Level 10 skill candidates


Hey all,

I was wondering what metrics or reasoning you guys use to determine what skills deserve to be level 10 (besides what skills do you use the most). For my part, the protection from wind skills benefit a lot from the reduced cool-down, as do most 3-turn buffs. NP-steroids are also nice, but depend more on what you want to use the servant for.

As for which of my servants have level 10 skills, currently only Ozy and Mash have the full 10/10/10, none of the others have any Lv. 10 skills, although some are hanging at Lv. 9. I do have 17 Lores available, and was wondering who to potentialy use them on (and who you would use them on).

Potential candidates are:
Cu OG and Cu proto Protection from wind
David’s Harp of healing and Charisma
All of Hans’s skills


Mash. Nothing can ever convince me that it wasn’t worth bringing her skills up to max level.

Other candidate skills/Servants are defensive skills (Evades/Invincibles/Taunts/etc), Support Servants, healing skills, and basically any skill that aids in survival. Other skills can rest at 9 for me (or 6 if I lack mats and QP, which is pretty much always).

Offensive skills are mostly low priority for me. If I can stay alive, I can deal more damage later. But most times it doesn’t matter if I deal lots of damage now but die in a few turns.


Well, in the end you want to get all your servants that you use to 10/10/10 skill.

That said, if you are wanting to min-max which skill to get up first then analysis section on each individual servant here at gamepress does a good job of discussing that. For instance, getting Fox Wedding to 10 on Tamamo No Mae is probably the best bet.

I personally use a combination of min-maxing and how much I use those skills (and how valuable they are to me when I do use them) to determine who gets my lores. For instance, Mash (10/10/9) was the very first character I use my first two lores on because her skills are just that valuable to me.

And other than David’s Charisma, all of those sound like good choices to use your lore on.


Well you should definitely lvl 10 the skills of servants you more oftenly use. Theres little value in maxing the skills of someone youll barely even field.

What does your main squad compose of? Or are you the type that always adjusts based on enemy class? If your the former its pretty clear cut whose skills you should be maxing, if your the latter then assess which servants you dont bother “adjusting” each time. Typically these are support servants in general. You mentioned Hans as a candidate. Do you field him often? If the fight was full of riders would you still field him? If its yes on both then by all means max his skills.

You can also 10/10/10 if its for waifu/husbando purposes :catflower:


I usually prioritise my favourite servants and try to 10/10/10 them as long as those skills are decent.

Beyond that, any decent servant with NP charging skill that can reach 50% charge (kintoki rider, Chloe, Drake etc). 50% makes a huge difference because it works with many good CEs.


Right now, I have only two servant with one skill at ten after 94 day of playing : Euryale and her Wind of the Godess; Hans and his Innoncent Monster D (but will be in one year and half Ex :sunglasses:) . I have still a hard time personnaly at having skill at lvl past 6 because of material and qp cost (espcially 5 star servant…)


Max lvl the protect of the wind of Cu classic. He benefit from this lvl 10 more than proto cuz of his gut + disengage. Cu proto is good but is more a hybrid backline-crit dealer. I think it’s better to max the Potw of cu classic because it offer more synergie with his other skills…
For Hans, wait a bit. Honestly, none of his skill are worth max leveling currently as you find better skill on higher rarity servants. But after his 3rd skill upgrade, it become worth to level his Innoncent monster as it give 15 star and a 10% Np gauge per turn at max lvl. Compared to his actual 3rd skill (who is on the lowest tier of stargen skill), it can easily rank as a high tier star gen skill.
I don’t use David, so I can’t offer you advice on him


beside my matthew with 10/10/10
im prob gonna 10/10/10, alot of servants

and from my servant planning,
i observe my arts and quick servants are probably the ones ill max
heck, im not gonna even max my tesla, lartoria, or even drake or raikou

meanwhile, ill prob max my fionn if i ever get him ._.


Cú…I’m not the biggest fan, but if you use him a lot then definitely bring PfA to level 10. It’s a great skill and that extra turn off cooldown means it’s ready that much sooner.

David and Han’s skills are totally worth bringing to 10. They’re awesome team support. David’s first skill you can leave at 9 unless you frequently use him in hard content and need the heal on a shorter cooldown.


