Level 42 Challenge - Eevee Evolutions

Working on the Level 42 requirement of evolving Eevee into each of the unique 7 evolutions. I’m done with 2 of them and looking at my progress this morning, I noticed that I can’t see which ones I’ve done already.

I’ve done Leafeon and I believe Glaceon, but jeez. Am I just missing something or am I going to need to make a note after each evolution to track the ones I’ve completed?

Thanks - C.K.

The tough ones are Espeon and Umbreon, make note of those for sure. My son’s account has been stuck on those eevolutions for a couple months. Doesn’t matter much though because the XP monster has swallowed my account, I’m level 46 (with 4mil to get to 47). His might never get to level 45 (xp and tasks)

Same problem. Just remember Umbreon of course, since you have to walk with it. The other one (also did only two) was… Seriously not remembering it. Still have three shiny Eevees, and I have a shiny vaporeon, so I want a shiny glaceon (easy) and Espeon (another walk). Third one idk. Leafeon easy as well, haven’t used a mossy lure module so one has to be that

You have to keep track yourself. When I did it, I renamed the evolutions .42 so they showed up near the top of my storage list (when sorted by name).

I suppose setting off the lures and evolving is quite memorable compared to 99% of other evolving.

You could do espeon and umbreon, which should take your count to 4,leaving the lottery of the first 3 to likely sort itself out with repeats by the time you get all of the 3, then by that point you either have all 7 of you know to a choice of 2 what you’re missing?

For me hardest were those requiring wasting Lures. I did it because someone set 3 lures and i used them.

3 Kanto evolutions are easy. Just keep evolving random eevees until you get all .

If you haven’t used them already, you can use the name trick to speed things up

  • Jolteon : Sparky
  • Flareon : Pyro
  • Vaporeon : Rainer
  • Umbreon : Tamao
  • Espeon : Sakura
  • Glaceon : Rea
  • Leafeon : Linnea

You only get to use them once, so use them wisely

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I encountered a glitch on the Evolve 7 Eevees task. I saw an active ice lure and evolved a Glaceon but did not get “credit” for it on the task progress indicator. Has anyone else heard of this or know a solution? Perhaps it is a one off error as the connection with server was not good (the dreaded spinning circle).