Libra builds?

Hey does anybody have a cheap to semi-cheap build for Libra, Im going to switch out Cherche for a bit in arena.

In progress

He will be +10 and yknow built, im just waiting on like 15k feathers

Hmm… could go for a tanky build, Grail fodder pending. Bracing Stance, Renewal, Quick Riposte, and Atk Smoke would be a good budget combo to run.

But since you’re nore aimed for a Fury build, Wrath and a Brazen seal could work well too.

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I might give that tanky one a go later but i am trying that wrath one now as i go and its pretty great just got to pick between brazens

Calculator score, still grinding sp for now

Atk/Spd should help the most, seeing as it conpliments his boon nicely. Otherwise I’d sooner opt for the Def/Res one once we get it.

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The build that I use on my Libra when I need a ‘backup B!Ike’.

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