"Let's have some fun." --- af1899 appreciates Sonya and showcases +10/+20 69 ATT build 🌪

Hey! Welcome to the fourth of my appreciation threads, and in this post I’ll talk about my second biggest favorite character in the FE series, Sonya from Fire Emblem Gaiden and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

Who’s she?

:arrow_right: I’ll resume what I found in the FANDOM wiki on diverse articles as well as what I can recall from my own gameplay experiences.

(Long read about her role, story and personality)

Sonya (ソニア) is a playable character in the two previously mentioned games and one of the two between her and Deen you can pick before approaching Grieth’s Citadel, it’s home to the leader of a band of pirates named Grieth, who hired both Sonya and Deen (both of which hate him secretly) to guard his base, he also kidnapped Est who’s imprisoned in this structure before he’s eventually slain in battle, this is the guy:

Sonya is a 25 year old woman in Shadows of Valentia, she’s daughter to Jedah who’s one of Duma Faithful and she had two sisters named Marla and Hestia, the trio was abandoned by Jedah at a young age but only the last two reunited with Jedah some time after, they were turned into [Witches] by him to serve Duma, and naturally, Sonya despises her father.

According to Sonya, Marla was a stern and kind woman while Hestia was smart and mature.
She also wants to see if there’s a way to return her sisters back to humans after he war with Duma is over, so she sets on a quest for a cure, it’s also implied a [Witch] took up residence in Nuibaba’s Abode, who was allied with Duma Faithful and sold her soul for the power of a foul magic spell called [Medusa]… said [Witch] could very well be Sonya, but it’s not confirmed in-game, it’s just a hunch the ending gives, a rumour.


Sonya is a playful and flamboyant woman, she feels strong hatred towards her father due to what he did to Marla and Hestia, and is set to avenge them.

She also has a support conversation… like Silque, only one too, Sonya’s convo is with Genny, the former starts a conversation with the latter, addressing Genny as “tiny one”, but she’s too shy to handle Sonya’s personality so she flees.
In subsequent dialogues, Genny talks to Sonya and apologizes for what she said to Sonya in the last conversation, Genny also reveals that Sonya reminds her of her mother who she saw last years ago, since her mother was beautiful and wore makeup, sort of explaining why Genny was scared of Sonya at first.
In the last level of the conversation, Sonya greets Genny but the latter is still unable to handle well with Sonya, Sonya also reveals that she was abandoned at a young age in a priory (like Genny) by her father, and then, encourages Genny by telling her that she’d kick a man that she mets up and reminds her of her father, and that she would understand if she was hated by Genny, but Genny is unable to do so and they become good friends.

My story with her

(Explanation on how I've come to know about her)

My interest with her goes a long way, though not as Idoun but it all started around my return to the game in Aug/2018 when I was suddenly interested in one of the characters that left on me a pretty good impression.

And — as you may know — I prioritize interest for characters in the following order, this is NO ranking, just the order in which I research whether or not someone is my liking, I highly regard those aspects:

Looks → Personality (includes quotes/voice) → Backstory → Relations

It goes without saying that I eventually found out about Sonya while lurking for some fan #art of the newer characters in the 3DS titles and information about FEH, since before then, I avoided them, but around that time, I slowly began to accept them and tried to find chances to play them, and now I warmed to some of the members of the cast in those games, like Lucina!
Anyway, after finding out about Sonya, I had to wait for a while because Citra Emulator wasn’t able to run Shadows of Valentia and that’s how I wanted to learn more about Sonya, this was about two years ago, when I was studying at an university, though not all computers were able to run the game, some did and while I could use them, I played some SoV and tried to rush the game, but not without trying to enjoy it and power up my characters, since they needed to keep up with the stronger threats, I wanted to make it to the point Sonya joins, and eventually did!

Next section comments on what I love on her so much and why she’s so high up there:

Why is she my favorite Valentia character?

:warning: Didn’t hide since this breaks some stuff: mainly embedded audio elements.

