"Let's have some fun." --- af1899 appreciates Sonya and showcases +10/+20 69 ATT build 🌪

But yay Af :catclap:


Your Sonya looks amazing! :catclap:


Thanks all! :feh_deirdrehappy:

Also, forgot to add that she’s now my lead unit in the game, so if you have me added, feel free to try her out at your leisure.
I’ll switch out to Tailtiu once she gets her upgrade, and maybe change to Sophia at some point later, so if you need Sonya for longer try to not to update, or contact me at one of my SNS profiles which you’ll find… in my profile here.

And I thought I’d also drop a little extra for the queen:

(Mini art dump of Sonya's Resplendent upgrade - 5 pictures)

Source: https://twitter.com/eyes_410/status/1425828182423314443

Source: https://twitter.com/ZipperQR/status/1425830702587682822

Source: https://twitter.com/baekko__/status/1425919440739344387

Source: https://twitter.com/marcsedano_/status/1427376312172298243

Source: https://twitter.com/plushcharm/status/1431542204091281409



Nice to see our favorite Valentian Mage get some attention! The new voice lines and voice direction really make her resplendent feel new but still familiar.

I lack Life and Death 4 so no Nice Atk stat for mine. But someday she will.

And why not some Resplendent Sonya art? 4 pictures





Wonderful :feh_sophiadeletethis:

Nice to see you here and now and take care!


Congrats!! Sonya go brr


:warning: Rather long post, feel free to skim through and ignore anything you don’t care about or have time to read.

With the [Feh Pass] gift subscription nearing its end, I thought I’d post an update, a big one, been thinking about it and thought others would like to read about me, I thought of making a thread, but I think I feel better posting it here, specially because…

Nice 69 attack and battery percentage I had at 5 in the morning this past Tuesday, totally not falling asleep from coding in Java.
I gave Sonya the last boost the other day (over two weeks ago but before notifying it here I was hoping I’d first take some time to make this update more meaningful other than her just getting one boost compared to last time), normally I’d say that she’s finished, but at least from my view, a project is never finished, since the game slowly but surely evolves and adds ways and skills to upgrade our characters, but I feel like I’ve accomplished something big I have never thought of, 2 years ago.
Even without [Summoner Support], she’s a powerful force to be reckoned with, able to easily take care of Fallen Edelgard, the area damage from Sonya throws Edelgard off the HP requirements which disables some of her fearsome skill effects… but that’s still best done without the damage reduction on first combat in the phase, as a heavily invested Fallen Edelgard could somehow endure the attack, but so far Sonya doesn’t have much trouble throwing them off the loop.
And… you know the rest of the story with her. :blush:

Poorly timed shot but I loved the sights of this, cherry blossom trees are always so nice to look at.
When I get my own house, I’d like to plant a cherry blossom tree in my yard.

Also, I picked this up a tad late but [Heroes Journey] seems to give an [Accessory] based on the seasonal thematic of the month, this time you’re rewarded with Scion Julia’s hat for clearing the final map.
I love it, now several units can use it.

And [Auto-Start] really got me a bunch of “green numbers”, so now I have over three pages of units with maxed [Hero Merit], Idoun got [A/R Far Save 3] from Henriette as planned, and she sure uses it so well.

Onto other stuff, some updates enclosed in spoilers:

Bits of life stuff + some media I've gotten into

I’ve signed up for a few more jobs and was doing some coding up late since the past Tuesday, I had a test to take for a company that could potentially recruit me as a Java programmer, I’ve yet to see the results… so, still waiting for a job, but I feel like I’m going somewhere.
I’ve been also PACKED with homework, my procrastination habits have been really awful this semester, I feel like I didn’t improve much, but I’m doing my best to break free from those and hopefully get back at the fourth semester improved and renewed.
My PC broke again two weeks ago, perhaps same problem, but it seemed different at first as I could still turn it on but see nothing on the screen, so I just have my potato laptop, which isn’t great at all to study on, but it’s something.
I doubt Genshin Impact would be the culprit but now and then I would play for a few hours, maybe that’s been what was taking a toll on the components (not top-notch gaming that’s for sure), so I’ll be inactive on the game until I can get a 64-bit phone to make a comeback, hopefully before Ayaka reruns.

Other than that, still existing I guess, I’m doing okay, I’ve gotten into a few SNES games but haven’t played much recently, shows how SNES music makes my everyday life.
Here’s one to name:

I've started this game recently, it's an interesting RPG, kinda reminds me of Secret of Evermore, not exactly the same at core but still pretty fun, the music is damn nice though, I hope to finish it once this semester is over mid-October.

And yeah, I customized a bit my laptop, can't really stand using the plain UI in Windows 10 for too long, Stardock WindowBlinds does wonders.

Oh and…

Last night I finished watching the anime adaptation of Peach Boy Riverside (it's originally a manga and apparently still going on since two years), it was pretty good but the plot kinda felt all over the place since it skips on several chapters of the manga at first, so in the first three episodes of the anime, I felt like I was missing important stuff, but it's somewhat covered later, and I enjoyed it, I grew quickly attached to Carrot (the girl you see in the shot above), she was an ogre, which means that she possessed a horn that grants her power, but it was chopped off by an adventurer that's a good friend of the main character, that made her nearly powerless as a result, but she'd no longer experience the discrimination that plagues the world, between humans and ogres and demihumans. But Carrot kind of has a redemption arc of sorts, being initially a rather harsh girl towards humans (due to their animosity towards other species, for example a demihuman that never intended to harm the humans), but she slowly opens and warms to at least one of them and becoming a kinder person, enjoying her newfound company. I definitely love her and how she reminds me of Idoun.

The character design is also pretty neat, I strongly feel like looking for the manga and learn even more about them.

Okay… this was longer than expected.

FEH-related stuff

Thanks to [Feh Pass], I was able to boost my progress on a few of my projects after burning through my 900+ [Stamina Potions] through AFK sessions in [Forging Bonds] and a bit of [Tempest Trials+], here are shots of recent progress:

I finished Sophia, Lilina and New Year Eir, plus made significant progress with Tailtiu, they all look so powerful now!
But of course I’m not stopping here, after all, I’ve expressed that a project is never finished, not for me at least… but you can definitely say that you’ve fully merged them!
This has brought up my +10s count to 12, these are all of them:

:sparkles: 1 2 • S H I N Y • + 1 0 S ! :sparkles:

With Eir now finished I’ve resumed work on Rinea, she got the seventh merge the other day, I’m slowly working my way to the last three.

I’ve made a few appreciation posts if you’d like to read:

Nothing on Lilina yet but I’d absolutely love to give her one later on, for now, I’m a tad too busy for that, but we’ll see.

Also, little fun fact while I was lurking around:

(Link to post)
Man, I feel so old.
Sophia changed a lot from then and now, I’m so happy with the result.
Oh and she has [Harsh Command+] ofc, but I prefer to use [Reposition] for convenience and her scoring kit is incomplete without [R Duel Infantry 4] anyway, so I’ll show that build first on Tumblr once I can get it.
Also, some bonus comparisons:

Uh! And I got 120 [Orbs] as of this post, I’m looking to try for a merge or two on Halloween Kagero but I’ll wait for the seasonal reveal to be sure, the banners this month save the Jugdral ones have been easy skip fortunately.
In less than two hours, Ótr becomes playable and he has some juicy fodder but I’ll just pick red in hopes for a merge on Altina or my first Valentian Palla, or Legendary Eliwood’s fodder.

And I’ve set this one apart because a very well known friend from here will surely be happy to see this!

@Thehalohedgehog: I think you’re going to love this part of my update:


I’ve finally decided to build Eirika!

I feel like I’ve been a huge sleeper on her for no reason, the reason is so dumb I don’t even want to disclose it, but I’ll leave it at that.
Her kind, caring and strong-willed personality are the traits I love on a character, though she might be a bit more on the serious side unlike Julia who’s quite the sweetheart, I’ve started to pick up interest in Eirika rather recently, I was awoke one rather recent morning thinking about her Resplendent upgrade:

I find it really cute and pleasing to look at, the thematic matches her so well and she’s smiling in 3 of the 4 pieces, she’s so pretty.
I was always sure I adored her design, but not about her personality, glad that’s a thing of the past now.

I've started Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones recently and play while I can't or don't feel like using my computer, I've made this run specifically to refresh my memory on the plot and get to know Eirika better (of course I chose her path over Ephraim's), I've yet to start chapter 9 though.

But so far she’s turning out to be really interesting and someone I’m certain I’ll be endeared to.

So I've built her in Fire Emblem Heroes, envisioning the day I'll be able to purchase her Resplendent upgrade, I'm definitely excited to do it and go all out on her, the build is nothing extraordinary but I wanted to share it since I could always come back in a couple months and show her then and now, I like to compare how my projects looked now and then and realize how perseverance and hard work led to fruitful rewards, this is true Irl of course.
I tried to jam something together that works with her refine but atm I'm lacking the fodder she could use, like [Joint Hone Spd] and all that, a few months ago I had thought I'd make her +DEF, but with damage reduction being a thing, plus her shaky attack stat need a "oomph!" So I went +ATT.

And I'd say I'm halfway to get her refine but I'm best giving it to her once I can build her properly, for now it'd be kind of a waste with... that attempt of a build.

Idk if I’ll work in any of her other versions other than the Legendary one (which I’d be delighted to get for sure), that’s because they got fodder that’s useful in one way or another.

Anyway, Halo, I hope this update has made you happy even though the build isn’t that great, I’ve wanted to make the intention count the most.
And hopefully any fellow Eirika appreciator has enjoyed reading this, I’m eager to make her great in the game!

Now I’ll tag some of my homies and fellow Sonya appreciators in case they’d be interested in my update, if I missed one, I have either forgotten or figured it’s not necessary since we can chat outside GP so I’ll let them know via DM of the update or they’ll quickly find the new post here.


@_Help_Me, @CluelessStray, @dimitrisnoodlehair, @Fresh_Tomatoes, @Kuribabylon52, @Orilla, @seiken, @VivatVeritas

Feel free to write back in here to tell me what you’ve been up to, how you’re doing, etc. I’ll be checking the thread for a while — though mostly as a guest — to get back to you when I see a reply, I’d be happy to hear from my friends back here, both in/out this list.
And you should, derails are gold here.

Thanks for taking the time to read at least a bit of my updates and…

P.S. 1: if someone could do it, please change the “+19” for “+20” in the title as I’m not allowed to, tyvm.
P.S. 2: I’m aware I write more than necessary for an update, I just can’t help it when it’s about a topic I enjoy to talk around. :feh_tooobin:
P.S. 3: Some recent Sonya art as a little bonus, credits to each artist which you’ll find linked below:

Fan art of Sonya - 3 pictures

Those are so pretty but the big winner is:

Seiken shared it the other day in the art thread but I’ve found it soon after it was posted in Reddit.


  1. https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/92783715
  2. https://redd.it/pv6ct0 (full quality picture can be found here, but do note it takes +10MB! Artist is IRIA_splash on Twitter)

Editing since it was flagged, Idk what happened.



Congrats af, great to see your Sonya has come along so well, and great luck on your future projects (both in FEH and real life)! Your coding progress is quite impressive.


Always nice to see you back. You were/are a member of the community I really enjoy talking to and reading posts from.

Anyway, Eirika and Lilina (interesting choices for you, due to the lack of purple). Honestly my Eirika isn’t that invested in, even though she is +10 and resplendent. In fact I think the only premium fodder I gave her is DC. Otherwise she has her refine and like a link or something, to partner with kaden (and L!Eliwood for like +26 to all stats–she’s supported with Kaden). Fun team, but that’s about it.

My Lilina on the other hand is an absolute unit. Deathblow 4 (+another in seal), TP, and Special spiral. Just recently gave her summoner support too with the extension (others are Lyn, L!Lyn, B!Edel, and Lynja). Really fun to use. Just need to get her ruptured sky and I’m all set.

I also really love Lilina’s character (and sad I don’t have her legendary version). Her interactions with the bandits Garret and Gonzales are great, but I wish she had more of a reaction to her father’s death (I have an entire rewrite+extra story idea for FE6 that I’ve shared before here, to patch up some things created by FE7). She isn’t a top favorite of mine (my criteria for that is that I don’t even need to consider it; when I think “favorite FE character” the names instantly pop up–there are only 3/4: Edelgard, Lyn, Lucina, and Elinica; Elincia I’m a bit unsure about). Lilina is easily in the tier right below that, and very close to being an absolute favorite, almost in the same position as Elincia (if she struggled more at Hector’s death she might be a favorite; she’d be a much more complex character, and would also relate to Cath a lot better. Then again, I guess it would ruin her cheerful vibe a little bit, but they made it work with Tailtiu, and this would be far less than that).

Anyway, looking good and thanks for the @


Very nice af, love your Sonya! :catclap:

Your posts are always the best and I’m glad you’re popping in to GP from time to time now :catwave:


Welp, just free summoned on Ótr’s banner and got a merge on Olivia, time to move on, I’ll now reply before I head off to sleep, I’ll check for replies in a couple hours.

Same! It’s nice to see you guys again and talk after a long time of absence.

And they’re not even the first ones. :eye:
Lilina has been around my interests ever since I’ve played FE6 for the first time so… 5 years maybe? But it took me a lot of time to actually grow on her, definitely adore her.

That definitely sounds like a fun team, and I could technically pull it off, except I don’t have [Distant Count] to spare nor any resources, I’ve used Kaden with Legendary Eliwood in other units that use most/all stats though, the stacking those two can create is amazing.

Same, she still stands out a great unit and character to me.

As for that part of the game, I do remember it… she just faced the fact head on and moved on quickly, showing how strong-willed she is (also seen on Garret’s recruitment dialogue now that you’ve reminded me of him), still, I’d have perhaps liked a bit more of a reaction from her part too, but ultimately I’m still happy with how she is.
I’d like to read your take on the story someday (may I ask for the link to it?), as I said on my update, I’m kind of busy these days, so it’ll be difficult to keep up with it even if I used bookmarks… I’ll keep the link to remind myself to come back to read it once I sort out stuff around here, I have my pending homework and tests constantly on my mind. :feh_tooobin:

I hope you can get her Legendary version in December, I was remembering that’s when her rerun is set to take place, and while I do have her, I don’t use her much due to lack of fodder and [HM] grind, though I’ve gotten Leila and Fallen Male Morgan to try doing part of the build I wish but I’ll need some more time until I get [A/R Far Trace 3] (which I’m glad it’s going to be in the regular pool!)

Anywho, thanks all for stopping by and I look forward to chatting next time!


I can post it here. It’s not a full story yet, just some stuff I want to do to address issues FE7 made. Basically just a list of bullet points, and how I imagine working in/solving some of these issues.

Here it is
  • After Ostia falls and Eliwood has Roy go out on his quest, he decides to get the gang (Lyndis’ Legion) back together (or what’s left of it) and moves against Bern in the dark, paving the way for Roy and eventually joining up with him near the end game. (gameplay wise this would be a side story of sorts, where you control a separate army, with the same FE tropes. As you move through levels you gain and recruit more allies, as seen below)

  • Matthew would have been out gathering information and would have survived, so he falls under Eliwood’s banner and goes to see who’s left.

  • Lyn survives Ostia, but only because Florina took her and ran. The rest of the Caelin/Ostian knights are presumed dead (Wallace shows up much later, and it turns out he was trying to help Lyn escape, but got lost on the battlefield. He ends up in the middle of Bern somehow, while trying to return to Pherae; basically a homage to his rerecruitement in FE7).

  • Matthew finds Raven, who would be pissed at Lucius’ death (IIRC he was implied to be in charge of Reigh/Chad/Lugh’s orphanage).

  • Legault turns up with Jaffar, who is broken after Nino’s death at the hands of bounty hunters. He apologizes to Matthew about Leilah, who forgives him.

  • Lyn and Eliwood have a private conversation, where she guesses that his illness is psychological, occurring only after Ninian’s death (this also explains why he can actually fight on the battlefield–he isn’t physically ill).

  • Heath and Vaida would probably show up as bosses, having returned to Bern.

  • Erk and Serra probably show up together, but I haven’t thought that far.

  • Isadora and Harken protect Eliwood after he sends Roy off with Marcus.

  • Lyn, Eliwood, and Jaffar would also have special dialogue with Zephiel, about the night they protected him/Jaffar almost killed him.


I also had this rabbit hole idea at like 2 in the morning or something one time about FE6 but Awakening:


Ooooo, looks very nice

She looks amazing :catclap:


Hey Af1899, always nice to see that you’re doing well. Congrats on finishing Sonya’s flowers and on all your other merge projects :feh_altenafeelings:


As a CS student, mood

Also mood lol, although for once I’m actually keeping on top of everything this semester. Also RIP on the PC :feh_sharenacry:

Hell yeah! Can’t wait to see the finished product :feh_eirikapat:

Yeah, that’s what I did. Made her a good buff bot since she can copy those buffs.


Ohh, it’s shorter than I thought. :thinking:
I gave it a read and it’s actually a pretty interesting concept, if there’s a chance, I’d absolutely like to see it in a ROM hack of FE7 to make use of the newer features and perhaps involve Mark in-between, but I’m glad to read it even in fanfiction format.
Tag me when you finish it, hopefully in a random visit in the future I can read it, I’m eagerly looking forward to it!

I’m relieved I’m not alone here. :grimacing:
Though I’m glad you’ve been making progress, I feel hopeful we’ll handle our schedules better next time.
It happens to me I get rather trusty of my knowledge in the different assignments and easily get distracted, so I tend to snowball my workload until the last few weeks as a result, the online class modality really didn’t help much so I hope Irl classes come back soon.

Also, I’d be happy to share with you a highly invested Eirika! Though that’ll take a lot of time, I got other projects to look for and not all the fodder she could use, your build is about what I’m looking to do with her, though I’ll use [Spurn 3].
Nice job on her though!

Thanks so much everyone, whenever I come back and post one of my big updates, it makes me happy to experience a warm comeback, even though short-lived, reminds me how much I miss this place.

I forgot to mention that my reviews have come to a halt, at least temporarily, they gain little to no traction in Tumblr so I’m not sure if people even feel interested in them there, but at least I enjoy its more introvert-friendly environment… and of course since my PC is dead atm, I’m not sure if I have all my files (which includes the new review templates), but currently I don’t have a way to test my SSD (though doubtfully I have reached the TBW of 80 in 2 and half years (TBW are the terabytes you can write on a SSD before its cells begin to degrade), damaged it or whatever), I haven’t looked much on repairing it though, but eventually I’d like to.

Anywho, see you next update! And perhaps I ought to make an actual thread, but we’ll see. :eye:


I have no coding skills, so certainly can’t make it a rom hack on my own.

If I do end up writing it though I’ll write it in the style of the game format, with notations about when the battle happens, where the dialogue is (before or after battle, start of chapter, etc.)

I’ll also have to go back through the FE6’s script (which is easy to find, usually Serenes’ forest has it) and note where the extra scenes should go.


Oh, great Sonya cultured worshipper! This humble and unworthy believer has a technical question for you!

When her AoE special activates, does the +10 damage from her weapon is transferred to the normal attack or the actual damage during combat in your tests is just her sheer power? I am really curious since my sis gifted me the season pass during her resplendent period and I have her at +3, not to mention that I have an useless Lewyn in my barracks and I am really on the fence of whether give it to her or to the newly empowered Laevatein for obscene damage shenanigans. I wish I could do both but you know, F2P, bad luck and limited premium resources.

Thanks in advance, and good day.


Pretty sure the +10 doesn’t work with AOE specials, same as the standard wo dao effect.


The +10 true damage does work with +AoE specials.

I’ve used Tailtiu and Sonya with AoE builds and I can confirm it works.