"Let's have some fun." --- af1899 appreciates Sonya and showcases +10/+20 69 ATT build 🌪

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Sorry the gacha gotta force you to spark her.

Nonetheless, congratulations!!! She’ll do very well in your care and I can’t wait to see the good builds you’ll give her.

As for me and the banner, well I’ll show it off later this week since I’ve been really busy to even be on GP now. But I’ll you all know.

I’m glad you ended up really liking her. Tharja is quite an interesting character where she has a lot of bad qualities not befitting of our usual FE heroes but she has some very good sides to her and shows even she can be a nice person no matter her problems. Add in her sarcastic remarks and sassy cynical side and you get quite a treasure of a character.


I wish you the best of luck when they do get their alts.

Take care friend!


Thanks so much @NickofTime80 and @Ryusun!
I’ll continue to learn about Tharja, got some stuff to do but I should be able to pick up again soon, and if I run into a copy of her OG form I’ll actually keep her to see if I’ll build her, but red happens to be the color I’ll avoid to pull on in this banner, so it’ll take time to build her with something basic even if I have her.

Btw, here’s one more fan #art of our Valentian queen with Tharja :



Oho, I’ve finished the [Tempest Trials+] this afternoon and thanks to that I got a build for her, plus some less needed skills I think she’ll appreciate:

I decided to use my Valentine’s Mist [Combat Manual] from last month to teach her some skills faster, and it’ll actually be helpful for any future green tome users I need to train or give skills to, but the build I’ll be sticking to for the time being, is the first one shown above.
It’s great we have easy access to [Rally Def/Res], the other {dual rally} should be appearing on demotes as well…

Also, still no copies, my spent count went a little over 200 now, and I used up all the [Tempest Trials+] rewards, but I’m not giving up yet, 29 days remain!

Anyway, I’ll be waiting excitedly for the results, please let me know when they’re out!


don’t do that :stuck_out_tongue:
Duo!Corrin is much better than Harm!Sonya ^^"

just kidding - i know you love sonya. and for loved units, we have to sacrifice even more powerful units^^

But TBH, i would not give her [S/R Far Trace 3]. You didn’t get the Canto effect when she teleports.


No, the other way around would be correct however!   :fgo_badciv::dagger:

I’m aware of the teleporting limitation though, and yet it’s been already decided, she can always use [Canto] when not teleporting, or moving someone out of danger with an assist, besides there’s the in-combat debuffs, ranged fliers really don’t have much else to pick from in the B-slot… :fgo_meltpensive:
[Desperation 3] is also pretty good but I’m looking to spoil her and try different things, I really don’t have interest in Corrin in general nor other candidates that’ll need it as much. :feh_eirikathink:


We need something like dive bomb for ranged flying units.



Hello! More art below:

(2 pics, hiding just in case)



Unfortunately, outside of the spark I still haven’t gotten a Sonya merge, the game just continues to throw me undesired low-rarity units and green is being scarce, often I’m getting one stone per round.
Any 5★ will do at this point, I would like to pull for Mareeta but I’m so low on [Orbs] and I’m running out of sources, currently got 16 but hopefully tomorrow’s rewards will be the good luck spell I need, then I’ll leave this seasonal banner be and spark for Mareeta.


that second pic really looks like Tharja is squeezing Sonya’s breast at first glance lol


Here’s more fan #art ! This time Celica with Sonya cosplaying as Lina Inverse and Naga the Serpent from Slayers, NSFW warning applies so here goes:



Man… it’s been months since I last watched the anime, but I remember finding about the series from the Super Famicom game, and I enjoyed them so far, my favorite is Naga so I was shook to see the crossover #art.

Anyway, finally can stop pulling on [Hop-and-Go-Seek] but sadly who broke my rate wasn’t a Sonya, ah well…
But this means I can now pull for Ascended Mareeta, and so far… no luck, I’m sitting at 10 pulls and 15 [Orbs] and waiting for more of those to keep trying, will post an update later.



I have heard some good things about Slayers series so I should check it soon. From what I’ve seen about Naga, she looks like fun and cheerful adventurous type. Someone who’d I’d like and she has purple hair so she must be amazing :feh_altinawink:

Sad you couldn’t get another Spr!Sonya but glad you got her regardless. I hope next time she’ll be more gracious to you.

I hope A!Mareeta will be more gracious to you!

Some banner luck for me

I did get Galzus and Loki as my free summons which is good for keeps. I’m debating whether to spark A!Mareeta or L!Lilina since her Vital Astra would be nice for Malice. Then again A!Mareeta would be nice to keep too. It’s V!Lucina situation again. :feh_notlikethis:

AHR Thorr is still my priority for majority of orbs.


Nice, I’m sure you’ll grow to like her if you give a chance to the series, she’s such a queen.

Also, if you plan to start watching the anime, this would be the starting point, this wiki is the one for the series:

Thanks! May luck be with us this month, we’ll certainly need it. :feh_notlikethis:

I remembered your Legendary Lilina is +7, and there’s the spark but I can see that [A Hero Rises] takes bigger priority for you atm, might want to first pull for Thörr first and later plan depending of how much you have left, but probably Mareeta for the fodder value compared to a few stats for one of your projects. :feh_eirikathink:

Whatever you decide, hopefully at least a Thörr copy will show up early to you. :pray:t2:


I have an update to share over here too.

Well, I’ve been summoning for Mareeta and still haven’t gotten her, but I’m pretty close to the spark (37/40), I had a rate of 4.25% 'till it was broken by another unit, and this banner overall was just an awful test of patience with one red stone appearing on most circles, but I just need 11 [Orbs] to spark, then I’ll dip, really want to start saving ASAP (now watch out until they announce a Legendary Hero I want tonight).
I’ll leave any details for the video, which I haven’t been able to start producing yet due to other more important stuff.

On other news and on topic, I’ve been summoning for Sonya on my alt, and I got her early the other day (neutral), then a second copy came yesterday, she was +att/-spd, so of course I merged my previous one into the new one. :fgo_jeannecheer:
I was able to more or less do my dream build, which works really well on her:

I’d love to fully merge her there as well, but I’m not so active there so I often have less than 100 [Orbs].
Anyway, if you’d like to try her out, feel free to write to me, I have Sara as lead unit but you can add me and request to use Sonya instead:

(Also, some skills I've been inheriting to her)

I had a spare Lugh, managed to get Spring Veronica’s limited [Combat Manual] and since I had the resources to play with, figured I’d just go on a little inheritance spree, she’ll be more or less ready for [Arena] and to eventually get [G Duel Flying 4] whenever I can get it.


My Sonya is SUPER close to yours, I’m only missing the merges, lol.

Love the build, and the reasons you like her (since its pretty close to the same reasons I loved her when I played SoV back on my 3DS). I guess the only real big difference is that I have DB4 instead of LnD. LnD4 fodder for me is super rare.



Congratulations on getting her on both accounts!

I have the same build on mines and it is perfect for her. I’m surprised IS didn’t give her that kit on launch with Atk/Spd Push 4 (or Catch 4) and S/R Far Trace 3. But it does make building her more fun and rewarding.

Or maybe IS saw Ninja Corrin winning so they decided to give Spring Sonya a different kit for more money :feh_maethink:

I want to give mines Double Blade Session 3 with the same kit for maximum power if I can but what I really like for both Sonyas would be a magical anti-DR special like Flare.

Imagine if we get Flare Bastian this year from the Tellius banner since Shinon and Volke gave back to back Anti-DR skills. :smiling_imp:

We’ll be getting 9 orbs from the legendary banner and 3 from the Heroes’ Journey tomorrow so A!Mareeta will be yours soon.


Hello again!

Here’s more art for the queen of Valentia:


From here on: unrelated FEH update segment, feel free to skip reading.

Also, I’m waiting for the Special Heroes banner reveal coming in about 3 hours, but seeing the theme for this month is children, I’ll most likely skip, I think it’s a nice thematic for the character development by expanding on their childhood, but it’s weird that the young units often powercreep their OG forms. :feh_tooobin:
It’s also a thematic that doesn’t really tempt me as much as most others.

For now though, I can say I’m recovering my [Orbs] slowly but surely (42 so far), and my schedule is lighting up as well, but I still got quite some work to do ahead, with the semester finally ending this Friday. (Wheee!)

Also, recently I got two Tharja copies I’ve decided to keep just in case I end up building her (both 4★, I can pick between +att or +spd), once I finish my homework, I can finally continue learning about her, then I’ll decide if I’m building her, but it’s likely I’ll do that.
Speaking of projects, here’s my latest two additions to my roster!

(Two new projects)

I’m in awe with this alt! Strong unit of course but she’s so sweet.
Glad that nightmare with the banner is over since the other day.
Video production with pulls on her debut banner and Spring Sonya should start soon after I finish the homework!

As for the other project, I’m actually building him, none less than the OG of the playable [Dark Mages].

He also got [Swift Sparrow 3] and I’d like to give him [Aether] as well but oh god, grinding [SP] is so slow outside of weekends or multiplier events.


Did you enjoy using Duo Sonya in these two weeks of Arena? I know I did. It was ridiculous how the unmerged Babe Duo obliterated a max investment Yen. It would have been overkill if she was +10 with flowers since bonus units gives them +10 bonus stats of sorts. The only units she failed to kill were Duo Chrom and a far save Brave Edalgard, that was mostly because I screwed on the Duo skill and used it on the wrong threats.


I had fun with her! Sadly I didn’t get to play as much as before since I didn’t allocate much time for FEH these days, so I’m around tier 18, but I still get to see some really nasty teams now and then (for instance: one of my matches today had two Fallen Edelgards (one +10), a Legendary Azura and a Brave Camilla).

Looks like these went well for you overall, that’s great to read but F for the slip ups, I did mess up in a few matches too. :feh_welp:
She’s a strong alt built right out the box to pack sheer amounts of damage, she’ll do great for us even with base investment. :feh_birbpeek:


Arena Bonus Duo Sonya is over but it was fun for me.
I got to Tier 21 twice but I couldn’t maintain it.

Giving her Iotes Shield was a fantastic idea because she could take on L!Chrom so well.

Craziest moment for me was this where I was up against +10 team like this.

After she sniped Leif, she barely tanked a +10 Duo Dagr even when she was buffed by L!Eliwood. Iotes Shield was crucial for this. Also nice Atk.

L!Eliwood + Duma + N!Shamir + Sonja was a solid team thanks the BIG stats on Duo Sonya. She one shot or 2HKO everything and even OHKO a maxed F!Edelgard with Aether.

I also used Peony and L!Tiki (both +6) on Earth and Light seasons to get to Tier 21.

While it was fun thanks to Duo Sonya, I don’t think I’ll ever try in Arena again.

Basically fishing for high scores (and barely being able to make it), being forced to restart a lot if you make a single mistake and all the maxed out Lynjas, Corrininjas and Duo Chroms I had to face.

Just no.

Unless they make another Sonya but that won’t happen in the next few years right? Right? :feh_corrinsweat:

Sorry you had to go through that.

Still I’m glad you got her even with FEH beating us down with these banners lately. Sonya’s first alt got treated so well and she’s really strong in all modes.


Hello all, another update fresh from the oven! I’ve made a few tweaks to the OP, the changelog for this update will be at the start of it.

Also, some more fan #art! And a really really good one. :fire:

:arrow_up: Drawn by: AlaskasTomatoez (Pixiv/Twitter/Instagram)
:warning: Check source for HQ picture! Original is 8MB.

BTW, the video for my pulls on her and the other two banners is finally on production, no teaser for now but regardless, I hope you’ll like it once it’s out.

Thanks for checking out my updates and see you next time!


Browsing this thread in class. Gave me a heart-attack with some of this art.

Anyway, I always choose Deen so I don’t really have much to say other than they’re best friends and no one can say otherwise.


Hello! Sorry for the wait, this has been due for quite some time, but it didn’t turn out to be bad I think… except that the final video is +700MB big and coupled with the slow connection over here… yeah. :fgo_casgilworry:
Now, here’s the video you’ve been likely waiting for:


And here’s the report:

If you’re interested at only the results, please check the report or the final statistics near the end of the video for an all-in-one list of obtained 5★s, though I’d like to extend an invitation to watch it, even though I did cover 4 banners compared to the previous summoning video, they’re shorter sessions overall.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and see you later!