Let's rework some bond CE's

Ok so i think we can all agree that 95% of bond CE’s ate completely useless and they’re more a trophy than anything. Herc gets to have a disgustingly broken CE that is pretty much a huge buff while everyone else just gets the same party buff…

So I’m curious how would you guys rework your favorite servant CE’s in a way that matches their gameplay and lore?

Here’s a few i thought about:


  • Grants her Presence concealment EX and permanently increase her star weigh by 300% and critical damage by 20%
    -modifies her class to take neutral dmg form al classes expect berserk and gives her 50% starting np charge and a 1 time guts

Summer BB

  • permanently increase the duration of faceless moon by 2 turns and give extra dmg against humanoid enemies


  • everytime an ally is attacked 20% of the dmg they receive is transferred between the remaining allies on the field as neutral dmg (allies cannot die from the shared dmg) and all allies recive extra np charge for each hit an ally recives, additionally all np charge generated by face cards will also be shared between the remaining allies by 10%
    (Yeah i know it’s broken but c’mon let me dream)


  • grants her the “dragon” Trait and applies “burn” To enemies on all her face cards for 600dmg for 3 turns each and also increases her critical damage by 30%

Not really, i could Say that a 85 or 90% are useless but we have some pretty good one.
But yeah we also have pretty bad one like the one of Mordred that is totally out of character

Make Zerkerlot’s increase his NP gain along with the NP buff it already has

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Here’s a universal improvement for all Bond CEs.

Raise the stats. Enough said.


So changing those 100 HP/ATK to 1000 HP/ATK could really be good


Or whatever the equivalent stats of a maxed 4* CE is.

I think that the ones that have only of one type(ATK or HP) give like 2000 or 2500 at max i think

That would be for the maxed 5*. 4*s have lower max stats.

I don’t remember well, but the but you can search the correct answer

I feel like mordred’s seems a bit OP, since her armor works similar to “for someone’s glory” maybe she could just be immune to trait damage or something? Its not like her armor is cop in the fgo universe

4 star CEs are 1500 - 2250 total stats either all in one stat or split between both.

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Perhaps an unpopular opinion - but I think Bond 10 CEs should be nothing more than trophies. Any bond CEs that are ‘broken’ should simply be removed and their effects added as either a Servant or Class skill. Why should I raise Heracles to bond 10 to get a CE which I then never use because he’s bond 10?


As for the concept of reworking NPs, changing their effects seem highly unlikely by this point, but ignoring that for the sake of discussion, it would make sense for the effect to match the lore shared in the CE if possible. Of course, matching the lore of the servant is important, but focusing on the CE itself helps to avoid stepping into the realm of what skill/NP strengthenings do as well as CCs.

  • For Jalter, the CE doesn’t mention anything about her being a dragon (and being a dragon witch can simply mean you control dragons, it doesn’t always mean that the witch is a dragon, if she was then she’d already have the trait like Artoria). But the burn idea makes sense for the lore of the card, it mentions that her existence is due to the flames, so it makes sense for her to have a burn or even an ignite effect like that one Foreigner has on her bond CE. Not sure about the added crit strength, she has a skill for that.

  • For Mordred, her card features her questioning her identity due to her dual nature as an heir and a betrayer, along with a mention that putting on her armor allows her to escape both identities. So either you could base it on her armor (though her third skill is already based on her armor, so not sure about that) or some sort of effect that portrays her dual nature I guess? Would have to think about that one some more before I can suggest anything.
    (after thinking a bit): If based on her armor, one of the things it does is obscure her identity entirely like with Zerkerlot’s armor, so perhaps an effect like being immune to NP damage debuffs until the first time she uses her NP that battle? With an added defensive effect I guess since that’s niche.
    As for the other angle (the dual nature thing I mentioned), maybe a charisma effect and a self star gather? Portrays her kingly side and her treacherous side somewhat.

  • For Chloe, I’m not completely sure on her lore. Do others feel her pain as well, or does the mark simply make her feel other’s pain without the reverse? Because how she talked about it in the CE made it seem like it was one-sided and she’d just be feeling her master’s pain.
    Looked it up, and it seems it was a specific thing for her and Illya, but they brought it over to FGO due to the parallel of Illya being a ‘master’ of sorts over Chloe apparently. But perhaps she knows the curse well enough that she can replicate it onto her teammates for the effect you described. The face card thing is over the top though, maybe she could keep the crit buff from her current bond CE or something like that.

Unfortunately I don’t have a translation of Summer BB’s bond CE, so I can’t really discuss that one.


There some bond ce’s with interesting effects allready, I feel like simply giving them atk and hp buffs would be enough to use them. Heck I even use medea’s and altera’s bond ce from time to time.

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I agree that the current ones really just need stats to be fine, but I went along with the concept for the sake of discussion, since one of the neat things about bond CEs is that they tend to feature some lore/introspection of the servant.


I feel like I would want Bond CEs to either: fix what a servant is lacking, or further improve what they are already good at doing.
The former can be somewhat like Herc’s Bond CE,helping with him with further survivalbility
and the latter is Arash’s Bond CE that helps his allies when he dies (which he does alot)

As for HP and ATK values,it can also be shifted instead from 1000/1000 to help with servants. Like Spartacus would like a higher ATK value (2000/500) since all 3 of his skills already help him with his survivalbility


Both of those examples are further improving what they already do, which I’d agree bond CEs should do.
Fixing what is lacking is the territory of skill/NP buffs or occasionally CCs in the case of countering self-debuffs.


I don’t know what to say… Other than I was sorely disappointed with many of my bond 10 CEs. I would love for them to have more oomph. I feel bad putting a bond CE on a support servant… But I also feel slightly proud, since in many cases they are very much in support functions. Also they do need drastic improvements to their stats. I’m trying to think what I change about Gilgamesh or Nero Casters… But a lot needs to be changed.

according to the Gamepress analysis, it seems like Nero Caster has 2 problems:
1 being poor Non Arts NP Gain Performance,which her CE already sorta fixed, tho I would like the values to maybe shift up to 20%
the other is she lacks any hard DEF,which I guess we can somewhat fix by shifting her CE values to +500 ATK/+2000 HP?
More HP should help especially paired with her Class Disadvantage negation


Thank you! I just couldn’t put my finger on it. And I tend to become overly biased… Truly thank you for your analysis