Leveling ce target

Seriously, i have prepared 8 level 55 ce bomb, but right now i don’t know what ce to level.

Those are some ce i can at least see my self leveling up, but honestly I don’t know. The best ce are the buster one, but i already have arial drive maxed.

My other maxed ce are holy night supper, kscope and black grail.

Any idea?
If only those deam art ce where full attack -.-

Sumo or KoM imo.

If you have Skadi, KoM can be kinda neat if you need a bit more refund than HNS provides.

Both are pure attack at least.

Royal Icing isn’t a terrible choice either but can be kinda niche compared to BG. Someone like Hokusai who benefits from the arts boost to facecards for example.

While I agree with Recks that Sumo and Knights of Marines are the best picks, Starry Night, Fondant and Victor of the Moon are all also good picks for CEs to level. Royal Icing is also a decent replacement for Sign of Smiling Face for arts loopers that need a bit more refund help than damage.

Do you not have an MLB Aerial Drive? Because I’d recommend it over anything in this image save for Sumo.

Also, if you level it, Victor of the Moon mostly obsoletes both Joint Recital and Limited/Zero Over due to its greater attack value. Similarly the Christmas Lotto CE this year is probably better in most cases than KoM if refund is a concern, but that’s also like 8 months away.

My final comment would be that no split stat CE is worth levelling since the cost for 1k attack is almost never worth it.


Sumo is overrated there i said it. Only ones you hace even worth maxing are Starry nights,Sumo,KOM and maybe foundant and royal icing. I’d say to level depending on what your main card type use is. Though i’d also say to simply Skip KOM and wait for Traces during Xmas Lotto. Tenkihime is also a good HNS sub cause 15% NP strength up. It really depends on your roster tbh. If you lack major supports then sumo is indeed your best bet. If you run quick go for Traces in Xmas and if you do buster then MAX Starry Nighs

I have basically anything in the game… All support, most of the best damage dealer for any color.
And yes my aerial drive is maxed

I would say sumo or save them for Christmas Locus.

That said, you needed eight lvl 50 one star bombs. Not eight lvl 55 two star bombs. So be careful with how you bomb your CE or or might waste a ton of exp.

Well. Starry nights and sumo just lost value then. Get Traces in Xmas. And if you don’t have MAX HNS then Tenkihime can work as a substitute

I suppose I will keep those bomb for the time being then.
To be fair preparing xp bomb is the worst.
So I’m ok with that

why you haven’t leveled sumo first is beyond me.

Because I started the game after the first run of the event, then i had HNS , and other ce took priority (like kscope e BG). At that point, some extra attack on golden sumo was overshadowed by other option like aerial drive.

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if you don’t know what to level next and your choices are relatively even (as they are now) I’d recommend just stockpiling bombs until you actually needsomething specific leveled. that way you’re prepared and didn’t throw a bunch of exp into a CE you’re not gonna need as much as you thought


cough At Trifas cough…got it to 78 before I realized I liked MGoS much more for QSH. Now I’m patient with my XP bombs.


Tbh I kinda like Trifas lol, I think I got it to around that level too.

@OP: I’d say sumo and KoM to 60+ and then max them out one by one. The exp requirement at higher levels scale ridiculously fast. 1-100 needs twice the amount needed for 1-80. I’d rather have two good CEs at 80 than one at 100. Sumo, KoM and fondant are all good targets (there are enough divine enemies both in story and CQs to make fondant worth leveling).


Because the art on it is so ugl…umm not to my tastes.


I have AD, HNS, GS, and KoM maxed. I honestly rarely use GS unless AD and HNS are already taken or not buster.

KoM I absolutely love for my quick looping since lacking superscope and the 60% gives much more flexibility in my non native skadi world. I can top off my looper with Helena and okkie if I want, or save Waver’s s2 for the next wave in case I only refund 40% because assassins or zerkers while still having a much better punch than level 40 kscope with the extra stats.

Chocolate fondue is on my short list of potentials if superscope continues to evade since we face so many divine bosses.

You can also look ahead at future CE’s, summer has that suzuka ce and Christmas has another quick looping ce

level 40 kscope


I only have 4 kscope so 100 is out of the question. But combining 2 so one can have a small atk boost is the best I can do

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I have a similar question:

Between AD and MGoS then, should AD be prioritised for the first 100 CE?

I don’t have a Scope or a BG…

I’d say it heavily depends on how often you use them. If you use both frequently I’d suggest what I said in my earlier post, level both to 60/80 before finishing them one by one.

On top of my head the rough amount of exp you need to reach these levels:

  • Lv 50: 2m exp,
  • Lv 60: 4m exp,
  • Lv 80: 8m exp,
  • Lv 100: 16m exp.

Rather than having one at lv 100 and the other at lv 20, it’s probably better to have both at lv 60-80. Between the two I’d finish AD first, since it is kinda “best in class” for buster NPs, while MGoS is more niche and would probably take a back seat if you get a kscope (even non-MLB). Most of the current NP loopers we have work better with non-MLB kscope than MGoS for 3 turn farming (Dantes/Atalante/Parvati/Valkyrie can use non-MLB kscope and mage MC, Zerkerlot would need plugsuit Waver regardless of whether you use non-MLB kscope or MGoS).