Let's bet : CYL4 edition

Hello everyone! Since CYL4 is coming up and we will likely get a FEH channel soon, let’s see what your bets are on the new units (so you can flex later about being right :stuck_out_tongue:). You can mention anything : type of units, skills, perf, how broken they’ll be etc.
My take :
Edelgard : Colored Dagger unit / Infantry mage
Claude : Axe wyvern rider/ Swordmaster
Dimitri : Mage cavalier / Axe armor
Lysithea : Colorless mage/ Healer / Swordmaster
Let me know what y’all think :smiley:


They’ll be powerful. :feh_lysitheacool: :feh_dimitrismug: :feh_noodlegard: :feh_claude_gun:


they all have DR, can attack twice both phases, counterattack before foe’s first attack, perform a follow-up before foe’s counterattack, inflicts 10 damage on foe and foes within 3 spaces after combat, grants special cooldown charge +1 to unit no matter what, can counterattack regardless of foe’s range, neutralizes effects that prevent and guarantee follow-ups and prevent counterattacks. At the start of turn 1, inflicts isolation, gravity, and 20 damage on all foes. Heals every attack even if damage dealt is 0. They have built in Dominance and inflicts spectrum debuffs -7 after combat.


One of them will have at that everyone else says it’s horrible but I’ll still love :fgo_ereshlove:


I’ll fodder one of them :ferdbirb:

  • I’m with you on Claude being an axe flier… likely with a minierva-esque statline but with even more emphasis on spd and atk.
  • Baedelgard will either be a colored mage(likely red) OR a sword armor wielding the sword of seiros. She llso gets a prf b skill so this could work well with her having the shield of seiros as her slot b.
  • Lysithea I’m expecting to be a colorless mage with either dark spikes or Luna. I had thought dark spikes for a while as that’s her most famous magic BUT to my knowledge Luna is unique to her just like hades so they may give her that instead… Setting the name of the tome apart from the special could be tricky but holy hot dang a tome with some version of “ignores foe’s res” would be BUSTED on an infantry. IF they give her dark spikes then I’m expecting it to be very similar to Duo micaiah’s tome, but with a slaying effect instead of an impact.
  • I have ZERO clue what to expect from Dimitri

oh no


Ohh I like your take on these units! I completely forgot about the sword of Seiros, they could totally do something cool with it!

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I’m picturing sol lance + recover ring from sword of seiros. And then for seiros shield I would expect some form of damage reduction but I don’t know how much would be too much. Maybe 50% vs normal foes and 75% vs beasts/dragons?. I dunno that feels like too much. It has to be enough vs normal foes to matter but she still needs to be killable.


Damage reduction perf would be perfect for this kit yes! As for how much, 50 and 75% seems a bit too much if it doesn’t have a bit of restrictions. Ingrid has 50% but only on the first encounter on EP and Harmonized Mia has like 75% but only in PP and on the first attack iirc? So it seems a bit too OP even for a brave unit


Yeah maybe 30% always and 60% vs dragons/beasts and only on enemy phase?


Infantry green mage Edelgard
Gauntlet armor Dimtiri
Axe infantry Claude
Sword infantry Lysithea

I was thinking the theme could be “like their retainers”, since all braves have some theme, then I realized Dedue and Hilda both use axes. And Lysithea isn’t a lord.

No reason not to introduce a new weapon type, gauntlets can be cool.
Lys can use Thunderbrand.
Edelgard and Dimitri are more obvious.

Special skills can be interesting, since raging storm, atrocity would probably be for legendary alt. Edelgard can have


“crest of flames” that heals her and increases damage with every hit

for her prf skill.

Dimitri can have like Revenge as his skill where if he takes damage, he deals back all damage taken in combat.

idk, these seem cool


One will be forgotten shortly after the banner, even if they’re good.


Probably claude. As it is he went from the most popular lord to least popular so seems fitting he’d get forgotten


Maybe. I think it more depends on their classes and kits. If one of them in an infantry sword (potentially Lysithea) then I’d say there’s a good chance they’ll be forgotten unless they’re crazy good. Look at B!Celica and B!Alm. Celica is only remembered for introducing DB4 now and Alm tends to be rarely brought up despite how good Scendscale is (my guess is his below average speed compared to others like him). Although tbh CYL3 was kinda forgettable as a whole imo.


Too many people sleep on Camilla. She’s the strongest offensive healer in the game


Eh, idk. While I don’t see her brought up much in discussions, I see her a lot in game. So I wouldn’t say that. Alm I don’t even see much in game.


Yeah I never see balm or bellwood. Only camilla and mici


Exactly. I did see an Eliwood earlier in AA, and I think I see him slightly more than Alm. But still not a lot.

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That’ll depend on the units, iirc Alm won CYL3 and still ended up being not so good :frowning: