Level 1 Supports

From what I understand, some people seem to value certain Level 1 Servants for Solos.

Apart from a Level 1 Georgios with Bond CE at 1/x/x, are there any other notable Servants in this category? If so, which CE and Skill levels would be appropriate, even for personal use? (I haven’t tried soloing yet, mainly due to not having the roster to do so.)

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Georgios is the big one, but a number of Servants can be kept at minimum level for their skill(s) and be allowed or encouraged to die quickly. His bond CE is especially valued because he has taunt in his first skill already, and there’s no need to level that skill.

If the Servant needs to be at 2nd or 3rd Ascension for the skill you want to exploit, it’s even more important not to give that copy Fous or to level it unnecessarily.

E.g. I have an extra Kiara at lvl 50 and 2nd Ascension because her s2 will have buff removal attached with her next strengthening, and having that option was better than burning her for 5 RP.

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Leonidas & caligula both equipped with superscope.

Leonidas NP offers a taunt for 3T and 25 crit stars and caligula NP seals enemies NP and skills for 3T.


Other notable servants:

  • Leonidas
  • Caligula
  • Nobukatsu
  • esports Waver

Main thing as to why they’re so popular is due to the two strategies they enable. The first is to just taunt and then die. Either eating an enemy ST NP or to trigger whatever CE to help you get a boost in battle. The main CEs for this are George’s bond CE, 500 Year Obsession, and The Merciless One. Honorable mention: Battle of Camlain. Usually this strat is used either to buy time, eat an enemy NP with plugsuit, or set up a solo with Herc or QSH or the like.

Second strategy is for when you want the skill effects, but still need things to die. Bit more tricky as most servants don’t have a taunt in their kit, so it’s usually enabled with the Poster Girl CE. Using waver as an example, keeping him at minimum level but having him still get all three skills, so he’ll end up being like level 70 10/10/10 or something. His skills are just as strong, but he will die easier, which you can rely on. This helps speed up fights, as you can more quickly stack your buffs without needing to use plugsuit. Faster clears being the desired outcome; killing your enemy fast enough that you don’t have to deal with problems down the line like when buffs fail or your enemy gets break bar buffs stacking and survival becomes more difficult.

Really just personal preference on enabling a variety of strategies.


Georgios is an interesting case - I keep 2 copies of him around, one with all 3 skills and a lvl 1 copy. His s1 taunt lasts for 3 turns and his s3 has Guts, so he can take two hits guaranteed with his full kit, and can go up to 3 with certain CEs or partners (because of the way taunts and Guts interact, if a Servant with a taunt up gets a Guts revive, the enemy turn ends even though they by rights have some actions remaining).

I normally wouldn’t recommend putting up such a Georgios on your friend list, but for personal use it’s good to have a few options. 3T Georgios is especially useful against powerful ST Archers and Assassins, because with just the tiniest bit of support (even just Leonidas) he can start on the field and shut down an enemy NP without needing to get the plugsuit involved, meaning you can still bring more solo-oriented MCs like Atlas - I use that tactic quite a bit in my very occasional Merlin solos.

While he’s still a few months away from release, I’ll just mention Chen Gong since he’ll also be one of the best enablers of solo strats. He’s an easy use in one package for the purpose, being able to remove even a fully raised party support while directing a taunt to himself.

Other esports units that come to mind, aside from the ones mentioned here already, are Scàthach (Assassin) for her taunt, Bunyan of differing levels and Ishtar (Rider) for their party wide utilities (usually with poster girl). Arash also serves as a wave clearer when you just want to solo the second wave. There’s some fellows out there preferring to use him at level one with an MLB kscope too just for the suicide.


if you’re gonna have an esports waver, you want his second skill at 1 so that it impacts his ability to die the least, for the record.

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Leonidas at lvl 1 is good since he’s just another fodder with a self target like Georgios. If you give him a Battle of Camlann CE or Battle of Camlann CE, it’ll help a lot.

As an aside, I forgot to mention this before, but a large part of soloing “meta” at least as far as taunters go, is meta because most players have them and that lets you borrow the actual solo Servant from your local neighbourhood whale - Cu Alters are still pretty easy to find, Enkidu and King Hassan less so, but the point is, if soloing is something you’re interested in, you should be predominantly focusing on whatever taunters you personally own - Georgios, either version of Mash, Leonidas, D’eon, Summer Scathach etc.

