Leveling up Legendary Pokemon

Hi, I’d love some guidance on if I should be leveling up some of my legendary Pokémon.

I’m only level 35 and have a number of legendary Pokémon that I have captured over the last few years playing fairly casually. To name a few Darkrai and Giratina O, both and most of the rest are sitting around 85% IVs.

I’m trying to figure out if they are worth leveling. Is there a rule of thumb or anything I can use as simple guide on whether I invest the rare candies and stardust or not?

Thanks any feedback would be appreciated!

A look into the game press attack tier list is a good place to start. And of course the attack stat of your mons. 85percent is not really great so if you don’t need a legendary for a current raid, then it might be better to wait.
For me, darkrai was great, as was zekrom, reshiram, groudon. Giratinas-O good as well. In the end it is individual and depends on the raids you’re doing. But for example rock has a lot of better non-legendaries.

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You don’t really need legendary/mythical mon at this level. Also there are very few legendary/mythical mon worth raising. Just focus on evolving the highest level wild caught mon and using them temporarily.

Of what you named, Giratina-O has the most potential. It will be a while before there’s a Ghost-type that rivals it and its utility is high for PvP/Rocket battles as well. If you have a decent one (and preferable weather-boosted), I would say its worth dumping some RC into since the investment will likely hold for some time. Dialga is another (if you’re lucky enough to have a decent one) that is fairly future-proof and has multiple uses. Also, Mewtwo should be pretty farmable right now and is always worth having a good Psystrike one on-hand.

Happy hunting!

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I know I’m in the minority on this and probably talked about it too much in other posts, but don’t worry too much about IVs. You wont see a noticeable difference between an 85% Giratina-O and a 100% in a raid setting. You really only need to look at IVs and break/bulkpoints for raids if you’re trying to shortman it. On the PvP side, IVs hold a little more weight but still aren’t the first thing to worry about.

If you’re on the fence about powering up a Pokemon it really depends on what Pokemon you have currently and what you need for the raid bosses out right now. If you’re looking at doing Mewtwo raids, Darkrai and Giratina-O are good counters and worth powering up, especially if someone else brings a Mega Houndoom/Mega Gengar. But if you already have an army of Gengar (higher DPS than Drakrai and Giratina but die much faster) and don’t mind using a bunch of Revives/Potions, than maybe hold off on powering up Darkrai or Giratina-O.


I’ll second what @Sir_Gwibbles says about IV. Every legendary caught has base IV of 10. Take Giratina-O, it has a base attack of 225, so a 10 attack IV has total attack of 235, 15 attack IV has attack of 240. So you’re talking about 2% variation between best and “worst”.

Apart from Heatran and the Kanto birds, which are re-released every 6-8 minutes, many legendaries will be a long time coming back around so don’t be afraid to power up the best of what you have.

@stativision is right about the Tier list too, it’s a good guide to build your teams and helps planning for the future too, which is half the battle in this game. Look for those types where non legendaries are as good (rock, grass, fighting spring to mind) as well as those legendary types with most utility.

If you don’t know what to power up first, try and look ahead. Sometimes you can’t but right now you know there’s about 3 months of the forces of nature, so look for common weaknesses across the three.

If you don’t instantly need sonething, there’s nothing wrong with waiting, it takes moments to power up, but a long time to replace the dust and RC invested into the wrong thing.

Lucky trades are a big help, if you have a local group, you can save loads of dust lucky trading.

Finally, I’d recommend powering up a couple of things to L30, rather than one to L40. Only when you’ve got a rounded set of teams for most types would I recommend going much above 30.

As always, it’s your game, your fun so if you want to throw away all of the above and power a shiny 66% Latias to L40 go for it.


On the topic of Giratina and Darkrai, The Pokemon Company recently announced a remake of Diamond and Pearl releasing the end of the year and Pokemon Legends Arceus in early 2022 so you can bet we’ll see events to celebrate the releases. That likely means Legendaries in raids and releases of Shaymin, Arceus, Manaphy and Phione.

You’re not in such a small minority. In general I also tend to say that IV in pve don’t matter that much. Also levels don’t matter that much (in fact an attack stat of plus 5 matters more than levelling up from 30 to 31). But i also say, in the end the IVs is one of the few things you cannot change (except lucky trading and even then it’s risky, a 121213 can also get worse). And if you are able to wait and can hope for a specific mon with better IVs - why not. Specifically, if someone asks which legendary she best powers up, one possibility is to took for that one with the best stats. If you play only pvp and have a 151411 darkrai, I would choose that one over an 111213 giraO for example.