Leveling Up

I think Level 30/35 used to be the level of diminishing returns but that was without XL Candy and Level 50. Is that still true? Should I be levelling up my Pokemon more for PVE, perhaps to Level 40?

Level 35 'mon are still just as good as they were before the XL system. Now there are more shortman options (and the whole XL sub-leagues of PvP) since >lvl40 'mon can hit certain breakpoints/bulkpoints but the 'mon you were using before are still just as raid-worthy as they were.

Pretty much what @captpepperjack says, but I’d add that now dust and candy is generally easier to come by, plus candy for older generations has naturally accrued, so the smaller performance increases aren’t as expensive pro rata as they might have been historically.

Other factors like lucky trades and to a lesser extent purified pokemon have also made powering up less expensive than it once was.

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That is true for players that play “hard” for the more casual players (level 35-40) candies and dust still are problems…

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That’s still true, basically nothing has changed, except that now there is an even higher level of “less value for money” from level 40 on. Usually it’s completely enough to level up to 30 to 35. But the big question remains - what to do with the resources? If you have 2 million dust, why not level some up to 38 or even 42? After all it’s your decision - some play pvp and like to use the resources for 2nd moving, some keep resources for hundos or shadows exclusively, some don’t care at all…

Yep, exactly where I am, even after some 3m investment in various PvP stuff in the last month or two, I’m still sat on many millions. After the 2xhatch dust event next week, I’ll have even more. Same with candy, especially for earlier Gen stuff.

Bit tangential, but I would genuinely love a feature to “trade” it to friend. Some checks and balances would be needed but why not? Why couldn’t I trade a friend in need a million dust or 250 candy, say, in exchange for a shiny?

In a sense you can do that by powering up low IV/hi lvl 'mon and trading those to your friends (preferably lucky trade so the IVs are ok).

Powering up some 4* things which i don’t necessarily use for anything now. But i also put about many things into XL leveling, which doesn’t make sense in terms of value for money… (Guess my lvl 50 hundo glaceon I rarely will use at all)

Quite early in the game (around 30K catches) you can have a good squad for PVE for every category if you are careful with resources (namely stardust).

I mean 6 counters in the top 3 (excluding shadows & megas) for everything at level 35-40.

After this you get into marginal gains for PVE. Stardust stops being the limiting factor and XL candy and good IV (shadow) pokemon are. The game gets very, very slow… and you need to find solace in collecting shinies, perfects, PVP, turning gyms gold or pikachus with hats!