiting yourselves to.

Okita, Atalanta, Jack, Alexander are standard Servants when it comes to building a team around, but even Servants like Drake or Carmilla (heck, even Gintoki Rider) have their place, as both have high Star regeneration and Carmilla even has skills devoted that reduces enemy crit chance for 3 turns, and gains crit stars per turn for 3 turns.

If you got the Servants, you don’t even really need a Support, as Jack alone has a heal AND an evade, which seems pretty sustainable to me. Having another as a Support is even better.

You guys aren’t thinking outside of the box here.


I just run through pretty much everything with Astolfo/Jack/Atalante :^)
Still gonna save up in 2020 and roll for Skadi of course.


I think you got my point. Thanks
Okita was used to be greatest saber and definitely MVP for many challenge quest half a year ago (think about my Okita solo MHZ in Saber War).
However, when the Merlin come to kill so called Quick team or star generator, and enemy has more and more hp as well as break bar, everything changed.
BUT it doest mean Okita is not good in today’s gameplay. Or she isnt worth investment, NO

Like I suggest, 2030 Merlin/Waver/Hans are not good as Skadi team in the future, but still decent at least for recent play, since (1) if you have Okita as the only DPS and pair with Casters, the star she generated will be utilized by herself… these unpractical servants. and (2) Okita has fabulous NP gain which is decent enough for np spam. So overall if you want her play shinning, I suggest more focusing on her NP spam, because she only have 1 art card, then utilize critical damaging to double np gain of her Art/Quick card are the best method. Dont give other servants with high star weight. Okita’s 2nd skill isnt that good like Lancelot, then if you pair OKita with some servants like Atalanta to make Quick chain, not practical and consistent.

Off course, that is a my suggestion for normal gameplay like for a lancer boss fight or swaping Lancer mobs. Sometimes like event farming will prohibit you have 2030 or caster supports, but Okita can also finish that job good (that is a thing why OKita is still not inferior than Musashi). In this cases, pair her with some specific servants like Drake, Dantes, Jack. etc are also decent. The situation could be different and complicated, but what your gameplay style is your choice, based on your own preference and experience.


Got food, and now I’m in a much better mood, so I’ll expand on my previous post.

Here are the two types of teams I will discuss:
Buster Crit Teams
Staple Crit Teams

Coming up first,

Buster Crit Teams

Servants include:
Jeanne (Alter)
Jaguar Warrior

Forecast as the strongest for upcoming late game content.
Focuses on annihilating the enemy by building up critical stars and unleashing them in a devastatingly single round.

Highest potential burst damage
Good consistent damage output
Good synergy with Supports

Glass cannon, tends to include fragile units. If one dies, team crumbles
Not really F2P friendly
Relies on positive feedback loop of NPs and skills to keep offensive/defensive buffs up.

Produce NP gauge and stars when not facing dangerous threats
Use up buffs at once when boss appears
Utilize a NPBB Brave chain decorated with 100% crit chances

Victor of the Moon
Holy Maiden
Golden Sumo
Hot Spring of the Moon
Fox’s Night Dream
Pirates Party!
Here’s Your Honor
Dangerous Beast

Staple Crit Team

Servants include:
Hassan (Cursed Arm)
Marie Antoinette
Fuuma Kotarou
Sakata Kintoki
Robin Hood
Jing Ke

Incredibly effective at both NP spam and burst damage.
No such thing as a bad card hand.

Arguably the weakest out of all team compositions, due to Quick cards low damage multiplies and low attack stat of Assassins.
Lacking in defensive and Supportive capabilities compared to Buster and Art teams due to incompatibility.

Constant cycle of Star regeneration. ALL turns EVERY turn.
Crits increase damage, and even star gen of any card
Need to determine when to focus on star generation, damage output, or more NP gain

Imaginary Around
The Verdant Black Keys
Operation Fionna
Hot Spring of the Moon
Summer Time Mistress
Be Elegant
All Three Forms
Leisurely Strolling
Room Guarder
Talk of the Hot Sands
Holy Maiden Leading Chaldea
His Rightful Place
Celestial Inverted Moon


Yeah…I guess I just need to see them played a bit. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Using a support caster feels wonky to me because that clogs you hand…I’d rather get a support Archer or someone with a BAAQQ deck.

I get the stargen. Unfortunately, I don’t have 2030, so my best stargen CEs provide ~3 stars/turn. There’s always Hans, but why not just play Arts crit with Robin Hood/Lancelot and Tamamo at that point?