Libra's May-haps! 🦚

(I’m proud of that. Like, “May happenings” and also “mayhap” is a synonym of "perhaps " which means possibility/uncertainty/perchance, AND gacha are luck-based? UGH. Big-brain moment right there. :feh_thinkinglikelukas: wish it were often. lul)

’Sup! Hey, hi. :catwave:
Season 3 of the Pandemic Arc, I guess? Hope everyone’s still keepin’ on keeping on. :feh_florina:

Yeah, it’s that day of the month again (it’s my birthmonth. HYPERS). Time to tell you about a
little journey of mine throughout the nice pulls I had in May (5★ pulls, regardless of exclusivity, amount spent, dupes or whatnot.). :feh_bartre:

Previous months of this...

Libra's February Haul!
Libra's March Catch!
Libra's April Acquisitions (and then some)! 📥

April was an okay-good month, up until the Legendary banner. Coz’ it went from good to great with those pulls, I feel. I hope it doesn’t take some from May tho. One way to find out. :feh_annawink:

Okay so I forgot to put how much orbs I had going out April, so I’ll say about 100 blorbs.

First free pull came from a voucher for that

Picnic revival banner

The month already seems less gray… :feh_dorotheawink:

Literally day 2. Good sign.

The next day, all I know is Revival 8 came.

It wasn't important, so I just free pull.

Remember last month when I was consecutively pulling 5★’s for free? Yeah, I like where this is going. :e7_ringrin:

A few days passed… Somethings have befallen us.
Those darned Fallen unitssss! :feh_angrynino:
Well, before it drops I had to go for that Legendary banner while it’s still on and maybe grab some copies.

So go I did.

+1! :feh_humblecurate: Still +Def tho :feh_elisad:

Welp, full circle!

And what do we have here?

64 orbs. Worth, probably. :feh_hridexcited:

Meanwhile, my friend got his 2nd YPalla and a few more YMarth. They really like their flier units, especially Palla, so this banner was their ultimate bane.
Hmm, maybe I should do it soon… :feh_marththink:

Welp. The same day. I YOLO’ed for PaCaE. :feh_catria:

Like actual YOLO pulled.


5 and a dream. I wasn’t lying. That was sad and awesome at the same time. :feh_nowiwow:

With someone’s Flier Formation, they’re a really nasty addition to a team.

Fallen banner dropped! FIke’s broken, everyone else is strong.
…and I didn’t get any free ones this time. Neither do I go for it ever. Coz’ after that blowout, I was tryna save a decent amount for a better blowout next time. :fgo_pancakeslmao:
So, no fallen for me. Meanwhile, my friend got a free FIke. Before that, they got their 4th Shanna from somewhere, after which they got Mareeta. Lucky bastard. lol jk xd

And it seems my luck had fairly run out, well for free pulls atleast. 2 weeks of Revivals and such or something of nothing, then came the wedding season, apparently.
Bridal stuff! Another broken Duo unit! :feh_notlikethis:
At first glance, this banner is like my and my friend’s weakness right now. It’s another Duo flier fgs.
But, y’know what? We decided to not pull for it, entirely, and just try to hoard up. :moneybag:
I still feel weird not even trying. It’s super enticing. Tho, if my friend found inspiration to save, then I can, too. Thus, the days of chastity began. (Sometimes I wish we began later and just get me atleast one first. Oh, well. :feh_corrinsweat:)

Another dry week has passed. Mythic Mila was announced and banner deployed.
And while I got nothing as usual, my friend free pulled the dang Love Goddess. :feh_bklul:
I don’t think I’ll be going for it, so that’s that.

Nearing the end of the month, all that’s left for me is 2 vouchers from Forging Bonds.
I redeemed one on my birthday, 4+ hours after midnight. :birthday:

Atleast someone came to greet me.

Happy Birthday to me. :partying_face: :feh_lucyshrug:

I haven’t decided what to do with this yet tho.

And that's that for May!

