Let's Play: Build Roy!

Hey Friends!

Along with all the other characters I’m trying to build (apparently I have a thing for swords right now), I’ve always wanted to build Roy. However, I’m a tad stumped on what the best Roy would be.

Here are three builds I’ve thought of so far. Ignore the Dual Rally - it’s just for arena scoring.

I’m liking the potential of a Special Spiral 3 build on him seeing as he isn’t too strong. I figure a Res boon is best, as he will reach 45/47 Def/Res on enemy phase - and he’s a dragon killer, so slightly favoured Res. The reason I thought to avoid +Atk is so that his Aether would heal more. Once he activates Aether for the first time, SS3 kicks in, and now he’s at a 3 cooldown. If he can deny a follow-up with his speed, he’ll activate Aether every follow-up attack (his second attack during EP). Less attack means less damage dealt on his first hit so that there’s more to heal with Aether on the second hit (he essentially mimics L!Ike without DC).

You could also swap out Aether and use Ignis - making him an Ignis nuke instead… You just lose the sustain.

Still sporting SS3, this build sets him up to nuke on EP. 41/38 Def/Res is decent enough for DC, but he has no way to sustain - he’s just hitting bonfire hard, but only after he gets one off in the first place.

I’m not as in favour of a DC build because I think it strips Roy of having a clear purpose - instead turning him into a generalist.

This build is similar to the last except you lose DC but go for a 50 Res Iceberg attack instead (25 damage special). He also sports a very nice 47 Def.

You could also replace Fort. Def/Res 3 with Steady Stance 4 or Warding Stance 4 to gain that guard effect. You just lose out on bulk for one of his defences.

Open to thoughts/critiques/suggestions!


thats some good ■■■■■■■ taste right there


Doesn’t it get wrecked by bold fighters though? If Roy is losing to melee bold fighters you’re doing something wrong

I dont think he has null fu

Spiral ignis except with glacies? But 92 damage won’t OHKO nowadays

Guard? Powercreep is too far gone for that?

guard deactivates too fast for things like AR but outside of it id think its fine

Perhaps. But most of those builds capitalize on his Def/Res. As I mentioned for the last build, you could swap out Fort. Def/Res 3 for Warding Stance 4 or Steady Stance 4 - gaining that guard effect. It’s true enough that he couldn’t deny the follow-up without Null Follow-up 3 (which I could use instead…), but Roy lacks the punch in his attack to even take on an armour without special activation - hence Special Spiral. Plus, he’s a Falchion user - he specializes in dragon killing. If he’s competing against dragons, infantries, and some armours - I think he’s doing a good enough job. Team support is always meant to cover up weaknesses. I have a DC/SF3 H!Dorcas who denies most armours (save for Idunn).


Haha - thanks! Anyone you like in particular? Any suggestions? From what I’ve heard (and given your name), you’re sorta the “Roy Expert.” :stuck_out_tongue:




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I recommend Lull Atk/Def. Makes him tankier and slightly more offensive. Complements DC well (neutering blade users), and can still be used with a Breath skill. I use the second build in AR to fight armor teams. He counters Fallen Corrin, and Fallen Tiki really well, which is great.

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Sure I’ll post a few in like 3 hours

Lull Atk/Def is a decent option… unfortunately it’s one that I don’t have :stuck_out_tongue:… yet…

Thanks for the suggestions! Those look creative - which I appreciate.

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Dude, you’re amazing haha. This made my day. @CByrd Yes, those are balling sets. Comes down to preference if you don’t go the DC route. I like units with clear purposes as well, and those who can have it all. If it works to do that.

Roy uses Link skills pretty well, and those are quite common these days. Mine has Atk/Spd Link and the extra speed improves tankiness and enhances his player phase. In general I think Roy’s B slot is the most flexible.

Good luck building a unique boy! :vulcan_salute::hridexcited:

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Super late update:

I finally built him - and I’m very pleased with the outcome! He’s a pretty great wall on enemy phase yet still has decent enough attack/speed for player phase.

I also built Klein up at the same time so they could be a dynamic duo. Pretty fun to use!

Thanks again for all the input!

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