Let's play a game, until I get bored

Comment a unit’s name and if hate them, they get yeeted out the window

your daughter, ophelia


King DDD

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All of dem

I don’t completely hate her, because I use her on a very broken team, to do GHB/BHB/LHB/MHB maps and she’s worked wonders for me, but…

I hate fighting her.

Dedede! That’s the name you should know!
Dedede! He’s the king of the show!
Yo, holler and hoot! Come give Kirby the boot!
Dedede is the one!


I can’t yeet all of them at once.

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You can yeet anything if you have enough yeet.
Have some yeet. :flaynfish:

Please comment one unit’s name and if I hate them, they get yeeted.

The mother of all things beautiful and serene, Gunnthra

I don’t get why people hate her. No yeet.

Mah boi Rutger.

Don’t know much about FE6, so he doesn’t get yeeted

I don’t either ;-;


Mark: no
Robin: no
Kris: no
Corrin: was a bitch to Odin

YEET her

Depends if you mean unit as an overall character or unit as how they feel like to play with/against in FEH.

Klein :kleinyes:

Hes fine with me

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Either one, but… I’ll most likely use FEH, because I haven’t played or seen that much gameplay of other Fire Emblem games