Let's see your first 5* servant and your historia with them

My first was Osakabihime. But she isn’t impressive to show off. Only 3rd ascension. Slowly leveling now. But before I just couldn’t be bothered.

My first SSR was Jeanne during her Orleans banner, like two days after starting the game and babysat Chaldea until London came. Since then she saw little action but she’s always called to participate on every CQ

Medb was my first SSR. Back in early 2018 iirc. Haven’t really leveled her much since but I still love her.


I first started the game back during the first summer event, I’d gotten Liz in my first Tutorial roll and by the second day had somehow managed to scrape together 30sq to do my first real Multi and that’s when TamaLancer appeared.

After that she was my go to for everything and carried my ass for ages. Today her skills are still only at 6/8/6, I’ll eventually get her to all 10’s but I’m in dire need of feathers at the moment.


My First 5* was Drake but the first 5* I actually made use of was Tamamo because I had 0 understanding of the game untill Okenos but I liked her in Extra.

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My first 5* is Tamamo. I’d got her during her first debut in NA aka the First Great Saltening.

She’s still one of my favorite servant, her NP had saved my ass quite a few time.


My first SSR is the limited archuria with 30 SQ, I remember the shock face of my friends who invite me play FGO back then :fgo_buster:



My first SSR was Jack the ripper. I started playing around the first christmas event and was rolling for nursery rhyme lol. When I got jack, I didn’t realize how rare SSRs were, until I realized two of my friends were jealous I rolled her.

Jack sits at 10/6/6, and has been invaluable. I thought the amount of crit stars she generated was normal, until i started using other characters and realized what kind of monster she is. I wouldn’t mind getting spooked by her so she could be higher than np1.

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I got her after a week playing. Altera was the reason i started playing this game so i was extremely happy. She was one of my first 3 servant to max bond


My first SSR was Baeber. She’s 90/90 10/10/10 bond 10.


I want that

Why is everyone in love with my servant?


First ssr was off a ticket back during the journey to the west event way back when. It was Artoria and I ended up using her all the way through to Camelot. Currently doesn’t get used often cause bond 10


Got her a couple weeks after I started playing, while trying for Merlin (I didn’t know/care about the benefits of solo rate up days back then; I was interested in all three of the rate up 5*s, so I think I summoned on one of the days all of them were available. I love her, but I’m kicking myself just a bit for that now because if I tried on one of Merlin’s solo days maybe I’d have him :’) ). She’s helped me a lot, but I haven’t finished leveling her because other servants coughOzycough took priority (especially with Setsubun coming). Her skills aren’t the highest for the same reason also because ■■■■ medals haha. Someday I’ll get her where she deserves to be.

Going through Camelot and facing the Lion King with her already on my team was an interesting experience, heh.

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My first was Merlin… I unironically have mostly used buster teams so that worked out and I got First Hassan shortly after and they both work really well together. They are still my only 5 stars for the 3+ years I’ve been playing and the two has been maxed out maybe 6 months after their first release banners. I used them for almost everything but merlin has been seeing more use as a support and KH being kept on the side due to being max bonded and upgraded.

Bond 9 NP2 Iskandar - only 100000 points to a Bond 10
His skills aren’t maxed, but he is fun to play with. :slight_smile:

First was from a roll, second from playing some tickets.


My First SSRs is Melt! I got her in Day 1 of playing, on the CCC banner. I love her so much that i didn’t level any Cavalry classes until Agartha, with the exception of Ridertoki. Now, however, she isn’t used as much, but I’m still waiting for her Skill Upgrade so her 3rd skill will be easier to utilize :slight_smile: She’s bond 7/8, if i recall correctly. Photos will be uploaded soon.

My first SSR was Tamamo. It was a random yolo roll on Waver banner about 1,5 years ago. She was a lot of help and she’s the only bond 10 5* servant right now. Skills 10/7/10.

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My first SSR was Gil and he carried me hard through the beginning of the game and is one of my favorite characters in Fate. I got him to bond 10 before the year was out so had to limit my use of him after that but I still use him to clear most of the challenge quests in the game. I remember when everyone was worried about Camelot I brought Gil in and he basically destroyed everyone but Tristan and The Lion King. He is my King and I will bond 15 him when I can :grin:


Got him during 2017 Da Vinci’s selection, one month after I started. With the bond level and who he is, I think there is no need to tell about my history with him.

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