May you do it for the memes. I’m here supporting you from the background xD


not even for the memes tho ._.
dude is actually pretty good post buffs
as the only arts aoe lancer in the game
with also comes with a battery, np interlude, team support with his party np gain/star drop increase . and a card type boost

and whom due to me going heavy on beni emma
means ill prob havve him np 2 at least


Easily the most important thing are NP batteries. Reaching the 30%/50% threshold makes them like 3 times better than at 28%/46% because you can NP turn 1 with the right starting gauge CEs. This is straight up required for most farming setups. If you don’t care about 3turning I guess it doesn’t matter as much, but you should very much care about 3turning if you aim to ever max out the servants you care about, because you’ll spend ages farming what you need for that otherwise.

Second best would be any skills that have low cooldowns/high uptime already. Bringing skills like Charisma down to a 5 turn cooldown basically increases their uptime by 20% on top of the increased value of their buffs. This is a very noticeable damage increase during extended fights.

Third best would be the skills of your supports in general, since you tend to bring them to more fights than most of your other servants.

There are also specific skills that scale extremely well with level (Emiya’s Hawkeye) while others barely get better with levels, if at all and are thus not really a good investment unless you don’t have anything else to level first (all of Bedivere’s skills).

Stuff like Mana Burst is basically as good at lv9 as it is at lv10 since uptime is low to begin with and the buff value doesn’t increase much, so you can save your Lores for the more important skills if you’re short on them.

Yeah, Fionn is really good thanks to his multiple buffs. Him being bad is just a meme at this point. There are quite a few servants who go from mediocre-bad to really good post buff (Fionn, Astolfo, Emiya, Artoria, Kiara from the top of my head).


there’s no real bad 4 star now
except for the 2 DW created just to fucking spite me


Oh, I was referring before interlude xD He does require some effort before he’s usable, but post interlude he’s better.
Speaking of Beni-Enma, I really do want… him? Her? Whichever.
Now I’m curious on who’s casually spiting you LOL


I’m at the point where I have more skills that I can max than remaining lores so I really stop and think before I use a lore. How often do I use the servant? How often do I use the skill? Will the cool down reduction make a difference?

FSN cu, saberlot and mash are my only 10/10/10 servants right now. All really benefit from the cool down reduction and I use frequently (well, mash for harder content only because I can’t bond point farm her).

Herc, Kintoki rider, and liz will probably stay 10/10/9 because the last skill isn’t sufficiently used or valuable to me for the extra boost.

Kojirou is 9/9/9 and will probably stay there. I have fun using him, and the cool down would be nice, but for harder content, Jack and ryougi are my goto assassins. I don’t use him enough to justify the lores.

Nitocris is 10/8/? and will probably stay. The death success rate is really valuable at 100% and low cook down. Np gain above 100% is less useful even though I have her np2 and natural gain is usually sufficient in longer fights.

Tristan got his battery to 10 before I was more careful with my lore, and is one I rather regret right now. With the np seal demerit, can’t instant np without a debuff cleansing servant anyway, and you can probably gain the few missing % in the turn waiting for the demerit to go away. And I did it while Tristan was new in my roster, and I ended up not using him enough to really warrant maxing any skill. Chloe is my goto st archer with battery.


beni is a she
dw will never give a 5 star shota :S

miyu and consort yu :S

their nps are :fgo_badciv:
and yu has the worst attack of any 4 star period
miyu is also in the same boat as d’eon where her np lvl needs to be above np 1 to be desirable

and both came out in a time where dw made broken SSRs
so its not like they cared that the game meta was broken
legit someone is doing this just to spite me


Oh yeah Miyu was really tragic. Her demerits are so bad it’s just… sad. Consort Yu though, it’s a pity she really isn’t fantastic. Her lore really doesn’t fit.

Also Beni-Enma is precious. Mine to protecc


Probably safe to say they were $$$ bait.


is murasaki and kp
whom well,
you prob know how broken they are
and just adds to my salt


This is more reason why you should roll for Murasaki.image

In all official sense tho, I 10/10/10 Lancelot saber. You could leave him at 6/6/10 though, but I kinda just wanted his full set. Of course, supports as usual like Hans, Mash, Waver should all be 10/10/10 as soon as possible (I’m probably stating the obvious).