Admitedly, it was love at first sight with just her looks alone, conveying my own definition of “ideal beauty”, which most notoriously includes having relatively long purple hair, and that’s part of her whole charm.
After spending time learning about her, more things have drawn me closer to her, which includes her lovely personality, that of a seemingly friendly and playful girl on the outside, and seemingly burdened with her past on the inside.

«Oh, Kiran. Did you come to see me so I could spoil you? You’re just too cute!
Aw, stop squirming—I’m only kidding. I had two older sisters, and they spoiled me rotten.
So can you blame me for teasing you? At least I finally understand why you join us in battle.
It’s because you know your presence is a boost to our morale. You really are an exceptional leader.
It’s actually charming, in a way…
Seeing your face always puts my mind at ease. Remember to give me a smile now and then, OK?»

«Spending time with you helps me forget some painful things. Thank you.»


Her artwork and thoughts

First of, here’s all the artwork for your convenience:

(Click/tap here to open/close)

Original — SoV (Drawn by Hidari)


FEH — original art (Drawn by Yura)


FEH — Resplendent Hero art (Drawn by PenekoR)


While at first she looked like Celica (in Gaiden), the huge revamp she’s gotten in the remake has blown me out of the water, it’s truly charming and elegant, plus the colors blend nicely, and it feels good to see her in full splendor like this.

Her artwork in FEH… the original one by Yura, left me quite some things to be desired, most notoriously is chest size coherency, as it was getting larger from normal to damage art, and it’s clear her chest size wasn’t that big to begin with.
Her nose also looked more like a gray-colored grain than an actual nose.
Then again, this was one of Yura’s earliest works and they’ve certainly improved, so I don’t want to rant too much over spilled milk, it’s still a well done set of portraits that makes a good job portraying Sonya.

Then her Resplendent Hero skin came thru back in August/2021, and this lined up with the month of my birthday, I couldn’t be happier:

I managed to get her upgrade, and fell in love withher new artwork which I’ve been sticking to ever since, it’s come to improve on the flaws from the original pieces with a new take by talented artist PenekoR (of which we know of from drawing Aversa in FEH) who’s magnificently drawn Sonya in her new Made in Múspell™ attire and also — in terms of drawing style — pleasantly better to look at personally, it feels slightly more realistic and the chest size is right, plus the unusual take on making Resplendent Hero clothes revealing to match with Sonya’s personality and charms, it’s simply put: astounding.

Some fan #art

Here’s some of the best fan #art I’ve found! Might add more latter.


:arrow_up: Drawn by: @eyes_410 (Twitter)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @gofelem (Twitter)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: Wanini (Pixiv/Twitter)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @chocojax (Twitter/Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @sakusaku7r (SNS)

:arrow_up: (2×) Drawn by: Phiphi (SNS)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: Ebinku (Pixiv/Twitter)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @Willanator93 (Twitter/Pixiv/Reddit)

:arrow_up: (3×) Drawn by: @tommietomm (SNS)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: AlaskasTomatoez (Pixiv/Twitter/Instagram)
:warning: Check source for HQ picture! Original is 8MB.



She was added back on 2017-07-13T03:00:00Z, and for a unit that’s added over 4 years ago, she’s surprisingly strong as an area damage spammer, and she doesn’t disappoint, even if her kit doesn’t favor this kind of set as much as Ophelia does, but I’m certain I’ve made the right choice.
This is her current build:

Nice attack stat. :feh_ethlynlaugh:
She’s my third [Summoner Support] unit alongside OG and Ascended Idoun.

While 2×[Quickened_Pulse_W Quickened Pulse] and 10 flat damage for specials might leave to be desired (and believe me I’d be happy if she was able to get a new refine but that’s just a pipe dream), those two effects are great for the build and prove to be enough to keep her relevant.
Here’s the 411 of her build:

  • [Dark Excalibur (+eff)]: this is the key weapon to set her role in motion right from the start, works alongside [Time’s Pulse 3] on the first turn of every map, and it even stacks with [Infantry Pulse 3] for turn 1 special ready, so I often bring Ninian along, who felt like a very convenient partner for Sonya plus highly likeable character.
  • [Rally Atk/Spd+]: flex lol.
  • [Blazing Wind]:: it’s explained below but it felt like the best to me, combining superior damage and ideal area.
  • [Life and Death 4]: {area-of-effect} damage skills efficiency scalates from your unit’s BASE attack + “blue buffs”, so any of those that can be obtained, helps on this kind of build.
  • [Special Spiral 3]: The heart of this build, needed to keep the spamming going on, unless an enemy had a way to prevent her special to be ready on next combat, and it’s not so uncommon for that to happen.
  • [Time’s Pulse 3]: used together with an ally that has [Infantry Pulse 3] to ready her [Blazing Wind] on turn 1.
  • [Heavy Blade 3]: I don’t manage to keep her often close to her supporter (Kagero, who has [Infantry Rush 3]) and I rarely field them together (in fact I’ll pair Sonya with Ninian later) so I use this [Sacred Seal] instead.

So, explaining how the build works:

  1. Sonya fires [Blazing Wind] against a foe.
  2. After the special is fired, if she manages to pass the attack check for [Heavy Blade 3], in her next attack (which is genreally the needed finisher to defeat the target) her cooldown should be 2.
  3. After combat, her [Blazing Wind]'s cooldown should go down to 0, as [Special Spiral 3] always activates.

If all goes well, she’ll be able to fire off another area attack at her foes, a deadly spectacle indeed.

Some long time ago, I free pulled a Leila and decided it was the moment to finally give to my Sonya the well deserved upgrade to increase the area damage, since we know in-battle buffs don’t count toward those skill’s damage power because they activate before the combat begins, before then, and fully aware of that, I’ve been sticking to [Death Blow 4], since [Heavy Blade] counts in-battle boosts and it helped with her combat damage power too, but this upgrade is more suited for her.
Certainly, she’s still weak to [Vantage] users that can counter her and potentially [Dodge] passive damage reduction, but that doesn’t even remotely makes me think she’s not the best {area-of-effect} spammer, in fact, for a unit released in 2017, she tears through glued together enemies like a champ, even pre-[Life and Death 4], she made a great job at chipping down the HP of nearby foes, but the upgrade to the latter skill made her a lot better, and the Resplendent skin further contributed to that while giving her stunning new art from PenekoR.

I chose [Blazing Wind] out of all the {area-of-effect} special skills, which I’ve decided to explain on a chart for your convenience:

And this is how it performs, on average (outdated shot, will add a new one later):

(Map: [Rival Domains] of 4/10/2021, Infernal difficulty)

The reason why I prefer it is because I feel it’s highly suited for her in concept and goes along with [Dark Excalibur], which is still technically a wind spell, “Blazing” also ends up being a match with her Múspell attire… since it’s [Blazing Good]. :feh_altinawink:
And while its coverage area is inferior to its {Growing} counterpart, a small plus-shaped area seemed pretty good for me, as I often have my enemies near each other so they mostly get their health crippled down together, and it ocassionally helps even with threats like Fallen Edelgard.

Also, as for when she was +10ed…

It was in this fated day, I’m shook about it but I managed to do it without much trouble, I also was surprised when I yolo pulled 4 Sonya merges in a row… yes, yolo pulling because I was getting only 1 green stone in 4 follow-up rounds, it was wild but I was overjoyed to have achieved one of my greatest goals long ago.
She was my first +10 5★ unit in possession and initially the only one, but Legendary Lucina then Idoun also got +10ed earlier this year, I feel like I’m finally accomplishing some of my greatest goals in the game, but there’s still a lot of work to do.


Not as much of noteworthy but here she is on my main ■■■■■■■■

It still needs some more updating and premium skills, merges too but I was exceedingly unlucky on her debut banner and I exhausted most of my reserves, if it wasn’t for the spark she’d not be here.
Still, she’s a strong and mobile unit I enjoy using and playing with.

