Libra's July plight! ♨️

HEY! :catwave:

Welp, glad to see you here. Welcome! Hope you’re having a swell time despite the bad stuff, you’re not alone. :feh_faecheer:
July wasn’t a zombie nor an alien invasion, I guess the Ber-months are saving the best ones for last. :catdude:

Anyway, welcome to my July gacha, FEH edition! (5★ pulls, regardless of exclusivity, amount spent, dupes or whatnot). :feh_bartre:

If you don't know the drill so far, here are the previous months!

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June was a sweetheart, mostly. Valuable gets, decent frees, and I exited quite content with the haul. July, please be like your sister…

A week has passed before anything happened.
Already, a Duo unit has appeared! Oh what a cruel move to drop that as June ended and I’m starting to hoard again.
Knowing that my friend nutted got 'em,

Of course I pulled, I will either way

I got my boi! That’s not the dBae, but he’s on my list so, no complaints here. :feh_bylethsmile:

A steal!

Usual protocol — Drain!

Idk what’s my deal with Larcei and why I got spooked thrice now. Didn’t mean to like her that much, but oh well. :feh_lucyshrug:

A nice Repellent. Heh
ORBS: all that I had!

I’m on mining duty starting now, scraping rock bottom for loose orbs. :upside_down_face:

2 days of building up a little pity%.

Plot ruined my sidequest.


ORBS: ??? (As you’ve noticed, the gauge was off after the first get)

My friend asked why I didn’t just snipe instead. I told him that it was what I’m gonna do after building up %. Unlucky.

goes back to the mine, silently sobbing

Alas, Desert Mercenaries revival drops.
Sad timing.

After gathering the tix, I was ready to bust and move on...

Instead it was a different kind of bust this time. :fgo_buster:

Thanks for the pick-me-up, game.
ORBS: 4 (could’ve been free if I just immediately went for blue.)

Oh it was a bust, alright! Big bust. :feh_bkhaha:

And just like that, they’re +3. Tied with mBae. :feh_faewow:
ORBS: 0 (basically 5 glorbs for 2 DElphs. not cursed.)

cues mood change, for now, I guess

New Heroes arrive, looked enticing. Not enticing enough for me to allocate scraped resources tho, so sip and skipped.

2 weeks and more of nothing gained, the end is nearing (for the month, atleast), light is dimming and orbs are very scarce. Haven’t cared sniping 1s, why start now.

Just PULL.

I-… :fgo_nitocry:

And here they are, the trophy waifus :feh_nowiwow:
ORBS: Don’t even think about it
And +Atk at that! Ooh.

This month is Saved.
Not a bad spook. sighs of relief

And that's that for July.

Terrible statistical results, kinda tragic really, but somehow agreeable standing values. Coming out with about 30 vorbs and prized units… Scary but w0rTh, as always. :fgo_scheherazadesmirk:
Was mindless throughout the month. Lul

Having been preoccupied by stuff this month, couldn’t just focus on 2 or 3 things anymore, is why this rendition is much shorter than predecessors. But a showcase must be made, and good thing that a whole lotta nothing was going on with my pulls, in terms of quantity, anyway. Haha

Nothing much to say but good luck to everyone’s Augusts and beyond! Keep believing. :feh_caspar:

Well anyway, thank you very much for dropping by, d00ds! What did you think of my July pulls/stories?
Feel free to drop any of your ordeals/sessions/stories, anything, this month. I’d read 'em all. Thanks for taking the time (or skimming)! I appreciate it. Till next time.
:feh_bylethconfused: :feh_creepybyleth:


Well this month the only 5 star unit i got was summer selena -spd +hp
Started a new game last month so that’s it for me
Oh, guess I’ll say that I’m saving for vika and plumeria.


This month I spent almost 250 orbs going for the summer heroes of 3h and didn’t get one at five stars until the very end with a +spd summer byleth, two pitybreakers alpng the way
I didn’t get dorothea but that’s fine as I will just save for her rerun. I also free pulled a deirdre. And then came the kris banner. On this banner so far I have pulled 30 times and I have gotten two five star lenas, two four star lenas, a percy, a nailah, a fem kris and a +spd male kris. My luck has been up and down this month but overall I’m happy with my pulls


Hey those were some nice pulls you had, kinda jealous of the Ephraim, but the game gave me no blues lol.
But I did get some neat stuff.
+spd for my Veronica

After all these years I got her, and with a spd boon! :feh_catria:

1 out of 3 Lysithea’s I got from the moonbow banner but this one is plus atk!


Where’s the ■■■■■■■ Libra.


First off henlo! I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages :feh_maristare:

You had some great pulls honestly. Got the two Ephs in so low orbs which is amazing.

As for me… well this month was SOOOOOOO not healthy for my orbs.

Pulled myself a free D!Byleth -atk +def but that’s ok, they’re still great. Very happy about that one.

Used around 110 orbs for a Kaden and 2x Hilda, which is great too because I like her (duh, that’s why I was pulling)

Got a Gerik from free pulls, very happy about that one too. Nice fodder for Silvia :feh_nino:

Pulled a free F!Kris -Def +HP which I was ecstatic about.

So many great free pulls this month.

So I’m sitting at about 820ish orbs with some mail and story orbs, then the mythic banner dropped.

Rip orbs. Too good of a lineup to pass up there. Spent around 550 orbs for everything I wanted.

First session

Second session

Now for next month you will only hear of free pulls because I will not spend an orb. I’m really low on orbs as opposed to usual, so I really do gotta save

I’m super happy I got everything I wanted from the Mythic banner. Still have an alright orb stash. Better keep saving for Marianne :feh_mariannesip:

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But how much did you spend on her? Couldn’t possibly be worse than me.
Also which game? D:

Goodluck on the saving tho!




Wooow. You’ve been proactive with those banners and getting good ones. Very nice, I’m happy for your pulls, too!



Thanks! The Ephs were such a mood changer.
dBae’s banner was kinda harsh for it held off on Red many times, so I get you.

Woah. That’s is a nice get!
And those other ones too. looks at the Lysi that I don’t have
Pls spare me some, pls bro. lol

Excuse me, what? lol



Heya! A month surely feels like ages ago, yeah I feel you. I just wasn’t interacting with posts, not even reading stuff. I’m just too preoccupied. Haha
But I’m still here, so howdy.

Thanks, that’s what I would call worth everytime I get a Duo unit. lmao

:catcry: congrats.

For real tho. That’s the point. Preach it. :feh_bkhaha:

I’ll get to reading those links in a different time, but so far, yeah… Those are really good pulls you got! That’s awesome.

Good luck to that, coz’ I have dropped that for myself. hahaha

Again, congrats on your haul! July’s been good on ya.
Marianne’s waiting on the other side…

Thanks for dropping by.


Ye… :feh_maristare:

Thanks! Yeah this month has been really really lucky for me.


If trading was allowed then I would give you one of my 3 manuals of her.


Yeah, I’ve been saying that to my friend, too.
Alas, it’s just a jest.


Sorry for the late response but to answer your question
I got Selena on my free summon so 0 orbs wasted and I started a new (game) account in FEH.


Don’t even sweat it. Late replies are replies regardless, I do it all the time. lmao

Well then, congrats with that free! And goodluck with the new account. :feh_annawink:

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