Kinda shorter than usual, but I’d say, decent for a half-spending and half-saving month.
6 for, atleast, 100 orbs. That’s a good deal, right? With 2 Duo’s tho, I think it’s great. :feh_yunecool:

With the actual plan to virgin it up this time around, FEH not having been the main game for me recently is favorable.
And if anyone’s curious, I also play FFBE: War of the Visions, DanMachi: Memoria Freese, Pokemon Masters, and Evertale. :feh_bkhaha:
So let’s see how long this charade will last. Lmao

Welp, we’re nearing the halfway point of the year. And I hope I’m right, coz’ if not then effin’ end me already, that “It’s only up from here”.
Goodluck to everyone’s June! I should be having about 160+ orbs coming in. :fgo_jackpeek:


Mergalicious Flempie

Haven’t merged anybody for notable amounts, atleast, this month. Now I got a meatstack in Arena. 3 to go. x)

Imagine having this team...

…and taking 5 turns to posture, then wasting 1 turn coz’ you decided to step on a landmine. :feh_azurafacepalm:
Till next time, opponent. * insert Ngl, they had us in the first round meme*

My friend's developing a habit of *eating their words*


Well anyway, thanks for dropping by, gamer. What did you think of my May pulls/stories?
Feel free to drop any of your ordeals/sessions/stories, anything, this month. I’d read 'em all. Thanks for taking the time! I appreciate it.
:feh_florina: :feh_arvisboneappetite:


I miss season 2: Revenge of the Feh Pass. I had so much character development back then but this season it all went down the drain. The production quality also went bad
There’s also theories of another messenger owl
We have Feh, Fehnix, but theres also Fehble. A mysterious owl we will probably see in season 4
The signs all point to this happening


A cool read

Congrats on your pulls throughout the month

As for mine…

Guess what?

This aged poorly

I ended up spending on the fallen banner, 142 orbs exactly. Ended up with a whole bunch of amazing pulls. That was a great session :feh_nino:

Also I spent 50 orbs on the Mythic banner for absolutely nothing :feh_lynstare: I really shouldn’t have done that

So I end this month with 30 less orbs than I had saved last month :feh_notlikethis: (well not really, I got a lot of present and story orbs lol)

Also I pulled a Kliff (I think that was this month lol) after a few orbs spent.

Pretty sure that’s it!

Next month I hope not to spend too much, but knowing me that probably will age just as bad as last month’s promise. Probably gonna pull on this month’s L banner tbh.


Congrats for your progress so far! In the end I didn’t do that chart where I register all of my pulls, I procrastinated…

I went broke recently for Mila, got her +hp/-def and also I was able to make some progress on my projects, my Kagero was finished and I could start to work on Altena since I got her.
L!Lucina climbed to +6 and got my first L!Ephraim but no L!Julia, so sad…


Oh hey, it’s been a day. :fgo_pancakeslmao:
Time to start typing…


Aren't we all

If you’ve watched The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, we’ve basically stopped time. For better or for worse, we didn’t expect it to go this far.

Oh wowl
I’m thinking Fehry or something stupid like Fehlipe. xd
Guess we’ll know soon.


No, you're a cool read. :3

Thanks! :catsmile:

I’m used to it by now. I’m quite pathetic myself. Haha

That’s a really nice sesh! Congrats.
FIke is really good in AR, as my friend have been telling me for a week straight. Oh well…
Basically, you’ve spent 192 orbs for 7, right? Quite decent to me. :feh_yunecool:

Same :feh_elisad:
I’m still not compelled enough to pull for last month’s L banner, so I hope that stays this month.
Who knows, maybe I’ll start commenting on that Orb count thread while I’m at it. :feh_maethink:


Thank you! :)

Can’t even fault you for that, the world sitch basically called for that. You’re fine…

I think I read that bit before, yeah. Congrats, I guess. lol
I hope your units do you well, I’m sure they already do tho. So goodluck on the rest of your projects, I really wish I can get on with mine. :feh_genny_mug:



I thought you were gonna go for a Fallen unit as well, I’m a bit surprised you didn’t.

I wonder what kinda wordplay fit June. xd


Thanks! I see, hope you can resume your projects soon though

I’d have loved to go for F!Julia but the odds were scaring me away, besides, she’ll be in the regular pool unlike her Legendary version… I believe her Fallen version will come anytime :feh_birbpeek:.

(If this counts I pulled for her on my alt account though)


Oh right, all of them will be. Guess that’s more good spooks.

And yes, I think that counts.
Looks nice at +2. :feh_juliamad:

I hope I can get them sorted out first. Lol
I’m starting to not care and just focus on the 5★s. F