Let's see your first 5* servant and your historia with them

That’s correct. She is a great damage-dealer, but she’s an even better support. Especially after her SQ.

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Bride is an hybrid DPS/support you can use her un the way you need, like Bryn

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Except that no one ever complain’s about Bryn’s damage.

Bryn damage, NP gen and star gen are great

Right… okay?

I’m not really sure where you got this idea, but I can’t recall ever seeing any negative opinions about Bride’s damage. She’s regularly referred to as a top-tier support and ST arts DPS. Heck, the impression I have gotten is that most people consider her one of the best servants in the game.

Our experiences seem to be very different.

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Simply typing ‘Bride damage’ into the search box brings up plenty of posts you haven’t seen then.

I don’t fell that Bride have low damage

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Ah, so if you specifically look for posts regarding Bride’s damage, you can find posts about Bride’s damage? Can’t argue with that, I suppose…

My first SSR was Iskandar, and he got benched even to this day. As a starting master, his NP was way too hard to charge, IIRC, with limited CEs and no servants with charging skills. And now, I just have not a lot of use for him with Drake, Santa Alter, and Astolfo able to take care of the AoE so I still haven’t maxed his level.


I got Iskandar in the GSSR, recently, and he’s… Okay, I guess. The only other AoE Rider I had was RideRin, and he’s much more compatible with Merlin than she is, so I use him for most of my Caster farming. Still, he’s pretty mediocre, as far as I can tell. Definitely functional, but not particularly exciting.

I hear he gets a really nice SQ later on, though, and the JP tier list has him in a decent spot, so hopefully I will be vindicated for raising him by then.

I do appreciate the My Room lines from Waver, though!

My baby girl Illya blessed me as my First 5 star during my acquisition of her older sibling Chloe via the Prisma Codes event. Shes bond 7 i believe with 6/4/6 skills. I love her very much and look forward to completing my loli trio when miyu comes.


Not much to say… Except that D’Eon is died for a worthy cause. I am now the proud owner of an MLB Personal Training Fufu :fgo_kiarasmile: :fgo_moriartysmile:

Other than that, I can’t complete his interlude because s/he is dead. But I can complete their valentine’s quests. :fgo_bbgrin:

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My beloved King.

I got her my second day of playing back in 2017, she has been with me through it all and hit bond 10 right before the final fight of Solomon and she was the last Servant standing before obliterating Goetia with Excalibur. I like to imagine that after all the other servants went down, she walks up, puts a hand on my shoulder and said “It’s alright, you did everything you could. Now let me finish this for you, my Master.” She was my first servant grailed to 100, followed by Saber Mordred and Bedivere, the first to reach bond 10, and I just now got her intuition raised so she is now 10/10/10 and 1k/1k on hp and attack. I still use her and hope that I can do her proud in the future as well. She will be the recipient of the Chaldea flames we get, and hopefully the first I raise to bond 15. Thank you for everything, my adorable King of Knights


Give her gold fous :fgo_astolfo:

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I have 3 story of my first ssr, but I guess only my second is “real” as that’s my main account.

The first ssr I got was ozymandias when I started.
I played trought septem with him , emiya and og cu. Then I got Medusa rider and I dropped him for my fate of team and waifu.
But I lost that account and ozy before I could understand his strength. Or what I 5* is. Never played gotcha before .

Then I started my second account, and no 5 star answered my call for 3 month, then the true mad king

He carried me trought Camelot and Babylonia, he soloed goetia (and that started something on me, because that was my first solo, and I loved it even since).
I played him with what I call “my og team”. Cu alter, mash and support waver.
Even by my actual standard that’s a pretty solid team.
Now I have so many ssr. Some I never use. I think I am around 31, but still he is my favourite.

Oh and yeah, my secondary account got hiji**** cought bahh… My secondary account got GILGAMESH. We do not consider those mongral who dare to came just a few day before. Gilgamesh was obviously the first and is now at 100 2000/2000


My first SSR was Orion which I got from a ticket at the last day of the Moon Goddess Event Re-run. Back then I was still new and didn’t know anything, I just threw the ticket hoping for some good Craft Essence. Imagine my surprise when I got Orion instead. :laughing:

They came at a good time too since my only Archer at the time was Arash, a servant I unjustly disliked for a long time due to his low rarity** Orion was also the only gold Archer and SSR I had for months and during all that time they fought well for me during many battles. So much that for a long time I thought about grailing them as a reward for their services but never did due to: 1) Never having enough QP for that as there is always some other priority 2) Not being able to say with 100% conviction that I love them.

I might still do that but it will be after I grail a servant that I can say without any doubt that I love. In the mean time I will try to get all their skills to 10. Right now they are at 10/8/8. At least this much of a reward of a reward I’d like to give to Orion for all the help they gave me.

** It took me a while (and the fine folks at this forum) but I finally recognized Arash’s usefulness. He is fully leveled up now and is an integral part of my daily farming team. :)


Eventually I will! She and Bedi are on my list to do so, I’m hoping to give them to Arthur as well should he come home in a few weeks


I love my Orion, but I can’t forgive them for spooking me on banners I’m not even rolling. I tried to get them on the Moon Goddess Banner and failed…they showed up when I was rolling for Vanilla Jeanne. They showed up again when I was rolling on a Camelot banner trying to get Tristan…slightly salty XD. But they’re good! And don’t worry about the Arash bit, there’s a lot of low rarities that are fantastic and yet somewhat fall flat because they’re “low rarity”. Arash is a fine example, same as Kojirou, Ushi, Cursed Arm, Cu Chulainn, and my personal favorite of the lower rarities, Bedivere haha.


Sees Ereshkigal Ah, I see you, too, have refined taste.

Sees Hokusai You lucky, little… Hokusai avoided me like the plague. :sob: