Levelling up servants

Hello Chaldean’s and fellow Master’s. This coming Halloween event marks my first year of play and enjoyment. I have noticed that my servant is constantly growing, though I imagine that will slow down now as I have almost all 1-3* servants. I have considered posting my servant list to get thoughts on who to level, though I’ll just continue to raise who I like. So instead I was wondering how all you seasoned masters manage to raise your entire rosters. Also any advice/tips on skill levelling as almost all my servants are still at the 1-1-1 stage. Any way thank you for reading my post and hope you are all well and having as much fun as possible.

Time and accumulation. Clearing out all the event shops is crucial, as is lottery farming for the gems and the embers/QP for leveling. Outside of that, there is no trick to it.

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lottos, clearing the event shops of important items (meaning not pieces/monuments, some mats debatable), and taking advantage of half ap periods for dailies when they have something I need

probably the 3 biggest things


Clearing event shops eases collecting materials for leveling up skills while the upcoming Gilfest will be giving us a lot of skill gems and QP so if you farm hard, you’ll be set for a good while. :slight_smile:

As for which servants to level, mostly servants who rely on skill cooldowns (mostly arts servants) benefit the most. You don’t have to raise all skills to 10/10/10. If you don’t have the materials, it’s good enough to raise to level 6 for the 1T reduction or level 9 if you don’t have lores. You can also check gamepress and appmedia for which skills to prioritize first for a specific servant but top of mind: NP charge skills (especially ones that scale with level like Skadi’s 3rd skill), attack/card buff skills and survivability skills (taunt/evade/invincibility) are the most impactful to raise.

reminder too, that unless you have some ex tier shit luck or otherwise maybe the saving power of pure divinity, this is pretty much literally impossible. even if you started on the game’s release and got every lore, including the rare prism shop one every month

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Haha yeah, I meant you don’t have to raise A servant’s skills to 10/10/10, not ALL servants to 10/10/10. Apologies for the confusion.

For example, Mozart’s 1st and 3rd skill are good to raise to level 10, but his 2nd skill isn’t very good and can be left at level 1. So he’ll be a 10/1/10 at best.

then me: 10/10/10, because I like nice numbers

he’s actually 9/9/9 for me

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How I go about it:

  • For the ascension raising priority, I go with Favorites > Needed > Gameplay effectivity > Rarity.

  • I don’t hard farm embers unless I want to raise someone that badly or unless there’s some ongoing campaign that incentivizes it. I leave that to the monthly shop and events.

  • As for gathering mats, going hard on events particularly lottos, hunting quests and half daily AP campaigns are the way to go. Other than that daily AP goes to farming them when there’s nothing happening, though mostly on bronze mats as the events just don’t give enough.

  • As for skills, 10/10/10 faves, max needed skills, 6/6/6 for good and decent filler units, then the rest goes up until 4/4/4 if I have some spare mats.

  • Get all fous available as much as possible from monthly shop and events. I use them with the same arrangement of priority as ascensions.

  • Command code resouces are given to those who need them then favorites .

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Not sure how luck is relevant here but i’m pretty sure it’s impossible period, regardless of whaling status or not… even if you buy them from the RP shop every month you’ll never have enough lores for every servant.

For events, you also need to check which nodes drop mats you need, you can use apples on them especially if you still not have enough of the currency for mats in the shop. The objective is to farm the currency and mat at same time.

You also need to Prioritize which skill need to be leveled up. Normal is this order
Battery > Attack buff > evasion

I mean I haven’t counted, but it might be possible if your entire roster is purely bronzes, welfares, some silvers, and the tutorial roll gold(s)

hence ex tier shit luck

more likely than not though, still impossible. esp with the batch of new bronzes we’ll get next year

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As a young Master I typically only leveled up the 4 stars + most used lower servants. Support, Tank, etc. I stuck to the Servant’s I used most in fights. A lot of my lower, very usable utility Servants got ignored.

Looking back, I would of changed that up. I also wondered how other Masters were leveling up so many Servant’s until I ran into an overabundance of Embers from certain events/lotto and clearing out the store each month. It all adds up. There was a big ember event before the Shiki Ladder that really helped with tons of embers for those lower servants. I believe the Gilgamesh lottery coming up soon will help a lot too with embers and QP. Take advantage and run it many times as you can. I would take note of mats for a ascending lower servants. I try not to use mats i need for 4-5 Servants skills so I don’t run out.

In 2-3 lotto events you can max level all your servants so dont worry. I would recommend leveling tier 1 and 2 low rarity servants first. Georgios, mash, hans, fuuma, david and eueyale can really help

Cheers for the advice. Gilfest will be almost as big as this summer event for me. Hopefully I’ll get time to finish LB2 before Halloween. Also I don’t think I can do much more for Euryale, that lovely lass carried me through Camelot.

Since you’re looking forward to gilfest, you should plan for the best servants that you have for farming gilfest and raise their skills before the event.

Look for the thread with best farm team or gilfest threads here.

That’s a good plan. I’ll also have to farm me some embers. So much to do.

With 80 servants sitting at level 1 and 0 embers I might need to take a break from events and lost belts.

Just wondering is it worth using apples on dailies to level servants or save them for events?

Generally, use them for events.

But if you are close to; or need that extra push to; finish levelling/upgrading skill your servants, I don’t see a harm using a few apples to finish it up.

Not worth it to eat apples unless dailies are on half AP.

The events have embers in the shop so its better to use apple on events.

MP shop refreshes embers every month too.