I’ve been using her more actively on my alt, where of course I had gotten better luck with her. This post shows the build as well as some skills I inherited onto her:

I’ve got more premium stuff on her already and she’s saved me on several ocassions with her magic single-target attacks.

In SoV

I remember sharing my Sonya with @NickofTime80 more than a year ago in our chats, so I recovered this old screenshot!

Judging from the filename of this screenshot I’d say my run started around July/2019 indeed — my Sonya ended up looking more or less like this in my test run, but she was an amazing unit and a magical threat to all.
[Mage Ring] gives her the following skills:

  • [Sophisticate]: +2 range to black magic, useful so that she can safely take own some threats and be less likely to be countered.
  • [Recovery]: user recovers 5 HP at the start of each turn in their phase, useful since speels cost HP in this game.

As a little fun fact: I’ve drawn the refined weapon names from Final Fantasy and Castlevania games (which draw from various mythological sources), for example [Joyeuse] appears in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and it’s a “sword made of gold”, it seemed like a good fit to rename the [Golden Dagger].

The End

Thanks for checking out my thread, it makes me happy to even just talk about one of the characters I appreciate out the most, and I hope you enjoyed reading thru even some portions of text.
Also, feel free to revive this thread anytime to share appreciation for Sonya. :purple_heart:

Previous appreciation threads

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And our fellow stans of Valentia’s finest: @NickofTime80 and @Souljini_Bitchiani, this thread is for you and any Sonya fan out there! :purple_heart:


Love that Sonya and this post @af1899! :catclap:

how the hell does this queen not have an alt yet?! :catsob:


Believe me, it’s an impossible to decipher enigma.

Would love to see one myself someday, and review it, she really deserves it and has the potential for some of 'em.


How is it legal to be this iconic



Queen shit


See, for a second I actually thought Joyeuse was actually an FE weapon. Why? Because it is from the Song of Roland, the same legend that FE pulls from a lot (Hautclere and Durandal are both originally from this legend. In true FE fashion, Hautclere is originally a sword, not an axe).

As always, love reading your showcase.

Huh, I don’t think we are friends yet in FEH. I’ll send a request over. My IGN for my main is actually Emet (lead for now is Fae, but that will change when I finish a merge project I have planned). Aaaaannnnd…sent!


More fun facts: Hestia is also a character from mythology. She’s a greek goddess of the earth, and of the hearth (each family would have a hearth). The hearth, and god who protects it, are major protective deities of Greek homes; the hearth was very important.

While FE chooses names for weapons with complete disregard for their native legends (see again, Hautclere), they actually tend to be very deliberate with their character names. Likely by giving Sonya’s older sister this name, they intended to convey something about the character.

Additional odd fact: Hestia’s mother is…Rhea in Greek mythology :thinking:


Oh, this is a nice trivia! I actually didn’t know about its origins.

The weapon appears in the Castlevania games that Soma Cruz is the protagonist, [Joyeuse] is a sword made of gold, I don’t believe I’ve seen the [Hauteclere] on it though, but I could be wrong, I’ve seen the [Durandal] though. :thinking:

I’ve accepted your request also, nice job on Fae.

It’s very interesting to find how @Intelligent_Systems draws names from mythologies and how they relate in the series, like when you mention Rhea being Hestia’s mother.


That part is probably unintentional, as when you use mythological names enough there’s bound to be weird stuff like that happening.

I do think that they intended for Hestia to have the traits of her namesake goddess, the same way Roland in Elibe was a chivalrous hero.

For the weapons: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_magical_weapons#The_Song_of_Roland

Apparently Halo is also getting in on this.


This was a great appreciation thread. You did the queen justice. :feh_ceciliaculture:

She’s definitely my top favorite FE characters of all time. While I didn’t like Gaiden before, SOV made the entire game much more playable and the revamps of the characters were amazing as well.

Sonya got one of the best revamps.

She went from looking like an older Celica in FE2 to the beautiful yet powerful mage we know in FE15.

Sonya made me realize how much I like purple haired women so much. You’ve pretty much described my feelings for her. Not only did she look stunning, her characterization and interactions with Celica, Genny and the summoner were all great and added so much charm to her.

Her FEH artwork is all right. The chest proportions and facial expressions are a bit exaggarated but the artist did capture her energy quite well. Still, I’m looking forward to Resplendent Sonya like you.

Tara Sands has done a wonderful job voicing her. I hope she’ll voice for her again when she gets an alt or resplendent. She sounds alluring and kind when being playful yet mature and vengeful when serious.

And Why does she have at least three alts?

She looks great in anything no matter the outfits!

But she’s awesome as she is. :purple_heart:

Thanks for this thread for reminding why she’s one of my favorites of all time!

"If beautiful women don’t celebrate their beauty, the entire human race loses out. Don’t you agree?


Super impressive, I love Sonya as well and I also love this post!!


I hope that she gets a Resplendent version.


Amazing read and now I’m also in the boat of her needing an alt or resplendent outfit. :catroll:


Nice summary. I do love Sonya and she was one of the main reasons Echoes could hold my attention. Her beautiful design and voice are fantastic. While I do love her Heroes art, I agree there was no need to exaggerate her proportions, her Echoes design was top tier, elegant beauty with no need to up the raw sex appeal.

Always hoped she would be demoted in FEH so I could I merge her but, alas, we now know that’ll never happen. I did buy her forma and she’s now +3 and her new Blue Flame was incredibly useful in today’s Kempf limited hero battle. If there’s ever a seasonal for her, I’m going in for a copy no matter what.


The queen carries. :fgo_davinci:

(Builds on the other three)

I just wish I could spare [Infantry Pulse 3] in any of the few units from the Shadows of Valentia game I have here, otherwise this team is excellent, cleared on first try too.


Some fan #art for Valentia’s finest. :purple_heart:

:arrow_up: Drawn by: gurimjang (Pixiv)

Although the proportions are a tad too exaggerated but otherwise, the artist captivates her beauty nicely. :feh_arvisboneappetite:

Also, I’m going to update the screenshot of the build in the OP! Because I got one before the subscription to #feh-pass ended…
Here’s a preview:


Haha 69 attack Sonya go brr.

I wanted to share an update with everyone in my own thread now that I finally managed to sort out stuff with the [Feh Pass], it was a lot more difficult than last time because it seems Google has been reinforcing their purchase politics but with help from @soultorrent (thanks so much!) I finally got Sonya, along with an extra.

It was about time for her upgrade too

Yes, Sophia is one of my favorite Elibe girls and the art is so adorable and well done in her Resplendent upgrade, now she’ll be quite tougher to deal with.
Yeah, still missing some upgrades but [Dragonflowers (I)] are slow to harvest and I just got enough for two merges, so I could take her to +8 today, but otherwise her build is more or less done and is an awesome colorless/green checker (and other foes but I haven’t had the time to test).


I finished boosting Idoun to +15 not long ago, I’m going to focus on her Spring alt now, I have 240 or so [Dragonflowers (A)], which isn’t enough for the max boosts.
I couldn’t get [Feh Pass] before the latest [Forging Bonds] ended but that’s all fine because another one comes the 9th and around that time, the [Tempest Trials+] with the next seasonals, which should be dancers I believe… so I’ve yet to grind Henriette’s [HM] and that of a couple others but I’ll get started later on that.

And just because of the meme, 69 attack Legendary Julia.

I actually use her base [Mirror Impact].

Finally, WIP build on Tailtiu, I’m so excited to get her upgrade, her art is so beautiful:

[Sacred Seal] is more or less a placeholder but I think it works just fine on her.
Otherwise I’d give her [Brazen Atk/Spd 3] if I wasn’t so lazy from taking it off Nino.
Anyway, I’ve made an appreciation post for her if you’d like to read about my interest on her, I’ve also talked about the new artwork in more detail:


As for my summoning for Legendary Micaiah, I’ll have a video posted on my channel later on along with a post in my blog for something more fine-grained but if anyone would like to know how it went then I’ve thought I can post a resume here:

(Summoning results resume)

I started with 153 visible [Orbs] and 25 more stashed, this totals 178.

My plan was to snipe colorless and pick the next color of interest once if I didn’t have colorless or another one: R > B > G.
And this is what I got:

She came a little after I summoned on a round, I merged my previous +1 +att copy into this new one and I have yet to train her but I’ll do that this weekend with the double [SP] period, anyway, so happy she’s +2 +res now.

(Outdated shot of her build and commentary)

I adore her serene and caring personality, plus once she’s set to help someone, she can’t be swayed against it, she’s really precious.
I was sadenned to discover that she was terrible as a unit by looking at her growths and while using her (she always could refresh up to two units even if transformed, while Rafiel could always refresh anyone and never fly, and Reyson could refresh anyone if transformed, and able to fly; I like everyone but overall Rafiel ended up often being my [Heron] of choice for late game and who I use the most) so hopefully I can make her justice in FEH.

Yes, she still has this build for the most part, barring [Sacred Seal], I don’t know what else I want on her but she’s fine for now and I don’t really use her often, but I’d love to change that later.

And my rate was going up but in one round when I had 9%…

I had two colorless stones, two blues and one green, and I got Micaiah. I’m so happy rn.
I’m still building her but I plan to use [Draw Back], [Glimmer] and [Brazen Atk/Res 3], which I think it’s all she needs, and her IVs are fine, -spd hurts less than what can be thought because easy guaranteed follow-ups and her attack is unaffected so that’s nice.
I also got Ashera, while I don’t really care that much about her, I got to admit she’s still an interesting character with an epic battle/map theme in Radiant Dawn, besides, I could use another Astra Mythic Hero and I think it’d be wise to keep her and even merge if the chance arises in the future…

I only used up my visible [Orbs] which went down to 91 (so I spent 62), and for what I got, I find myself more than satisfied, so I’m back to saving.
I might pull for Sigurd+Deirdre but I’ll first wait until the rerun and see who are our next seasonals to decide, if I do pull for them, this would be the third time these days that I would dip in red seasonal hell.
I’m well aware I said I’d pull for merges for OG Deirdre for a while, but maybe there’s more merit in collecting her “alt” in the end, I just appreciate her and Sigurd quite a lot.

The title is unaccurrate and I can’t edit it but if a mod can do that, I’d now like it to look like this, but it’s OK if it stays like this, should I return, I’ll update it once I become a [Regular] on my main account.
Anyway, new proposed title:

“Let’s have some fun.” — 69 attack Sonya showcase and appreciation thread by @af1899 :tornado:

If that’s weird, just changing the “15” for “19” will do. :catsupine:

Anyway, I’m @ing both @Souljini_Bitchiani and @NickofTime80, our fellow Sonya fans in case you’re interested on the update in her build (and you can post your builds with the Resplendent upgrade too).
I hope she’s doing well for you!

I’ll be around a little in case I get replies to check on them before I go back to inactivity as I should be, then I’ll just be around in Tumblr. :ak_mostima:
Take care and thanks for reading if you did!
My favorite [Lord] now has two emojis, this is a pog moment. :feh_leifsip:


Glad to see you around Af :feh_annawave:

Your Sonya and Sophia are looking great with their new upgrades :feh_arvisboneappetite: And congrats on your L!Miccy pulls :feh_flaynsmile:

Also I edited the title for you: is both the +10/+19 and the 69 atk fine?


Thanks so much! :feh_deirdrehappy:

It’s good to see you and the others too, even if for a few minutes.

Yes, the new title looks good and both things make it better I think, thanks. :feh_lenewink:


That’s why I got @ again lol