Let's give Knoll a bouquet of flowers

That is him
I already 10+ him at the end of january but I didn’t had food for him until now
Now he is one of the tankiest res mages I have, not even fallen Morgan who is at 1+ could tank winter Lysithea
Would need one skill on him, mirror stance 3 and that is all, but for now I like using the bond
He is kinda bad on his original game, and had poor stats even if I tried to make him the best, but well, here I am on FEH I put some res skills and now he is one of the best magic tanks I have
I do love his character and he reserved better after everything that got on him, but I do love him a lot and it shows now
He is kinda depressed but I hope I can give him joy now
Yeah I gave him Henriette’s flowers because those Valentines weapons where really good but also
He looks very cute with those flowers


Congratulations Sugar, he looks amazing, he wasnt absolute bad in SS, just dont promote him to summoner use druid instead, give him thunder and hoplon guard and he is good.
His luck sucked but I had playthroughs where he had good spd and skill.