Level 100 Abigail

I just got Abigail but only NP1 and I think she is special so i want to grail her, is it worth?

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If you like her, grail her. NP level shouldn’t matter.


If you want to grail then grail for love, grailing for gameplay isn’t gonna do much, especially for a 5 stars.

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Seconding this, considering you need 5 grails to reach 100.

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If you like her grail her. Even the people most invested at the “top” level of minmaxing everything will tell you that grails rarely make an impact. Straight up the last time I saw it mentioned, in this case involving Dantes, involved someone explicitly asking and caring about min-turning CQs, with the response that “grails and gold fous can make up the difference.” But that stuff, necessarily, applies to only a slim part of the playerbase. Heck, LoneMeteor has completed 99% of the game (all but like, 3 CQs? KH, DV, and I think prototype), with pure bronze units and F2P CEs which just hammers home how unnecessary grailing for gameplay is.

So if you love her, do so, NP level be damned. I’m taking Spartacus to 100 despite the above and him contributing nothing vs e.g. a theoretical 5 grails for Dantes. I’ll be grailing Dantes out of character loyalty if I get him but let’s ignore that.


You answered your question right there :fgo_hokusaiwink:


I’ve heard that if you ask the question to begin with, then likely not. Consider the question in terms of the affinity you have for the character.

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tbh, the only 5-stars really worth grailing beyond for love purposes imo are the common support picks like merlin/waver/skadi/etc

and only to put yours ahead of everyone else for support pickings, which is really not much more of a value

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Wow, I’m really grateful for the response, i have no doubts anymore. Thank you guys!

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Grail for love!

I grailed MHX to level 100, for the happiness of my friendlist also, judjing by how much she is being used

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