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it’s even more important not to give that copy Fous or to level it unnecessarily

that moment when I goofed and gave 1000HP Fous to Skadi …

I decided to go ahead and raise her to 80, since it was too late to take the Fous off , but damn do I regret it


Personally i always use him with a MLB Necromancy, since he’s the only servant that has a 3 turns Taunt that CE is really great on him.

As for other servants i keep a few other taunters at lvl1 like Leonidas, Summer Shishou or Benkei (lvl25) but i look forward to Chen Gong the most since he’s the perfect servant for enabling soloing.

In my experience with challenge quests, most of the servants die in 1 or 2 hits anyways. Pretty sure at low levels even maxing his defense skill would be fine and probably preferable to help the servants who will be sticking around.

as someone who’s been watching people try the current enmatei cq in various ways, a lv 60 chiron with no defensive buffs has difficulties dying despite a lancer being on the field. you do not want to level an esports waver’s second skill because eventually you will run into a quest where getting him killed on purpose becomes a headache due to the defensive buffs. i would never and will never encourage levelling skills on an esports servant that do not directly improve damage of whoever they’re buffing.


I mean, I get your point. Just going the distance of even having an esports servant is enough commitment that I doubt anyone would want to risk it, but if I had the esports Waver, I would just not even use the skill if I was concerned about it and just save the skill for when it was relevant. Then again, I would never esports a servant. So maybe my mindset is just all wrong.

esports is a very specific mindset, that’s true. the main thing with waver is that levelling the skill is an active detriment and a material cost to you without improving the reason you’re using the skill, since he’ll give you 10% charge when you press the button whether it’s at 1 or 10. i’d personally never say that someone’s first waver should be an esports one either, since it locks you out of his np upgrade, which is a big deal.

also, as a general comment on esports servants, I feel obligated to link this post by known esports/TA guy Hong, since it’s kind of a strong statement on why esports servants are worth the trouble. it’s a very specific mindset, but collecting esports supports and borrowing strong support dps is a very efficient way of playing that allows for endgame play with minimal investment. https://www.youtube.com/post/UgyuOPuPjsbYSFi9Atx4AaABCQ


The list of servants useful at the minimum level required to their esport skills is pretty wrong.
Literally anyone with a buff/debuff effect can be used some are just better than the others. Like the big supp being kept at lvl70 so that they die quickly in CQs etc. And as for the solo question. While a lot can just be solved by picking a Cu alter and bring George/Leo with the right CEs. It tends to vary a bit. Sometimes picking someone with Star burst like Tell is better. or holmes for his gimmick. Basically if you’re finding a CQ hard just find a few solo vids and pull of the one you can. Pretty much every CQ has at least 5 people who can solo em. Some of the better places for vids other than YT are twitter and Billibilli. A lot of the people there do crazy stuf

I usually use a lv1 summer ishtar lv 10 first skill with poster girl and lv 1 sherlock holmes with superscope for challenge quest.

I like having a copy of Avicebron at his minimum level for S3. Get it to level 10 and slap a Poster Girl on him and that’s a lot of protection for your team. Just be careful not to try and stack the invuls with George’s bond CE or Volumen (works great with PfA or Under the Sun, though). I used him to great effect against the MHXA CQ in GilFest.

Taunt CEs open up a whole lot of sacrificial servant strats, which is why they are so valuable. Even a 1-star like Mozart gets a ton of value if you can hasten his departure from the field.

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He is still a while away from NA, but Odysseus is a big one.

His 1st skill applies a 20% arts and quick up party wide alongside a 3 turn taunt for 2 servants that he can choose.

The easiest strat is putting him as a pseudo Esports Rider Ishtar except he doesn’t need Poster Girl or Outrage, so he can run Merciless One or 500 year Obsession instead.
Another strat i have seen Plushie and Ryou do is putting Taunt on a support and Odysseus then swap Ody out via Combat Uniform, the support and him both have freedom to not run Poster Girl and there will only be one targeted servant on the field at a time.

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I also have a copy of Benkei at first ascencion, to unlock his Taunt, but his HP still low to die fast. Taunt doesnt need levlels, but the first skill could be leveled if you want, as its a skill block, so higher level, higher chances. He can block skills and die fast, on top of post mortem CEs effects. Maybe not the best, but still kinda useful.