Let's have a real 5th anniv talk

Something like this?



yup truly beautiful pictures


I’m feeling Skadi and the Bollywood boys. Tho Murasaki’s particularly interesting to me~

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I only really consider getting portraits of servants I have, my front runners are probably Artoria and Ishtar
Others i’m considering:

  • Sigurd/Bryn
  • Katou Danzo
  • Skadi
  • Hokusai

I have previous portraits for Skadi and Hokusai, Sigurd/Bryn are super cute though.


Merlin is a must have, both for him and for the background. The second pick will be a lot more challenging though - Murasaki, BerserCu, Bedi, Bryn and Sigurd… a lot of options stand out.


Phrased it poorly but yeah, I meant exactly that - equipping five of them stacks up to 50 FP. Meanwhile Beginning of the Journey doesn’t stack (having one yourself and borrowing from friend still gives only +75 FP, instead of expected +150 FP)

If one is like me and is actually farming grails, then these FP CEs are a big game changer, especially during double FP campaigns
Since FP farming (on player’s side) is just FGAing Fuyuki X-A, which has base… 25 bond per run. So you don’t even bring bond CEs (other than Heroic Portrait) there
So outside of double FP campaigns, having 5 of these CEs brings up daily FP income (assuming one is running X-A without double FP, which is VERY unlikely, due to being outright inefficient) from 9 600 FP to 14 400 FP
during double FP the income goes from 19 200 FP to 28 800 FP

Of course, it’s a temporary solution, until NA players will be able to fill entire party with +25 FP Mana Prism Shop CEs
Beyond The Rain Cloud
Beyond the Night Without the Snow Flower
Into the Ethereal Veil
Seeking the End of Eternity
The Wolf’s Story
Which will automatically invalidate Anniv CEs

Lastly, I’d like to say, that if you find it some absolutely dumb and inefficient strat to do
I want to say that you’re right and nobody should follow my strat unless they are absolutely sure what they’re doing

Also even without +10 FP as a side effect, I still would roll just for pretty artworks :fgo_spaceishtarwink:


Haven’t seen beginning of the journey on support for years, so not a problem it can’t stack. Wondering if I should buy it? Have a stash of lanterns and 3 rps right now… And it’s cheaper to field than the +5% bond CEs so easily to field…


I hadn’t considered it but this debate is making me wonder if I should splurge on it. I’m not sure I would prio it over a bond CE but I do end up in situations where I only have 5 CEs fielded due to team costs and this could fill the gap :fgo_seibathink:


Lol this rocks. I kinda want this CE just because of that. The occasional janky artwork oversight like that just feels very “Type-Moon” to me.


Kinda sad that some of those are cut compared to the CEs. :fgo_brynsad:

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Murasaki and Sigurd + Bryn for me.

There’s others I really like too, but I can’t find myself rolling for the others. :upside_down_face:

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I don’t see why anyone would daily farm FP when there are multiple lottos post-coin system that you can go hard on and walk away with millions upon millions of FP.

Nevermind that you’re going to have to have farmed hard to own the +25FP CEs to begin with. 25k MPs is a lot of boxes, and thus a lot of FP.


At this point FP talk is an offtopic and so, I’m going to end it with only one sentence

I’m fully aware what I’m doing - it’s lack of efficiency, it’s dumbness, mindlessness and so on, but I set myself a goal to reach at least 20m FP by Guda 5 rerun and I’m willing to do anything to achieve that, I don’t care much what others are going to do


There’s 3 I want and only 2 I can have.


So I’ll have to choose between Bedivere, Karna+Arjuna and Lanling. I don’t know which ones I’ll pick, but I’m not rolling the gacha. Mostly cause I’m already so broke so close to Castoria, and Ooku rerun which gave 40+ sq may just be pushed to after Anni.



Can’t decide between Shuten, Abby, and Beni personally.

Not rolling of course though.

Also do they need MLB for the FP effect (or do they come MLB once you roll them)?
Screenshot 2022-05-14 151858

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They come MLB iirc


Just like any other promo/anniv CE they are hardcoded to be MLB, hence the game doesn’t contain data for non-MLB effect - because non-MLB doesn’t exist


this is the biggest bait ass banner, but I may toss one multi per regional day, just because the arts are all across the board amazing. so I can maybe reduce the stress of choosing which ces to grab with the tix

actually might be my favorite year of anni ces so far


Okay, lemme try to rank them…

Top Tier: Danzo, Georgios, Fran, Jaguar Warrior
Quality: Bunyan, KingProtea, Fuuma, Sherlock, Mori Nagayoshi, Marie, Amakusa, Herc, Martha, Sei, Jack, Yan Qing, Lanling, Sasaki Kojirou, Atalanta, Okada Izou, Suzuka Gozen, Kiyohime
Nice, but not my vibe: Bedivere, Ereshkigal, Hokusai, Bryn & Sieg, Merlin, Abigail, Anastasia, Nitocris, Murasaki Shikibu, Medusa Lily, Shuten
A bit overdone: Mash, Artoria
Meh: Sanzang, Da Vinci, Skadi, Benienma, Consort Yu, Yagyu Munenori
Looks Odd: Ishtar, Cu Alter & Medb
Weird Food Pictures: MHX, Benkei & Ushiwakamaru, Musashi, Osakabehime
Somehow Looks Weirder than the Food Pictures: Karna & Arjuna

  • Top Tier is combination of lots of bias and some nice art
  • In general if their outfit is almost the exact same and they aren’t striking a significant pose I can vibe with and/or I don’t have bias towards them then they get yeeted straight to Meh tier. Otherwise they get to hang out around the Quality tier or slightly below.
  • The Jack one is great because not only is she finally wearing more clothing, but also entertainingly she’s dressed in some kind of Oni outfit or something, so it makes me think of the funny situations that could happen if she joined the Oni squad
  • The Lanling one immediately made me think of Kazuha from Genshin Impact, making me wonder where he got a horse, but then I realized who it was. Either way got him a quick ticket up to Quality tier.
  • Mash and Artoria are just way too sparkly and excessive
  • Most of the food ones just looked weird or forced to me
  • The Ishtar one just bugs me because she has the modern apparel but she’s doing her weird card art thing where she throws her legs up in the air like she just doesn’t care, it just clashes too much for me
  • And I’m not sure what’s going on with that Arjuna/Karna one

Wow, I didn’t notice that when I was looking though, Foreigner powers are scary… :fgo_casgilworry:


I do enjoy many of these artworks and the details put into these are incredible. However, I know many of these have some realistic look to them, but somehow it just can’t find myself to like them. It’s probably the color or shading and it’s strange that it’s bugging me. :feh_areswhat:

Katou Danzó, Paul Bunyan, and Osakabehime’s art are personally my favorites from the females.

But the men here. OH BOY. :th_hina:

Amakusa Shirou, Merlin, Cu Alter, Sasaki Kojirou, Karna and Arjuna, Yagyu. All of their arts are BEAUTIFUL!!! Even Hercules looks cool in his pose.

Seriously, he looks great

If I could roll for only the male CE’s, I know I would summon on them. :feh_bylethsmirk: