Let's Type about it lol

Not sure if this has been done before but here it goes a little bit of fun i want you pick 5 pokemon and change their type to something different you would like to see :blush:

My pick

Charizard-ice type
Pikachu - dark type
Blastoise-electric type
Articuno-grass type
Ursaring-steel type

Your turn :blush:

Gyarados. Dragon-type
Stunkfish. Water-type
Florges. Grass-type
Flygon. Flying-type
Incineroar. Fighting-type

You can see what I’m getting at.

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You know what? This is generic Pokemon content so I guess I’m just leaving it here. Lmao

Granbull - Dark type
Celebi - Fairy type
Lugia - Water type
Darkrai - Ghost type
Golduck - Psychic type

This has literally become a thread to rant about abnormal typings lol

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I suppose fans should know best lol

Why gyarados isn’t a dragon type I don’t know like it has dragon moves unless pokemon slaps a 3rd typing on pokemon so with gyarados it will be flying/water/dragon altho I don’t get the flying typing it don’t fly nor even look anything like a bird lol

I think I know the reason why. Water/Dragon types are weak to Dragon and Fairy. Fairy wasn’t introduced until Gen 6, and the only Gen 1 Dragon type move was Dragon Rage, which dealt exactly 40HP of damage every time it was used. Therefore, back in Gen 1, nothing could hit Water/Dragon for SE and in order to keep Gyarados from being too overpowered, this was what Game Freak did.


Good point but what about the flying typing gyarados has I don’t think gyarados has any flying moves lol

Gyarados learns Hurricane, besides from that however I can’t think of any else.

Nope it learns twister but its a dragon move lol

You might find this interesting.

Someone stated your reasoning. He got rebuffed by someone stating that the Dragon-type was likely a late addition to the game, and Gyarados may have actually been implemented before the Dragon-type was inserted into the game. It’s not evidence for anything, we can’t confirm or deny the reason for being Water/Fying. But the two points are interesting.


“It’s unlikely that Gyarados was “originally” intended to be a Dragon-type, since Dragon type seems to have been a late addition to the original Pokémon games”

This cool! Would also explain why Dratini line was the only dragon type line in Gen 1 when they’re were plenty of other dragonic looking pokemon like Gyarados and Charizard. Neat stuff!

I would like to see Yanmega as Bug/Dragon. I cannot believe we are now 8 Gens into pokemon and still no Bug/Dragon


It’s hard to make a design that looks both like a dragon and a bug. Yanmega came close however.

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Flygon is sort of a bug but it’s typing is dragon and ground tho lol I just can’t get my head around why give gyarados flying typing when it don’t even have a single flying type move if they weren’t going to give it dragon type they should have just left it as a water type that flying typing gives it double weakness to electric types and a weakness to rock types