Let's have a real 5th anniv talk

Fate/Grand Order fifth anniversary.
The anniversary that has changed everything, made impossible. A one of a kind opportunity to make your dreams come true. The day of these who had hope, who stayed strong.

Okay but who the heck cares about your Castoria struggles



So basically just like in past years, during this anniversary we will get to pick two craft essences that are available only during this anniversary. The pool is bigger than ever and so the decision is harder than ever…
… because this year you can roll for them!

Moreover, their effect isn’t a regular +50 Master/Mystic Code Exp
They give 10 FP per run and stack! Making farming for grails easier than before


Okay, so for people unfamiliar with JP content
Similar to past 3 anniversaries, we get memorial quests, and two of them reward tickets that we can exchange for CEs. Memorial quests that reward with exchange tickets are story-locked behind Orleans and… Anastasia (RIP people who started less than a month before anniv, I guess?)
As mentioned above, it’s the first time (and so far, the last time) when we can roll for Anniversary CEs. Meaning that
a) one can get more than two Anniversary CEs (or hell, all of them, or 50 copies of SigurdxBryn CE which we all know, is superior to all other artworks)
b) people who didn’t clear Anastasia aren’t that screwed

The banner is going to rotate daily, and rotation split is based on the region where given artwork is (idk how to put it, but you all see that the backgrounds are actual photos).
Banner has no servants on rate up, so all servants there are a spook Waver and a Kscope rate up, pog

Click to open spoilers and see artworks
There’s heckies lotsies of them

Kanto - Kōshin'etsu: Katou Danzou, Xuanzang Sanzang, Bedivere, Ereshkigal, Georgios, Artoria Pendragon (Saber), Mash Kyrielight, Leonardo da Vinci (Rider), Paul Bunyan, Kingprotea, Katsushika Hokusai

image image image image image image image image image image image

Tokai - Hokuriku: Fuuma Kotarou, Scathach-Skadi, Beni-enma, Consort Yu, Sherlock Holmes, Mori Nagayoshi

image image image image image image

Kyushu: Mysterious Heroine X, Ishtar, Marie Antoinette, Amakusa Shirou, Frankenstein, Sigurd and Brynhildr, Heracles, Saint Martha

image image image image image image image image

Hokkaido - Tōhoku: Merlin, Anigail Williams, Musashibou Benkei, Sei Shounagon, Jack the Ripper, Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova, Yan Qing

image image image image image image image

Chūgoku - Shikoku: Nitocris, Cu Chulainn (Alter), Murasaki Shikibu, Lanling Wang, Sasaki Kojirou, Atalanta, Miyamoto Musashi, Jaguar Warrior, Okada Izou

image image image image image image image image image

Kansai: Medusa (Lancer), Suzuka Gozen, Shuten Douji, Karna and Arjuna, Osakabehime, Yagyu Munenori, Kiyohime

image image image image image image image

Image sources&full size via Wikia 5th Anniversary Travel Journal Summoning Campaign | Fate/Grand Order Wiki | Fandom

Who are you going to pick?
Are you going to roll for CEs?
Any particularly outstanding or underwhelming artworks?

Also yes, this thread is too early but I enjoy anniv CEs talk, ok


On one hand theres like 6 I want, but on the other idk if I can justify rolling for CEs that don’t even do much

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BerserCu and Mori

Roll for PNGs with bad FP gains when Beginning of a Journey exists? Funny joke

Outstanding: Fran is so gosh darn cute she had to be my JP pick. I also like Bunyan and KP for using their size in their arts

Underwhelming: BerserCu is OG Hawaiian Cu at home. I’m only picking him because of character bias. Also Medb looks like a mannequin.

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If I lucksack Castoria then I’m considering rolling to get x9 BrynxSigurd, just to flex on support list
As in, I agree they got very little to none gameplay value, but I think it’s okay to roll for them if one really likes a particular artwork (and at the same time is aware that rolling this banner - gameplay-wise - is a waste)


Meimei and shikibu.


Meimei be absolutely stunning in her ce. Just wish the game her a different casual outfit other than her first ascension outfit.


Definitely Merlin
2nd choice may be Anastasia, Yu, or Bryn

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Only two

[excessively long string of curse words]
I can’t justify spending quartz on these. I’ll just have to find the third one on friend support so I can get it in the Pokedex.


Does this mean they don’t come pre mlb and if you roll the banner, get 5 copies of one you can get 50 fp in one ce slot? Or just meaning you can equip 5 of the CEs to get 50 fp? Either case, forking up rps for that beginning of the journey for +75 iirc is better in actual use if you are going to be sacrificing a slot from bond bonus.

Unlikely to roll, but I’ll likely pick Danzo and Nitocris. They are just so happy with pretty backgrounds. A lot of the others are a little too obvious it’s 2d art on a picture

And beware the Hokusai CE and her foot long wrist. (note location of elbow and the fact that her fingers still curl over the top of the sketch book)


I could have swear that I have seen all these images in 4k on some googledrive that was shared (on reddit?) so these are absolutely pointless both gameplay wise and jpg wise, because these are originally large images that are probably compressed and ruined in the mobile version


Ishtar and Eresh
Then between Artoria and Merlin… probably Merlin.
I have to say though the Nitocris one is really beautiful.


Martha and osakabehime are the only ones im interested in


Ushi, Osakabehime, Yu, Nitocris, and Bunyan are my favorite ones.


That’ll be MHX and sei out of obligation, that aside they’re all stunning.
Other contenders would be bryn’s, osakabehime’s and that of the curry boys.


Seiba - What a surprise!
Mash vs Anastasia - Although I wanna go Anastasia, I have to admit the Mash CE is the theme for this anni.

Not gonna roll for these, seriously, just gimme Castoria fast and I got more for the summer servants!


Hokusai, Murasaki, Abigail, Fran, Ushi/Benkei, Nitocris, Ana… how can you even pick only 2 sigh

I didn’t have any issues rolling for those CEs on JP since frankly my SQs there are not really relevant but here? I might have to think twice about it. I like all of them and i’d love getting them for collection but i have an hard time spending even 30 SQs for CEs alone.

At least i already saved all of them on my PC so that will have to be enough, i’ll pick Abigail and Hokusai most likely.


I’m gonna be rolling on the Kansai rate up lol because I want them all - used to live there blah blah blah they’re kinda sentimental to me.

The freebies I’ll probably get Merlin (character bias and Furano I’ve been to, but in winter lol) and maybe KP, I really like hers.


I like that reasoning! I’ve been to Kanto, but only 3 months and I was working so only got so much sightseeing in. Only background I think I can identify as somewhere I’ve been is DaVinci being Tokyo Station by the Imperial palace. Never did make it to Tokyo tower (too cheap to pay for the view) or get to mount fuji. However there’s a chance bedi’s background might be mount Tsukuba, which was super close to where I was… If so I might have to pick bedi after all.


pretty sure bedi is in gunma, but I don’t know the specific place


Mount Tsukuba does have a dual peak, but depending on your viewing angle the second peak isn’t always obvious, and there’s just enough of a bulge to make me think there is a second peak there


I do lament the missed opportunity for them to go full meme and pick red hare for gunma