Leveling up to Level 50

What??? Not minding the tasks for leveling up to level 50 because it is not to bad. Honestly hoping that a lot of the tasks will be satisfied already since I have been at level 40 for a while now.

I think my biggest complaint is the odd XP #. I was thinking it would be a little more well rounded like 100,000,000 XP… but 176,000,000 is so weird?

Might be a pattern: catch; catch; evolve; raid; raid; raid; raid

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I wish it were the case. I’m close to 100M EXP though :frowning:

I wish that was the case too, so much happier at 100,000,000 XP.

I know the whole level…actually I don’t want to go there…sometimes ignorance is bliss.

I have over 158 million XP…just not on the same account. Three 40s, 38, and a 37. I expect people to revolving door friend and unfriend. I still have 80 friend spots left. Been a long time since I cashed in a BF, always defer the extra 100k. That still wouldn’t make most of what I need

The only requirement we can satisfy before hand is the XP.
The rest are lists to be achieved between levels.

Many appear to be whale bait, although with massive XP barriers at later levels, the requirements will just be worked on alongside the XP grind.

What you did before counts for nothing…the candy exchange rate shows that is by design.

So am I right in saying that the amt of candy for a single powerup just went from 15 at lvl 40 to 1000(= 10 XL ) for the powerups above 40 (with a small chance to get xl candy in raids/eggs) and niantic has disguised that fact by creating xl candy and saying that only 10 xl candy are needed

Yup…it costs loads in current candy.

However, you catch about 1 XL candy per 10 normal candy - by my rough estimates, based on Meltan Box and Community Day.

I think the candy conversion is off by a factor of 10.
It feels like this is the one thing they could do to reward years of dedication as customers.
Hopefully it changes.

I am planning a big write up, and opinion soon - I just don’t want it to be rash, so giving myself time to play through it.


Does the XP actually count retroactively? I’ve been sitting on like 4 BF for a while (already 40s, no chance of trading w them), but might as well lucky egg them if this is the case

Any and all XP is useful/“needed” people 4xforty; 5xforty; 6x40 now know they need to be almost 9xforty to eventually get to 50.

20,000,000=level 40 need almost 9 of them

So, XP gained before the 50 release, counts or no? Sorry I understand what you’re saying but the answer isn’t clear lol

All XP, whether gained July 10th 2016 or July 10th 2026 is needed. Get XP. Your total needs to read 176,000,000 to eventually get level 50. Look at your current total and subtract.

176,000,000-current=how much you’ll need

I’m fairly surprised they made the 50 number so high 176 mil

They say they are increasing the xp for some daily things, but 4+ years and you might not be halfway to 176 can get your attention. Makes one look at the friendship avenue but also don’t sit in your living room incensing a smaller account. Might need xp/candy for yours. I’m pinap’ing whismur and evolving them as I catch them.

It did. Im at 96 mil in 4 years.

But I dont want to go back to the days of “Mass Evolving” thats hideously unfun and mkes the game more a chore than fun.

Friendship is another route of course, and anyone who wants lots of friends that they can egg at once just needs to hit Arak2 name and send me a pm with a code.

It is not only that last level (30 million) , to reach level 48 you need 21 000 000 that is more then you needed to reach level 40, level 49 you need 25 000 000, and ofcourse level 50 30 000 000 so for the last 3 levels you need like 4 times level 40…

Just confirming all XP counts.

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I’m totally stumped about how casuals are going to go past Rank 44.

It’s literally impossible for non-EX-hardcore/Elite players to win 20 GBL battles. If you do not have a good understanding on mechanics or Pokemon, you just can’t. It’s literally impossible.

Even I have trouble against GBL during some times of the day, especially R9 or above.

What? If it was that hard they could just tank/ lose until their elo gives them wins. There’s always someone worse than you, 20 is nothing.

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Yeah, Go Battle League is just an add-on task. If they’ve never played before they are going to get matched up with other people with no clue

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