Let's talk teams

So what are some of the teams/comps you guys like using/don’t like/find cool/whatever? Doesn’t have to be your favourite one(s) (if you have any that is) or anything. Just some stuff you enjoy or found surprisingly fun(or not) or even completely random teams you use cause why not. Feel free to include teams you hope to build or are experimenting with.

Here’s some CasGil stuff I’ve been trying out.

Let’s see some fun Comps shall we?


I do some times i do nobbu, enkidu, Merlin the 3 with 2030, just a braindead crit team
Let’s called braindead of Avalon
Basicly activate garden of Avalon, and go crit,you can generet stars manualy if you want really don’t care

Pic is a bit old but this is my team for a cq in general, I could clear all but 4 cqs with this team last year so it’s quite effective, also Support slot can be Waver/Jeanne/Merlin in the order of preference. Preferred MC is Atlas Uniform.

I mostly use Support waver since it enables some absurd stall and damage ceilings but the main reason to use this team is to play with BB anywhere and everywhere. :fgo_bbgrin:

General strategy goes:

  1. BB uses np with tammy and wavers arts cards - both their nps fill up.
  2. They both use nps and BB’s arts card and BB’s np fills up… repeat 1.

Recently I’ve been trying out Cas Gil instead of Tamamo and the arts crits and Skill timings are hard to get down right but when they do, oh boy, the crit damage goes through the roof, like hitting 50k on arts cards and getting a full nP guage.


cries in no BB
Still I’d like to try this some day.


This makes me wish I had a copy of 2030 or a Nobu.
I want some brain dead Avalon too :cry:

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So sad,nobbu is optional can be change by every crit Archer

But you probably have a scoup , thing i don’t have

A team I’ve been wanting use on a CQ ever since getting my own d’Eon. Don’t really know what CQ I’ll be using it on though for none of them synergies at all with one another. Definitely not going to use it for the Setsubun CQ for its all Archers. Maybe busting it out during the gudaguda 2 rerun CQ for bonus dmg CEs make the fight a joke.


You have sumo? Because sumo is the best ce to Bedi

Yeah I guess I have Sumo & scope but really a 2030 would be appreciated.
Well this game seldom gives us what we want sighs

I wish you luck to get 2030

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Sounds like a fun team alright. Also ‘bait’ indeed, well except for Bedi I guess but then again he was mistaken for a girl back when I first saw him in fsn

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I’m that jerk who runs teams of knight of the round because I love them dearly. My favorite comp requires Saber Artoria, Saber Mordred or my level 100 Bedivere with double Merlin. One thing I like to do with Mordred and Artoria is just see how high I can make their hp go.

Artoria has gotten to 30k once and it was GREAT


Your team looks hard to kill

Two L1 taunters and some class adv unit I’m fond of.

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Ahhh good old double Merlin. Also look at those lvl 100 knights

Solos gonna serve you well in Setsubun

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Indeed they are, indeed they are.

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Here’s my usual teams that I made:

  1. My ‘skadi who?’ team (plus a support waver)
  2. My ‘I want to use a baber alter’ unstoppable cq team (plus a support Merlin)
  3. My ‘what are enemy nps’ cq team (plus a support waver)
  4. My ‘what a pretty np’ cq team (plus a support waver)
  5. My ‘I got some time on my hands’ stall team (plus a support Merlin)

    My favorite is the Baber Alter Lancer team. It’s super fun.

Do you use waver a lot?IMG_20200125_220413