Let's talk audric (spooiloors)

Do you think he’ll have future story relevance? Like maybe he can help save Zethia somehow

I believe that all of the non-seasonal characters will have some relevance on the end story. Look at the event characters that have been added so far: a military trainer, a mana manipulator, a magical sealer, and a time traveling king. Clearly part of defeating The Other is going to involve draining it’s mana during a massive fight and then hacking off and sealing away the parts. But that’s after we find the Prince’s missing sibling, defeat the known siblings, gather all of the shards, reassemble the Goddess’ weapon, and awaken Elysium. Plus all the other side quests that they are bound to come up with, that will probably all tie back into the ending later.

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Oh man, that sounds like at least 3 years worth of content. I’m excited! I wonder if Alfonse and Megaman will be a part of it