Libra's June boons! 🍾

Heya :catwave:

We’re now at Part 6 of whatever 2020 is set up to be, an utter trash depicting someone’s tragedy Revelation-type fanfic. Now at the Online/Gaming disaster chapter where waves of confessions and outings exposed a lot of streamers; the Mixer sideswipe, all that crapstorm. :feh_azurafacepalm:
Still hoping for the best outcomes for everyone involved…

Well, June, you could’ve just not. But anyway, time for me to share my gacha stories throughout the month!
(5★ pulls, regardless of exclusivity, amount spent, dupes or whatnot). :feh_bartre:

Previous months, if you're interested. ;)

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Looking back, it was actually a very good pull month. Weren’t that much in terms of quantity, but full of quality ones for sure. I hope this one fares just as well, atleast. :e7_smugbell:

First off, I’mma just say that whatever I claim to save for whichever month it is, it’s probably gonna be a false statement along the line. :fgo_pancakeslmao:
So… Yeah, coming in with a little over 200.

First few days, we have atleast 2 weeks to consider pulling for MicHe, clutching Mila’s Abyssal was very rough, getting confused over an unexpected New Heroes trailer all the while quite occupied with all the things that came with it, FB, etc. It’s gonna be a time.

Suddenly realizing that I have just only a few hours remaining on the Mila banner,

I took the chance.

And chance gave me 2!

Leli and Annette for 30 orbs. No Mila, but blessed x2. :feh_faewow:

Annette: Res / Def
Eli: HP / Res

2 very good support units. Thanks!
And thus the banner disappears a little later…

Almost a week done and I haven’t even started farming Forging Bonds. Lul
But immediately after that good sesh, of course I rode the imaginary luck wave :ocean:, and went for that kinda broken Duo mechanic, especially when my friend is hyping me up for New Heroes banner and that Close Call. Heh

Imaginary as it may be...

But the results are true!

14 blorbs… Pog :feh_kiranger:

MicHe: Atk / Spd

That is some wave of luck, even optimal IV’s!
At this point, my friend told me to stop rubbing salt on their wound for they tried hard to get this, to no avail. I wasn’t trying to, but… :feh_claudesmug:
I want to still take advantage of this wave, moving on to the newcomers…

The new ones def have speed. And like I said, I’m feeling like the wave is still strong.

Continue surfing is the decision...

A good decision it was.

I got the mysterious ware seller. 19 gorbs. The wave is alive. :feh_eiriana_grande:

Anna: Res / Def

One of the most interesting lore I have read from my friend explaining her shtick. :feh_bklul:


Sleepy fairy spirit animal at 65 orbs. :fairy:

Mirabilis: Atk / Res

My mistake was sniping even with the free 10. Big mistake.
But at this point, I stopped, at 12 pulls short of spark.
No Close Call.

A week has passed…

Revivals and stuff. I see Selkie, I go for Blue.

First freebie of the month is...

Free Spirit herself. :feh_petrawink:

Apparently, the :ocean: have gotten second wind. Sure!

Selkie: HP / Spd

I see first batch of Bridal banners, I do not know who to go for.

Randomed between Blue and Gray...

The gamble paid off.

Cordy, I’ll take you. Idk what to do with you, but sure.

Cordy: Def / Res

“I can’t believe a newer player is getting Bride Cordelia before me, a veteran for 3 years.” - my friend (?)
I laughed in all caps, for sure. :feh_bkhaha:
outclassed by a dancer btw

Good pulls…
Resplendent Linde tho. Ooh, that lady is a beauty. I always kinda admired her og feh look, now fully. :feh_arvisboneappetite:

Anyway, while the Double Special Heroes banner was finally up,

Revivals still on the rotation, so...

While I’m rolling, amirite?

Idk, I just remember I liked someone’s Velouria build or something before. So, I just went for gray. Profit. :moneybag:

Velouria: HP / Def

2 weeks in, I just HAD to patch my AlfEna of their worst IV’s. They deserve it for literally becoming a mainstay for almost every important team I have rn. But we’ll get to this later…
Coz’ before that, mByleth banner!

Let's see what it gives me.


35 orbs for this. Meh… We take those, I guess.

Lethe: Neutral

Summer banner leaked, summer banner confirmed.
Would like the weird horse kinda duo mechanic, but not wanting them too much.

I gave orbs...

Orbs gave back.

15 orbs for this… Fluorspar? Checks Merriam Webster Sandbar Flourite, the mineral? The fudge is that supposed to mean. Lmao
Oh well, TT+ points she is. And for cheap.

