Let's see your first 5* servant and your historia with them

I’m going to begen,

my first SSR servant was Ozy,i got him in the ccc banner of Lip and Melt(and Suzuka),he was may first ever not ferwell gold servant, today he is 6/6/6 NP 1 +1000 ATK/HP,
Now you:


Well, my 1st was technically Altera:

This was 10 days after I started playing. She’s NP3 and Bond 7 now; before I understood how team comps worked she got worked a lot more because I’d just bring whatever 3 Sabers had the highest Attack value into a battle against Lancers. This event has the mats to raise her skills higher; I’m not quite sure what they’ll go to (she’s at 7/6/7 right now)

The other 2 both reached Bond 10 already (OG Saber on 12/27/2018; Orion on 06/03/2019). OG Saber is 10/10/6 and, just recently thanks to a YOLO ticket on the story banner, NP2. To be honest, considering her upcoming Strengthening and her now NP2 status, she’s in line for me to give her the special bond grails next year. Orion is NP2 (she spooked during the original da Vinci run) and 8/8/9 (those feathers; I never have enough). Even after Squirtoria came, she was a go to for me for Arts Archer for the longest time - she took me through the 1st Rashomon when I needed to drain Ibaraki’s NP/dodge; she got me through Camelot against Gawain; she got me through the 1st Memorial CQ against SAlter (I think?) However, other Archer options exist so she doesn’t seem likely to get the Bond grails anytime soon.

(Edit: It wasn’t part of the screenshot but Scathach also came on 11/23 - she’s also at Bond 10, needs feathers to take her 1st skill from 7—>10, and got a lot of use as my premier boss killer for almost 2 years)


It wasn’t too long after I’d returned from my break playing and I noticed the 3M Download Campaign was happening in a couple of days. Scath is such a badass that I couldn’t pass up the chance to get her. Since I’ve missed log-ins and other handouts in the meantime, I had less than 10 rolls available between Tickets and Quartz, but I figured any roll has a better chance than no rolls. And after all that worrying, she showed up in 2 Tickets.

She was a massive lifesaver early on. My roster has gotten much bigger since, and I kind of regret passing up on Grailing her, but she still sees a ton of use to this day, a fulfillment of her satisfaction with a good fight, and I’d like to think she’d be perfectly fine with that.


My first 5 Star was Arturia, who spooked me a month after I started playing.

She subsequently spooked me twice more, so she’s my only 5 Star at an NP level higher than 1.

People criticize her vanilla kit, but my girl hits at over 300k with all her buffs active, and I’m eagerly awaiting that skill upgrade from Instinct to Radiant Road.

She’s been a big help to me along the way, and I fondly remember her absolutely ruining those pesky Lahmus in Babylonia. She may not be as blingy as those other 5 Star AOE Sabers, but she gets me where I need to be.


For me that was Gawain and then Salter as soon as she spooked me right after Babylonia’s release.

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My first 5* servant was Enkidu.

They came home in my first week of playing, when I completed fuyuki I rolled story banner expecting salter because she was unlocked and she was cool too i was a total noob back then and I didn’t know how cruel the rates were

I was extremely lucky since I got 2 of my most favorite characters of all fate on the same day.

Since then I used both of them on almost every battle and they are grailed too Need one more grail to Max them and carried me through the story easily :fgo_umu:

PS:Also that was the most luckiest day till now and I haven’t even got 5% of that luck again.


My first SSR was Merlin, back when I was wandering noob in Camelot

My man has never let me down and has rightfully earned that max bond status :fgo_alterasanta:


Mine was D’Eon. But he dead now. No matter how I tried to make it work… Alas, it was inevitable. I used to love them… I wish I could get then back simply because…


Funny story my servant of the tutorial roll Washington tamamo Cat,my first ce Was a green black key, my first Golden ce was necramancer , and my first 5* ce was black Grial,and i got a Angra mango in my second day of plaing

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So I started playing about 2 months ago during the Thanksgiving event, exactly 1 week before the shared Okita/Gilgamesh rate up banner. I decided to immediately start saving up since I like both of them, and so I rolled all of my tickets and quartz that I managed to gather.
The King of Heroes himself apparently decided to bless me with his presence, and not once but twice!
And since I also got Hans early on my team of Mash/Hans/Gil managed to carry me through a lot of content :fgo_astolfo:

Thanks to the DaVinci event he is lvl 90 today, NP2 with 6/4/6 skills. Tomorrow I might be able to get one of his skills to lvl 10 if the daily quests gives me 2 more golden archer gems. Not yet sure if I’m gonna max the 1st or 3rd skills first though.

The only reason he has not received a grail yet is because I can’t quite decide if I want to give each of my favourite servants 1 grail or if I should grail Gilgamesh to 100.
I grailed Jeanne (got her on New Years from the story gacha) to 100 because she is my overall favourite, but I still have 5 grails, couldn’t decide so far though.

