Letz talk 'bout team


What is your best buster, art, quick team, and give the explanation


Are you asking about how to build a team?

Or you’re inquiring about what players personally use and why?


Most of my servants is art based…

Depending on situation I might deploy as follow:

Boss rush/Boss fight - Vlad, Tamamo, Waver
Anti Male team - Orion, Tamamo, Waver
Stall - Mash, Tamamo, Hans/Support Jeanne

Buster Team - with support Merlin usually revolve around Emiya or Quetz, and Waver with 2030

Rarely deploy quick team due to lack of support but for quick I usually revolve around Kin rider, Hans and Waver.


I only want to know your best team


Since most of my servants are Buster oriented, my best team comp atm is Jalter/Ishtar Waver Merlin with 2030 and Golden CE. Yeah, I know, meme tier.


I guess that would mean with the help of support?

Then it is definitely double Merlin comp, it’s just broken comp
I just either use any buster servant I have on hand:
Jalter, Herc, Emiya archer, Musashi or Ozy and team with double Merlin

If you only refer to servants available to my own roster, I guess I could do any of the buster team above and include another support or semi support:
Hans, Jack, Shakespeare, Helena, Mash

Optional buster I use: Lu Bu, Vlad extra, Altera

I don’t really have proper art or quick setup since I lack the main stream support for them


Quick(more like general crit): double Jack and Emiya(assassin) for star gen, then servants that can crit or would do really well with crit like Emiya, Emiya alter, Chloe, Rama, Li Shuwen, Gorgon, Jagaur, quetz, etc. depending on the quest

Arts(both spam and stall):Tamamo, Merlin(friend), Shiki(saber)(and she can be swapped out depending on the quest). Backline varies but will most likely Iri/hans and then Emiya(assassin)/emiya/emiya alter/literally anyone with 2+ arts cards depending on quest

Note:for full stall, I can swap out the dps for Jeanne and Mash

Buster(more straight forward):Merlin(friend)/some buster dps like Cu alter, Nightingale, Helena/any buster dps like salter, jaguar, quetz if I’m not using Merlin support. Backline: Mash, Herc, filler servant with buster dps or have 2+ buster cards


Buster: Jalter + my own merlin + some other merlin. 4060 style. Plugsuit MC with poster girl on Shakespeare and prisma on hans. Jalter usually gets joint recital or art of death.

Arts: Vladzerk + my own tammy + friend’s waver. Have merlin in back line with mash and mozart should one of the supports die. Cool down reduction MC. NP loops and cooldown reduction give me a different high compared to my usual buster shenanigans.

Quick: None.



Honestly my arts team is the closest I have to a fully developed team. My quick and burster teams, if you call them that, depend on my arts servants.

[center][b]My Arts turtle team:[/center][/b]

mash + Jeanne + Hans + support Tamamo (or support Nero Bride)+ Eurayle+ sanzang (or Nitocriss)

Sometimes I throw in D’Leon in as well.

I use this whenever I simply don’t want to lose. It is slow but just about unkillable. I want to get my own version of both Nero and Tamamo to make it more flexible as well as Sqirtoria to give it more DPS.

[center][b]Baby quick team: [/center][/b]

Support Jack (or Waver) + MHXA + Enkidu + Santa Alter+Mash (or Hans) Tristan (stuck at lvl 50) or Ushiwakamaru (stuck at lvl 60) or Caesar (lvl 51)

I am still working on this team and it needs a lot of work. It is very squishy so I often will throw in mash/ Hans/ or a support Waver. However, it is hard to call it a quick team with two arts type or an arts +burster characters in it.

I want to get my own jack desperately as well as either Quetzalcoatl or Maid Alter as crit damage dealers. I also hope to add Achilles and Skadi next year.

[center][b]Burster team:[/center][/b]

Don’t have one. Closest I have would be throwing these characters together with a support Merlin

Support Merlin/Waver + Santa alter + Santa lily + lu bu + Emiya (lvl 70) + Nobu (lvl 65) + sanzang or Enkidu

I am not sure if Emiya/ Sanzang/ or Enkidu could even be considered burster servants but they got burster NP that could benefit from hero creation.


My main team are usually Busters:

Cu Alter, Ozy, Nightingale (for support), Cleopatra and ProtoArthur

Arts: CasGil, Ascended Hans, Nitocris, Emiya

Critical star grabbing: Yan Qing

For survivability: OG Cu

I’m currently trying to get Waver/Merlin cuz I feel too bad about borrowing other people’s a bit too much xD


Buster team --> Buster DPS + 4060 Merlin Waver. Honestly Critical Buster DPS > Normal Buster DPS. It could be very boring, but kill the enemy in fastest way. Sometimes I will mix Buster DPS, but still focus on Critical damaging. Otherwise your np gain is a issue
Art team. Tamamo is core. Sometimes it could be art critical team, but sometimes it could be normal Art team (no need critical), and sometimes it could be a stall team. Art team more emphasis on cycle of Art chain and NP/skill spam. Depending, therefore 2030 Merlin, Waver, Jeanne after np buffed will all put into Art team. DPS normally is Archuria/Vlad, and sometimes Bride and Orion, Caster Gil, Lancelot, etc.
Quick team: NO quick team before Skadi.

But it doesnt have to strict following such mode. Sometimes servants could be more flexible. For instance, Kintoki, Okita and Shishou has quick appearance at the first glimpse, but thus far the best way is still put them into critical team with 4060 waver/merlin. Same thing, Assassin team use extensive Quick card, but I still will pick Assassin with AAQQB deck with caster support, in order to have more AQQ for critical NP gain +star generation rather than the terrible Quick chain. Except that Assassin is Jack (but I have 3 Jacks in hold LoL).
Som e servants have decent semi-supportive role. Like Bryn/Bride, etc. They could be applied in many teams, no matter “Buster”
If you want straight-wordy kill the enemy, then throw the berserker. No team needed.