LF> FGO NA Raikou 10/10/10 friend np2(higher the better) qwq

Hi everyone, I’m quite new here at gamepress so please go easy on me xd

So I had a few whales unfriend me on NA because my support is not that good (even though I login everyday, sucks to be f2p :< )
Anyways, it would help me a lot if someone with a raikou np2 up(grailed) could help me on my journeys xd especially for this upcoming rashoumon and onigashima event, thank you!!!

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also my id is 832,222,539 thanks!!! :relaxed:

Well, my Raikou isn’t grailed, but NP2 and 10/10/10 should be good enough no?
Will send a request shortly.
Master name is Psi.

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What the- are you really the same Psi with the NP 4 Merlin??

Still got space? Got a grailed Raikou. Sent you a request, my Master name’s Kai

If you missed it, my ID is 135,426,527

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Sent you a request. Got a 10/10/10 lvl 100 np2 Raikou. Name is Milly.

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My ID is 758,788,297 in case anyone else reading this needs a Raikou.

@Duskhy Added you. IGN: Emprisk


And all this time I though it was just coincidence you got the same name as the one in my friends list…

Thanks guys xd uwu

Will accept later cuz I’m drunk hhhaha

Added guys thanks! OwO