Selena: HP / Atk


I guess I’ll add the freebie that everyone gets

Oh neat, the current Resplendent candidate


… And now for the main event, mainly because dorbs will be drained for that copy.

Here I go, I guess...

Already broke the chain.

It’s not that I hate you guys. But not now, please. 20 worbs tho. But I’d rather build my blue %. +1, fine. :e7_angelicawoke:

The wave...

I have now realized, it is a blessing and a curse. The wave that I enjoyed so much, has drifted me to the wrong shores. :feh_surtr:
20 gorbs. Again. Why gob. I mean, she’s alright, infact I don’t dislike her as a unit. But why gob.

nyLethe: Spd / Def

good? I think?

I go again...

Ssss. Nino is Nino, and this Nino got good fodder. But c’mon. 85 norbs. :feh_angrynino:

3 weeks passes, and I give it my all.

95 orbs. Feels bad. Feels sad. I leave with temporary regret, and moving on. One day I’ll fix your IV’s, AlfEna. :feh_sharenacry:

Days pass until the end of the month. Then, we are introduced to a new Legendary horseman that is slow but is able to make follow-ups (nice trope).
I wasn’t really interested in him or this banner in particular, but Seliph alt seems good, I guess.
My friend sent me a screenshot of a free pulled one, good for them, not as jelly as I thought I would be tho. Sooo…

I'll just be doing Redeem on Red and forget about it, for now.


OH. I didn’t know they were giving 'em out like hotcakes! :feh_sothishook: Wowzers.

lSeliph: Atk / Res

Not the best, but okay. Yet another bonus maker for modes and such, for free. Nice! :feh_rein:

And that's that for June!

Very eventful, compared to the last. It is technically valuable as well, tho orbs were spent. Exactly (?) 398 orbs, for 15 5★s (16 if I included free summer Linde). Meh. You see, I don’t add up the total until I write this topic, so I’m just a couple hours early surprised as you. Haha
So, barring that final bloodlust, I would’ve made away with very positive vibes, but nah. :feh_idunnstare:
And I even surprised myself with getting the Duo this time, and the last minute spookLiph, ez pickings. worth xd :feh_claudesmugger:
Nothing will be promised starting now, in terms of “saving” coz’… Yeah. I’m done with shallow promises. I’ll just get there when I get there, and see what luck has in store for me. In the meantime, hoarding should be good for another few weeks… Right? he he he

Halfway through the month, and it’s still bad, Covid cases rising, etc. Honestly, it’s just like a terrible monster that’s growing and developing new limbs by the month. Kek
There always will be that glistening hope, and who doesn’t want to see that hope fulfilled. One day… one day.
For now, goodluck to everyone’s July! :fgo_jackpeek:

Extra spice

M E R C H A N T btw

Again, I have no idea what lore there is for any FF. So I always have my friend to dump me some, once in a while, and this Dark Souls hidden boss is the most interesting one yet. Maybe because I like these kinda twists and surprises in games. And I’m def very pleased with her getting in FEH, just by her quirky backstory and voice lines in-game. haha

FEHn fact: Apotheosis Anna is the newest Lance Infantry unit in the 5★ pool since Shiro, a 2018 addition. Lance Infantry units are considered rare, comfirmed

Best girl?

Another lore bit dropped to me was about how L’Arachel is one of 2 best girls, if not the best, in her game. :)
I was also shown the dialogues she has with Ephraim. Really adorable, I would say.

Idk why I saved this

“Big bwo” protecc lil sisters.

Summer Paradise

My friend’s resort. They like swimsuits that much, apparently. lol

Am I guilty?

Frick, I did not write anything for 2020. I’m one of the causes or terrible luck. Sorry! :feh_notlikethis:

Come join

The seasonal gang! All alts, no main. Welcome.

Charlotte still waiting for her normal attire for 3 years, and counting. poor girl, prolly didn’t even got to the wedding. lel

Well anyway, thank you very much for dropping by, d00ds! What did you think of my June pulls/stories?
Feel free to drop any of your ordeals/sessions/stories, anything, this month. I’d read 'em all. Thanks for taking the time (or skimming)! I appreciate it. Till next time.
:feh_catria: :feh_estsmile:


Dang your luck is good. my haul this month is a free annette with +atk, a mirabilis from the spark, a five star mustafa, a lysithea I gave to my duofonse, two selenas in 12 orbs and two nino merges. Not a bad haul but my luck has been on a downturn lately. Hopefully my luck is better next month


Statistically tho, like if units are valued 1:1 then it probably is worth, I think?
But when you apply some sentimental value and such abstract emotions to the pulls, I’d say it’s not that good for me. I will take it tho, I’ve learned to move on. Lol

Anyway, you’ve got pretty valuable haul yourself, indeed! My friend, not until recently, has been on a bad streak, then he got luckier than me past few weeks, now we’re like same tier. So, yeah, I talk about luck but it’s just imaginary, what happens happens, there ain’t no bad juju or something. Just pull what you like, and hope for the best. Haha


Hey those were some nice summons.
As for myself, I had a lot of free summons and 5 stars but my favorites were…

Ignore Noire’s level, just started on her.


A lot of free summons, eh? Wow. Congrats to your pulls as well, then! Hope July sticks too. :clap:

I don’t mind the levels since I get 5★ pulls that just sit in my barracks, of varying unmaxed levels. lol



Congrats on all the luck! :feh_flaynsmile:

You seemed to get really lucky this month, and evening it out, 15 5*s is quite a lot for only 400 orbs :feh_notlikethis:

As for me…

Spent 50 orbs evilly on the duo special heroes for NY!Selkie (+spd -Res) bittersweet IVs but I’m still super glad I got her after so little orbs :feh_nino:

Spent another 50 or so very evilly on the oldest bridal banner. Got a B!Caeda +HP -spd so I used divine codes to patch that up. I’m super glad I got her after all, and in so few orbs again! :feh_sothishook:

Free pulled a -atk +def Ninian which is nice I guess. Merging into neutral probably. For the freebie I got a S!Lyn which is amazing, I do need Sturdy Impact either for Caeda or F!Julia.

Yoloed 8 orbs for Petra aka Ground Orders, so as much as I like her, she’s fodder

Then for the big summoning this month, spent 150 orbs for Sothis, and a L!Azura with perfect IVs (-atk +spd) yay! That was my highest priority target and Sothis is alright, might merge her.

Leaving the month with 950 visible orbs :eyes: since I grinded out the story. I hope Marianne is the next new heroes banner! :feh_maristare:

Anyways it was a nice read as per usual :feh_nino:


Thank you, thank you! :feh_flaynfish:

Yeah, I don’t really know what’s happening. I feel like once I step outside I get retaliated by lightning or something. :feh_deltheano: lol
But yes, I get the Duo and then some, and that’s already worth. I can only wish that the Double Special banner would’ve gone a little bit better. :feh_elisad:


Oh nice! I wanted one too.

50 is super okay for aimed units. Great pull. I wonder what’re you gonna do with her. :feh_arthurthink:
Also, what’s this being evil? Haha

I guess, so.
Ooh, sLyn is a good one. I was gonna go for Blue, to +1 my Laegjarn, but no Blues. :feh_selkiepout:

Now that’s a steal.

Ayyyye, solid sesh!
I don’t got any of those, but great pulls. :feh_almdab:

Sheesh, tempting. I mean, I haven’t even cleared some stages, but I’ll hold off until I really need the jorbs.
And I don’t have any particular hopes, so my hope goes into you guys’ heroes! :feh_nino:

I appreciate your time, per usual! :fgo_pancakeslmao:

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Just keep for now, use her in PvE and not much elsewhere. Having some fun using her, but I haven’t even given her a proper build yet :feh_notlikethis:

Well I am supposed to be saving :feh_notlikethis:

You’re welcome! And yours too for writing all this out :feh_maristare:

But yeah I got really luck this month. Makes me a little scared for next month, but I mean… it’s just gambler’s fallacy it doesn’t really make any difference :feh_deltheano:

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I see. :feh_mariannesip:

And yeah, true. I’m scared of whatever abominations IS is planning to drop this month. Swimsuit party part 2, and whatnot.


Yeah. I just hope it isn’t a 3h summer banner, thus decreasing the chances of a 3h new heroes for a while :feh_elisad:

Also tbh it’s a little too soon to lay too hard on the 3h alts tbh


I meeean… :feh_lucyshrug:
Don’t jink it then. lol

Watch it be a true Duo now, Istg.


AAAANNND, TOTALLY JINXED. Hahaha :feh_bklul:


Lol :catwave:

Ah well. It’s a skip from me at any rate. But it means more time to save probably

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Good on you, dood. I can’t believe how jinxed that was tho. lmao

Well, you see… I just can’t. xd
This, again, hits me and my friend both coz’ Duo AND Flier, on top of it being Baeleth. :fgo_vladdisappointed:

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Rip orbs mate :feh_notlikethis:

Welp I’ll look forward to reading the results in the July one :fgo_meltbirb:

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Bless mi blorbs! :catcry:

Ah, thanks. I appreciate it highly. :feh_maribelletomato:

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… aaaand my friend free pulled the Duo. GDI :feh_elisad:

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