But I think he kinda deserves lvl 100 :fgo_insane:


My first five star was Drake, and as expected, she had been my main door-knocker ever since. That said, the five star that really defined my early game was not her, but Vlad. I got him out of the story gacha about a month after I started playing the game, and he was the reason why I rolled for Tamamo and had been a staunch Arts player until recently, when Merlin came home, and since then my Arts teams took a backseat to my Merry Band of Buster Memers.


My first SSR is Edmond Dantès (got him in March in 2018 with a yolo ticket, literally screamed out the top of my lungs). I’ve used him in the early stages in the game with Heracles just to brute force through story quests and dailies, but in the end, he has been sitting there as I got better servants such as Cu Alter which has been my DPS ever since. Now, with Skadi nearing to NA, I can finally use my first SSR I got that was there for me when I was first playing the game :smiley: (I can also finally 3T quite reliably for the first time ever…)


I started playing around July 2018, but I didn’t properly start playing until October of that same year. My first SSR was Mordred, during the Babylonia banner in December 2018, who came to me as a spook with the very first tickets:

She’s still np1 up to this day, and her skills are 6/2/9, but I should eventually 10/10/10 her because she’s been just that useful to me as my go-to Saber for clearing Lancer (and non-Lancer) waves and even brought her to some CQ. I’m hoping that DW will one day upgrade all Instinct skills so her second skill is not just… A bit more than 10 stars at max. But for what I use her, her first and last skill are more than enough. She has been my stellar AOE Saber since I got her, and I rarely use any other that’s not her, unless I need multiple AOE Sabers. She’s not bond 10, but I plant to bring her there eventually.

Mordred is also one of my favourite characters in general in the Fate franchise, so it makes me very happy that she decided to come to me as a surprise and as my very first SSR.


image0 - Copy image1 - Copy (2)
Got him four days after I started playing, just in time for the Nobu rerun. NP2 w/ maxed skills and planning to max his gold Fous as well.


My first SSR was MHXA. I got her after playing the game for 5 damn months, at a point where I believed 5 stars didn’t exist for me.

I couldn’t ask for any better. Her design, voice and story is great. She is a really fun character and will get even more stronger with the release of Skadi.

She might not be my most used servant, but is my favourite along with Tamamo who spooked me twice.

Right now she’s Lv 90 7/10/10. Will get to 10/10/10 real soon after I open the boxes from Da Vinci lottery and get a lore from Setsubun.

I would have gold fou’d her if I ever bothered buying them from event shops but they don’t seem worth to me.
Oh, and I’ve grailed only the servants who were there for me early in the game. So, sadly my SSRs won’t get any.

UPDATE: She’s 10/10/10 now.


These are my first and second SSR

I got Enkidu rolling for Medusa Lancer during the Babylonia release banner. He was my first ever five star and helped me clear E Pluribus Unim. However, he was Mat locked to lvl 50 for a while after that.

Jeanne was my 2nd SSR and first one to get to level to 90. I got her trying to get Jack the Ripper from the Assassin/ Extra GSSR New Years 2019. I had read about her “problems” here on the GP tier list and was somewhat disappointed in the roll. She went on the be the single most game changing servant I ever had and I now consider her the Savior of my Chaldea!!!


first ssr back when I started when ccc started no idea what I got when I saw her. Little did I know about her… Still was heck of a tank and saved my ass (Kiara no) at many difficult situations,
Skills are 666 obviously ( due to materials)

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My first was Iskandar but because I had neither good charging servants nor CEs, he was benched before I iven ascended him once. Even now I only have him at L50 and never use him.

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Technically, I started during the first Nero Fest back in 2018, but I truly began to play during the first Halloween Re-Run. On October 8th of 2018, I summoned with my first true multi (not the mandatory one) the charming Shrine Fox who would lead me to Nero and the Fate series as whole.

My one and only Tamamo-no-Mae! My Queen of Arts Team! :fgo_tamamo:

It took until today to finally max her skills, and I am but just a few points to bond with her. I really despaired when I didn’t have any ghost lamps, farming and farming on the ghost ships and so on to but only get a few per week, and the bones, the @#$%*!# bones she ate were a nightmare to get.

It was absolutely worth it in the end.

A few days later from her I summoned Nightingale with a single ticket, and she has been my kind of a Merlin ever since. Just like Tamamo, I am almost going to bond with her as well, and I need some materials and qp to max her as well.

Indeed, the Waifu is strong with my account. But Eresh and Ishtar haven’t come home yet :fgo_jeannu:


My first though admittedly i couldn’t care enough to 10/10/10 her. Got her in the first to second week of September 2017.

Got her in my first week of playing along with Vlad Berserker. She’s carried me up to Camelot for the most part.

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